Unskippable: Unskippable 100: A Guide to Cinematics

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Unskippable 100: A Guide to Cinematics

Graham and Paul use the knowledge they've gained from Unskippable for "good".

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Hah, brilliant =p. One of my favorite ever Unskippables, no doubt.

EDIT: mein gott... First post... I feel like I was maybe a bit too bored to watch the movie in the very second it launched >>.

Hey, it's good as long as some humour can be gleaned from it.. I think. That was a great video though. :)

Ginormous Moons and Evil looking crows. Got it.

I like the idea, but...
Doesn't this just mean you'll have to make even more Unskippable?
And again.
On those dreadful JRPG's.
The ones where you'd rather be outside having... *shudder* a life, for once.

Best one in since the first.

Now if only devs/pubs would watch.

You can never have to much moon!
Or Text!
Or Crows!
Or Cowbell!

Casting ex Power Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch appears to make for an excellent opening cinematic.

Wow, I remember when this series first came out. Congrats on making it to 100 episodes.
Here's to the next hundred.

Happy 100th episode!
Hm... maybe I could have a crow fall from a giant moon in first-person into not-europe while asking obvious questions. I think I've made the perfect cutscene! Thanks, Unskippable!

so you guys hated zoids assult that much eh?
Also its been a good 2 years

It's weird, I just recently decided to re-watch all the old Unskippables, so I could place all of the shots.

Maybe look forward is too strong?



one of the best Unskippables in a while.

Zoids was a really boring cutscene/history textbook.

I'm surprised you didn't mention having characters falling long distances, unless that Eternal \Sonata bit counted.

I'll keep these tips in mind when I'm creating a cutscene, which will unfortunatley most likely be never.

Im watching you Moon.

A great compilation of cutscene trends, thank goodness we can look forward to seeing them going into the future! It would have been a horrific tragedy if cutscene directors had thought that these overwrought or under-produced scenes were flawed, but fortunately we are assured of seeing them throughout all ages.

Most importantly, congratulations on your 100th episode! I've seen every single one. More than once (except for this current one). It's consistently one of the most humorous series on the Escapist, and even compares well with luminaries like MST3K. I don't say that last thing very often, let me tell you. Again, congrats, and further good fortune to Graham and Paul!

A shout-out to my top three personal favorite Unskippables over the past 100 episodes:

Chronicles of Valkyria
50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

My favorite moment from Unskippable?
The two that most stick out in my mind are...
"Wait, where did I leave the moon...?"
"Ooooh, scary peacock!"

my god!
i am very unobservant!

how bad is it to say i never noticed half of them.

And remember, you don't want all that pesky gameplay getting in the way. Your game should be at least 50% cutscenes. Just look at games like Metal Gear Solid.

Nice one, very funny, but learn the difference between crows and ravens.

That was an awesome look back on the cutscenes you've covered. Congrats on 100 episodes.

Wow. Only now do I realize how insanely stupid some cut-scenes are.

"You came by helicopter, didn't you?"


Unskippable 100: A Guide to Cinematics

Graham and Paul use the knowledge they've gained from Unskippable for "good".

Watch Video

My God, that was great. You guys should do this again sometimes (infrequently), offering more "help."

Is it wrong that I now want to make a cutscene that does all of the things listed here?

That was quite funny. Don't know if I would be honoured or scared to have one of my games featured in UnSkippable ...

Aww man. I expect something special for episode #100, and what do I get? A clip show!

Such a great video to use for your 100th episode. I was in stitches when I heard "Not-Europe."

Ok, we start with a shot of a crow. We then zoom in on the back of the crows head and enter a first person perspective. A giant moon then falls and crushes the crow, leaving the crow unharmed somehow. The crow then catches a taxi to a non-destript country in Noteurope. The taxi driver narrates while text scrolls down the screen, telling of the long, boring political history of the country, with breaks so that the crow can ask vapid questions. And then the game starts.

Pure awesome. Here's to a hundred more!

Wow...100 episodes already.

Unskippable joined the escapist and kicked off a golden age of videos for the site. There Will Be Brawl, Doomsday Arcade, Unforgotten Realms, Unskippable. Good times for sure.

I may not be a fan of much of the video content on the site anymore, but anything by LRR is worthwhile in my book. Unskippable merely launched LRR's video takeover of the escapist.

Thank you for all the amazing content guys. Here's to another 100 episodes.

now this is one of my favorite episodes, found it completely hilarious. And i don't think it's actually possible to run out of game trailers and intros. seriously though, an amazing episodes and just wanted to mention it.

I would've loved to have sat in on the writing process for this one. Very funny stuff.

On a side note: did the 100 episodes include the Lost Planet pilot or did they start with Eternal Sonata?

100 episodes...100 episodes of "WTF?" cutscenes. How do you guys put up with it?

And yes, I agree with you about Zoids Assault. All that silent text... The still pictures (except for that snow)... And whoever voiced that woman (Alexys van Clyft? I'll be damned that I can remember that...) most likely did not want to. (If that was Michelle Ruff, I'll be GOD-FUCKING-DAMNED; no one deserves to go through such a shit-ass cutscene, let alone her!)

wait ... when did Russel die? I dont remember that!

Yes "Zoids Assault" was really a bad cutscene...

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