Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Craziest Footwear

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Top 5 Craziest Footwear

Game characters sport some interesting ensembles, but these pairs of shoes are too ridiculous to ignore. Lisa's shoe obsession inspires this high-heeled Top 5 list!

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She's right, soccer is lame.

you make a hot elf

I desire manly gunshoes.... Although I did always wonder in Bayonetta, how exactly she was pulling the trigger, but then I realized that she's a witch with wearing clothing made of her hair, and the shoes somehow seemed less vital.

+1 for boots of blinding speed. Cracked me up :D

(Fact) Soccer is Lame... Yeah, I got a laugh from that...

I think this is going to be a fun tongue-in-cheek series. The writing is clever and light-hearted and if it stays that way I think this will be quite successful.

Doesn't hurt that Lisa is hot as well...

I love you for putting in Morrowind, seriously. I like this series now.

I approve of this episode, much more comical than the first one. Speaking of comical, though, I'm surprised Sora's sneakers from KH didn't make the list.

I just had to say, I already spend lots of money on shoes I will never wear. I am married. Heck, my wife doesn't even wear all the shoes she buys. But then she points at my Magic: The Gathering collection, and I know I can't really complain.

Booo! Soccer's not lame, I play it D:

Ah well, whatever's your opinion... Shoes are lame!

*Ahem*. But yeah, Boots of Blinding Speed! My heart skipped a beat when you said Oblivion at first. Seriously, but you made it good again, so you are forgiven.

I like this show.

The Boots of Blinding Speed. Those were fun to wear. Good call, Lisa.

Soccer's lame? Well you're lame!

But also on a fast track to becoming Nerd Queen. Enjoying the series and odd little asides.

So you didnt give into typical female stereotypes?

Otherwise, I am sort of enjoying these lists.

Haha "Wait no, now i'm getting angsty, we should move on"

I remember watching my friend play Morrowind and using the Boots of Blinding Speed. It took us 5 minutes to work out the problem wasn't the TV screen and another 5 to work out it was the boots that made the screen black, but by that time we had managed to work our way out to sea and onto some sort of island.

Is it just the new rules or did everyone suddenly mellow out overnight?

We have a new series that's a bit light, silly and almost entirely lacking in negativity, to balance out Yahtzee and MovieBob, and it seems after the tidal wave of 'omg hot girl - must be a bad thing' of last week, some people are willing to give it a shot.

I did kinda expecy Bayonetta to come in at number 1, but I'd never heard of the first girl, so seems for 'some model type who knows nothing about games' she knows more than I do, and I've been at it the best part of 30 years.

Of course, I'm also not obsessed with shoes, but it does amuse me, the playing to stereotypes thing. I'll need a few more episodes to decide if it starts to grate or just get better :)

Nice video Lisa :D Nice to see a female perspective on the Escapist.

PS. You're really funny (and hot)

I love soccer. Still laughed.

turns out she's a nerd

I've ran out of words

but really, I'd really love having the Magnetic Rollers that Cube uses in Jet Grind Radio, they look truly badass

also, Men Gunshoes

now that I remember, you could wear bladed boots on Spy Fiction, I mean, yeah, you could put on shoes with retractable blades on the back of them

Thought this was better than last weeks. Indeed the #1 pick was predictable, but I agree with it. What does the topic need to be next week to allow Bayonetta to make the cut 3 times in a row?....Hair?.....Legs?.....Idk I've never played the game.

When Robin's magnetic boots from Lego Batman got announced, I was all like WTF THOSE COULD'VE BEEN THE IRON BOOTS AND A LOT MORE PEOPLE WOULD'VE HEARD OF/ EXPERIENCED THEM.......but I digress.....yes the iron boots did have a magnetic function in Twilight well as a sumo wrestling function.

She's right, soccer is lame.

You know what's lamer than Soccer, a game where a bunch of big sweaty men put on big bulky pads to play Rugby and pretend it's a badass game for tough guys... even though they're wearing pads... for a game that Aussies and Brits have been playing without pads for a loooooonnnngggg time...


Just sayin...

More on topic, I'm amused by these "Top Fives" and am interested to see what wacky videogame trends are looked into in the future.

Lame people might have a hard time playing football, but football isn't lame.

Also, I never really paid attention to the fashion choices of a character. I'm usually more concerned with utility, which is why I have the most confusing looking avatars and characters.

You know, old baseball cleats used to have actual spikes on them. Literally. Ty Cobb, one of the most legendary old-tyme baseball players in America, would intentionally sharpen his cleats before games, and every time he slid in to a base, the baseman would always have to dive out of the way to avoid being sliced to ribbons from his incoming spiked shoes.

I'm 100% serious.

For everyone that enjoys the forums, please read the NEW Forum Rules before posting:

I like the fact that you posted this after the video just said "Soccer Suck" with the word "fact".

Was this pure coincidence or a massive coup de génie?

Well that was disappointing...... Unless next week turns this show around I'm definitely not going to be a fan.

That was great! Definitely worth the week's wait, and from the looks of these responses I'd say everyone else thinks so too.

Nice episode. Loved the morrowind reference. BoBS for the win!

Boot of Blinding Speed + Savour's Hide = WIN

Soccer is not lame! It´s awesome. That said, great episode. I knew Bayonetta would win, lol. The others are good picks but i am a bit surprised to see the lack of Sora in the list :)

Lisa Foiles:
Soccer is lame


Anyway, I'm enjoying this series so far, I look forward to new tops 5's.

Plus the boots from Morrowind made me want to give it a try.

I really LOLed at the "soccer is lame (fact.)" bit :D

She speaks the truth, soccer is lame and bayonetta lethal footwear is craaaazy.

Furthermore it's better than the first one.

Boot of Blinding Speed + Savour's Hide = WIN

Correction, good sir.

Boots of Blinding Speed + Saviour's Hide + Playing a Breton = Win.

She seems to have settled in somewhat, this seems more polished than the last.

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