Daily Drop: Cottage Cheese

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Cottage Cheese

On top of the concrete, apply an ample layer of cottage cheese.

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wow am i really the first? *glances around* hm well love ur videos, an interesting 2 minutes of randomness in a boring work/college day :)

edit: two ?'s 1) is that the slowest speed setting, 2) how much was the camera

Love the slow motion sound of the cottage cheese hitting the flow ....

I think I am no longer hungry

Oh man that was nasty.
can you do like a CD or DVD sometimes?

Cottage cheese = Clumpy cocain?

Distorted Stu:
Cottage cheese = Clumpy cocain?

Hmmm. an interesting comparison.

OT: color me unimpressed, I dropped a tin of the stuff yesterday (on accidnt) so this was no surprise. and when I did it a got some colorful swearing, my cat ran aroun and slipped on it, and my sis had to clean it up. HAHA

That was just...weird.
Awesome though!

i wonder, what it would look like if you dropped it WITH the cantainer?

It's amazing how disgusting some foods look when not on a dinner plate.

Distorted Stu:
Cottage cheese = Clumpy cocain?

I was thinking more along the lines of white vomit.

It makes me want to vomit normal colored vomit, in slow motion...

because the daily drop made me sick...
because it was gross...
this joke wasn't funny to begin with but now the over exposition has just made it awkward...
because I'm explaining everything...
because I'm bored and my stomach feels funny...
GOTO "because the daily drop";

I HATE cottage cheese. It makes me feel sick whenever i see it in real life.

Good episode though.

That was beautiful, great drop!

Distorted Stu:
Cottage cheese = Clumpy cocain?

That's the first thought that came to mind as well. Interesting splatter sound heard on the slow-mo drop as well guys.

cottage cheese is pretty gross dude. but at least they look good when not a part of the system.

You can achive the same effect by eating a chunky stew, drinking half a can of white emulsion then vomiting the whole thing back up.

i have only one thing to say when i looked at the high speed one.. "look ma it's snowing!"

I never thought cottage cheese would splatter so nicely.

However, I can't help but hate the idea of cleaning that up. Yech.

Sublime. And yay for ugly tacky thing getting destroyed tomorrow!

Finally, a way to give cottage cheese beneficial significance!

Distorted Stu:
Cottage cheese = Clumpy cocain?

Did someone Mention Cocaine!! It's time for Dr. Rockso the Rock and Roll CLOWN!!! He does Cocaine.... AKAKAKAKAKA YEEAH

Sorry I had to XD


As i was watching this i kept thinking "Just wait for that big lump to come down a--there it is-------BOOM!!! and it looked like fire works going off in every direection, so that was satifying ^_^

Ok that one was just fun.

That looks like a fun clean-up job! (by which I mean it does not)

Man, I really hate Cottage Cheese. Awesome drop too!

That was sort of disgusting, but still, very interesting.

I said I wanted small Curd!
*watches video*
Much better.

This made me remember the blood effects on 300.

I hate cottage cgeese yet this has been one of my favorite drops

This was a good drop imo because there was a lot to watch. There was both flying particulates and liquid whey splats when it hit the ground. It also had the anticipation of waiting for the big chunk to hit the ground going for it.

That's pretty epic. Like little white bombs.

Cheese... The final frontier.


i still feel sorry for the waste of food... but i HATE cottage cheese. yuck!

It's gotta be SO painful coming out.....

OT: Great video, I will never eat the stuff again

THAT was an impressive drop! :D

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