Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

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I literally won this game solely by kicking my enemies in the balls until they fainted, sure, it took a while, since I'm not exactly the king of stealth, but I'd reckon it was worth it.
the way the games are constantly getting easier, I'm looking forward to winning the next one purely by flicking my enemies.

I just wish it wasn't all FOR THE EVULZ like it is now a days, atleast in the first one, their intentions were somewhat good, now the templars just seems like egotistical archetype villains.

I get the feeling Ubi Soft is trying to put off giving Desmond his own game as long as possible since they seem to know nobody likes him. I wouldn't mind some more historical eras. Maybe like the Colonial period, or World War I, or one where you play as a female assassin.


Screw that. I want him to review that new Naruto game that came out. Nothing but pure hilarity and fan girl tears.

Good Review. You gotta love it when you get Pets in a Game who can do what you do but alot better.

Most of the laughter there came from the snarky british guy joke.

In games like these, money is it's own reward, and I can expect people not to be satisfied with that. In games like GTA: Vice City and San Andreas, I did all the jobs and mission and assets I could to raise my bank, and when I easily hit a million bucks, I'd revel in the fact that I could buy all the weapons I want, die, and then buy them again. I'd have so much money, I'd buy a safehouse to save just so I wouldn't have to commute to one I already had.
Maybe the "money is its sole worth thing" is a throwback to "points" in the old days of arcade, where accumulation was it's motivation and reward. I wonder what other people think of that.
Also: Yahtzee, I respect the fact you dislike multiplayer, but I'll be damned if I will abide charging for the multiplayer as an add-on; this was a terrible idea in Resident Evil 5, and I'm glad the industry has learned from it.

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Sorry to disappoint, but Shaun is voiced by Danny Wallace I believe, who for reference, is the guy who wrote the book that Jim Carrey's film Yes Man is based on.

wow no one tried to post without watching the video? shocking!

hopefully the campain is longer this time, cause after the campian in ac2 there was nothing to do

I actually enjoy AC: Brotherhood. Sure there's alot of shit going with lots to do but that's what i like in's what keeps me coming back to them most of the time in addition to the story that's going on within the game.

I kinda wish they did a similar addon for AC1, with Altair instead of Ezio. Not that this seems bad at all, but I think with Altair's history after the events of AC1, it would have been more interesting.

had to agree with yahztee on this, but i've noticed that recycling existing games and changing some content in order to make a new game has become the virtual world equivelent reruns ala fallout new vegas and left for dead two and so on and so forth.

Well, I fucking hated that snarky British guy. Someone needs to throw him in a gasoline soaked haystack and set it on fire.

Glad I wasn't the only one who didn't much like the assassin's groupies doing all the killing for you.

I always did see a similarity between Yahtzee and Assassin's Creed's Shawn.

true that, both are always looking for the negative side of things :D

The multiplayer was wicked but got old fast. I stopped around level 30, there is nothing fun anymore. I rather stick to Gears II.

Surely, AC III should get everything right. From the SP to the MP. I am counting on Ubisoft because this game was the only big title for me this Fall. The rest failed.

I didn't even complete the DLC for AC2... even though I have it. i should really complete that first, but at point Brotherhood should be on sale.

Ah, the random but at times predictable cycle of game sales.

The main area's for exploration next that people keeping chanting for included Feudal Japan or during/post-industrial revolution. Either haven't been done that much so go for it.

I had a sneaking suspicion that he might enjoy the multi-player. Both because it's stealth based, and you don't have to talk, or listen to anyone if you don't want to.


Like the improvements on the game (crossbow, parachutes, combining ranged weapons with primary, flowing combat, the ability to kick to break invincible guards, etc.) but some of the flaw still need to be ironed out.

And yes it is time for Desmond to get his game already (though I wouldn't be opposed to him slipping into another ancestor unintentionally throughout the story and learning to control it towards the end).

Agreed about the gameplay improvements. I loved that they made the combat less counter based and rewarded aggressive fighting with kill chains. And the poison dart quickly became one of my favorite ways to kill people.

And while I appreciated that it was a direct sequel, pretty much making it AC 2.5, I think that by now Ezio has earned his retirement. By the time this game ends he's what, in his forties? That's pretty good for the sixteenth century but his character arc feels pretty much concluded. It's either time to move on to Desmond or a new time period...or both, but leave Ezio in peace.

When are we going to get an Assasins Creed set in the Napolionic era?

are you seriously listening to yahtzee's reviews when you are buying games? if so, you probably have like... 3 games in total? but seriously, the game is rediciusly fun and is well worth 60$

actually shaun hastings is voiced by and modelled after danny wallace, british actor:
cant be bothered to do more than that.

Crap? graphics and nothing else. AC II is one of my favorite games EVAR! That was his best review in a long time, though. I laughed hella hard. Gonna buy probably in the summer

i would really like an AC game set in like the viking time. it's the perfect era, imaging chasing your enemies through footmarks in the snow and see guards slipping on icy roof tops. also, the assassin should wear a cape that evens the snow after you walk on it so that you leave no traces unless you sprint.

I sense a conspiracy here. Is Shaun actually Yatzee? Could anyone really tell? I mean Australians can easily pull of a British accent (a real one, not the accent Americans think we have) with a small amount of effort.

I'm sort of failing to see your point here. What have Australians got to do with anything at all in this discussion? Danny Wallace who voices Shaun in the game (as well as looking virtually identical and having a very similar personality) isn't Australian and, despite living there, nor is Yahtzee. The game isn't made in Australia either.

So, the game: I generally don't like multiplayer but was surprised to find that it's not as horrible as I expected and they didn't short-change the single player mode to accommodate it... so all's well there, I guess.

liked this vid... stil not buying AC:B though

Loved the review. The last 2 have been aces.

What I NEED NEED NEED to know is who the hell that guy is in the pictures that he uses all the time with the "X" across his faces.

It's seriously driving me insane, I've wanted to know for eons... Please, god... WHO IS IT.. I... Must... KNOW..


I hope that the next assasins creed will be about a new assasin, i'm getting sick of Ezio.

Loved the review. The last 2 have been aces.

What I NEED NEED NEED to know is who the hell that guy is in the pictures that he uses all the time with the "X" across his faces.

It's seriously driving me insane, I've wanted to know for eons... Please, god... WHO IS IT.. I... Must... KNOW..


Short answer: it's some guy.

Slightly longer answer: even Yahtzee doesn't know, just some guy he found when looking for someone with a blank expression.

Complete answer: he explains it here.

Yahtzee, have you ever seen the film "In Bruges"? 'Cause there's a bit where a guy goes into a confession and says "Forgive me father, for I have sinned.", and the priest asks him what his sin is and he says the he killed a guy for money, and the priest asks him who he killed, and he says "You, father." and kills him.
And your bit with the confessional reminded me of that.

Anyone else think that Yahtzee sounded like he had a cold ? Just something I noticed ,maybe my speakers are screwed .

Really looking forward to AC:B ,though I have to wait for my exams in school to finish ='( .
I was quite surprised he likes the multiplayer also .

As a fan of the Desmond story arc, I'd gladly play a game all about Desmond.

I love the underlying conspiracy theory plotline. I enjoy reading the damn e-mails in-game!

Cool review, but why was the sound so low/muffled? o-o

Hmmm...Doesn't sound to bad.

And to play as...Umm, What is the guys name now again...Oh! Desmond doesn't sound to bad but i dont thnik hidden blades are that usefull in the future.

Instead of hiding with a cloak on his hat he'd be wearing a business suit OR a tourist outfit with shorts, a white t-shirt and a silly looking hat. I think it'd be brilliant, although there could be some major problems steering clear of becoming a bad Hitman-ripoff.

Eh. I don't have ACII. I want ze multiplayer. So I may as well buy Brotherhood, since I looked ACII during the rental period. You've foiled me again, Ubisoft!

More on topic, twas an amusing review.




I sense a conspiracy here. Is Shaun actually Yatzee? Could anyone really tell? I mean Australians can easily pull of a British accent (a real one, not the accent Americans think we have) with a small amount of effort.

That would be easy to imagine. My ears bled the last time my friend tried to replicate my accent; he's from America, and it sounds truly awful!

OT: Finally; a game Yahtzee said was quite good! I love the Assassins'S Creed series, and I'm very glad that he at least appreciates the effort that goes into them.

Well I'd better actually play the campaign instead of ignoring it like I am that tumour. It sounds rather fun. I've been playing the online because I really do enjoy it, grinning to yourself in satisfaction as your 'assassin' kills the civilian next to you never gets old, and the feeling you get when you execute a truly epicly sneaky assassination is just fantastic. Although it has to be said templar vision is just so ridiculously overpowered it's untrue.

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