Please Stop Making Me Hate The Simpsons

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Please Stop Making Me Hate The Simpsons

Explain to me why everything good gets canceled, and the now-unfunny Simpsons marches on.

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I'd say The Simpsons were already dropping in quality after season 4: Complacency had begun to set in and the characters became more and more one note. Though sometimes I catch a current episode on TV and I'm stunned at how bad this show has become.

Too bad about Arrested Developement. I never saw the entire run, but the first 2 seasons were terrific.

The grand dad Simpson
The father Family guy
The son American dad

Well people like re-runs and T.V shows with double digit season numbers because of familiarity! It gives us a sense of belonging, we don't like change and we love routine and predictability! Though that is a generalisation. I too am convicted of watching re-runs and enjoying them.
Though this is a bad thing, we should really get out of this 'cultural rut'! T.V and Film have never been so terrible and I'm not the only one thinking like this.

Wow, that was a big pile of bitterness and self-importance. Reminds me of my ex.

The Simpsons has lived long enough, and I agree that it should be put down as fast as possible. However, I still sticking to it till the very end, even when the quality's gone bone dry.

I really miss The Tick...thanks for reminding me. Futurama is back and I never cared for any of those other about Greg the Bunny!?

It's Fox do you expect anything less?

Seasons 4-9 are the only ones worth watching as a whole.

The simpsons are a hell of allot more interesting and informative then this drivel you wrote.

It saddens me to read that, it really does. The Simpsons were once the funniest thing I watched... now? A poor, pale imitation of Family Guy.

Unless you're some kind of time traveller and come from a time pre-sucky Simpsons... Nope, still disagree with you.

And I guess you didn't read the new forum posting guidelines or maybe didn't think the post was bad.... but "drivel"? Good lord, that is incredibly rude.
Disagree, by all means. But would it kill you to be a little more civil while you do it?

Elaborate on why you think the current trends and episodes in The Simpsons are interesting and informative?

Which is bizarre, cos I thought humour was the goal, not information....

I love the fact you mention Firefly, AND for letting me hear the rather awesome Hero of Canton. Seriously, my favourite episode of the short lived piece of television mastery that it was.

Yes, that was extremely badly worded, but I was too busy laughing at poor Jayne's expression when he told them how much he'd lost hahaha.

And although you didn't mention it, I have to add that I also rather dislike them cancelling Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Starring Firefly's Summer Glau, it may not have been to everyone's tastes, but I really enjoyed watching that show, and once again Fox rears their ugly 'WE HATE SCI-FI' heads and cancel something good. Even though we got a full 2 seasons, it was left on such a stupidly horrific cliffhanger, its horrible to know that we may not ever find out how the frick things would have gone. Although I hear there are talks of a straight to TV/DVD movie they want to do to sort the story out.

I haven't seen half of the shows since I live in Australia, but I gave up on the Simpsons around season 5-6 (can't really remember, they're all a blur). I used to watch the Simpsons almost religiously but I haven't seen an episode for a long time.

I actually think that Arrested Development is perfect. Sometimes short series is good rather than letting it drag. I think the Simpsons show how not to let things go on for too long.

Looks like someone hasn't actually been watching the show lately. Season 22, so far, has been much better than 19-21, and about a million times better still than the travesty that was season 18. Yes, the show's been on far too long, but at least it seems they're on an upswing in quality.

P.S. Thanks

i couldn't agree more with this article. Fox has a bad habit of canceling good series and necromantically prolonging the lives of series that should have died years ago.

though in Fox's defense, at least the didn't let Greg the Bunny run more than a season or 2. god, what a pile of crap that was. amazing, considering how great some of Seth Green's other stuff has been.

Jurrasic Bark damn near made my roomie and I bawl when we first saw it. OG Futurama was an amazing show, GJ Fox...

Simpsons is still funny. I don't get why people are always saying it's getting worse. I have become very much aware of how much I fucking hate Lisa, but homer still says dumb stuff and the jokes are funny. Arrested development was shit though

Amen! Firefly is my favourite TV show of all time. I will never, ever forgive the idiots at Fox for what they did to that show. It was damn near criminal.

The grand dad Simpson
The father Family guy
The son American dad

Family Guy is more for the kids, American Dad is for people who hate kids.

< AD Fan

Oddly enough, Matt groening did very well here:

He moved all of the decent writers in the Simpsons onto Futurama, because he recognised that it was far easier to write origional material about outer space than bout one town in America.

However, Fox are stupid (They cancelled Family Guy twice ffs), and belive that anything which ran as strong as the simpsons and for so long must be holier than Jesus and indestructible.

So, The Simpsons trundles along, shite as can be, recycling old jokes, until Fox finally realise how stupid they have been and put the old dog down for good.

You know, I'm not a very big Simpsons fan. I'm not. I liked it when it started out, and maybe it's only because I've seen all the old episodes a billion times because they get repeated so often, but I just don't see the lasting charm. I'd rather watch new episodes that are repackagings of stale concepts than watch the original ideas from 20 years ago.

I have friends who've been buying up the DVD sets, and I ask them why. They say "the old episodes were the best, I'm only buying the first 5/8/10 seasons" (variable from friend to friend). I still ask them why. Those episodes are indelibly etched into my memory and I'm well sick of them. Play any episode of the Simpsons from the first 14 seasons and I will tell you what episode it is within three seconds - sometimes I even know from the first frame of animation, able to distinguish between the dozens if not hundreds of episodes that start with an almost identical external shot of the Simpson house. I wish this was a talent I could be proud of, some sort of savant-like eidetic memory trick. It's not. It's from Channel 10 playing and replaying The Simpsons over the course of my entire goddamn childhood. We often get new seasons a year behind their US launch dates.

I seldom see The Simpsons on TV these days, an episode a week whenever a network decides to actually cough up a new one among a tsunami of repeats is more than enough. I'll enjoy watching it - and there's actually few episodes where I stare blankly at the end credits and deliver a flat "what".

I've actually missed (or plain not bothered to watch) so many episodes over the last five years that I'm actually now seeing repeats that are entirely new to me, and i'm surprisingly ok with that. So much in narrative is recycled, so much of the Simpsons are based on references to other fiction, that it all just kind of blurs together anyway.

Elizabeth Grunewald:
Please Stop Making Me Hate The Simpsons

Explain to me why everything good gets canceled, and the now-unfunny Simpsons marches on.

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Since Fox still has three seasons to apologize for, I give you the show that someone should be smacked in the head for cancelling:


This show, that so many seem to have missed, had three seasons of comedy excellence. It was evil, raw, honest and outright hilarious. It didn't pull any punches ("Of course Erin can get pretty angry. She's got that Irish temper. But, she's Northern Irish, so we don't fight, she just puts a bomb in my car.") and offended everybody ("You built me a cop magnet! I might as well be a black guy driving a large powdered doughnut!"). But damn it, it was hilarious while doing so.

An article after my own heart. But, I also think that the shows' short runs are what gave them their charm (especially AD). If you ran any of these series for 22 years, it would stagnate like The Simpsons. Granted, I think a little more couldn't have hurt (which we've found true with Futurama).

Although, I have to be that guy and point out that, in your section about The Critic, you misplaced Penny and Alice Tompkins. Although both poor, Alice is the mother and Jay's love interest. Would have been a little creepy if he was going out with a toddler. Although props on the Duke clip. Probably one of my favorite jokes from the series. Also, Shatoshi, the eater of souls.

And yet it's still funnier than Famil... Okay, sorry, this is not the place ;)

I'm not gonna cry or rage over Arrested Development. I still regard it as the funniest sitcom ever made. Sure, it's non-episodic, fractured narrative made it kind of hard to follow if you weren't into it, but that's why it was so fun. It allowed it to hail down jokes while not having to dedicate too much time of each individual episode to story and character development. I have watched through it three times by now and I still find jokes I missed the previous times.

But three seasons is enough. It ran long enough to satisfy and it didn't outstay it's welcome, and considering how some of the season 3 episodes fell kind of flat, maybe three seasons were just enough.

Firefly is a completely different story. That I will never, ever, ever be okay with. Ever.

I remember when the Simpsons was the highlight of my week. Then Family guy came along and ripped it off and got better reviews.

The creators of the Simpsons saw this and ripped off family guy. It's gone like this back and forth for what? Almost a decade now. So much potential wasted on these two pieces of dribble.

Great article, by the way. Nice to know that I'm not the only one who remembers these shows fondly.

Worst Simpsons episode of all time has to be Lisa the Drama Queen. At least with most Simpsons episodes I can get a laugh or two out of them. This one, I didn't laugh once. I just was debating whether or not my TV should be ritualistically cleansed with fire for having displayed such garbage.

And I agree The Critic and Firefly both should have gotten much longer runs.

I really miss The Tick...thanks for reminding me. Futurama is back and I never cared for any of those other about Greg the Bunny!?

Aye, I had the misfortune of missing it when it was aired (they never did actually try and garner attention for it), but while randomly looking through Patrick's wiki article (after a stint of boredom and curiosity about Venture Bros), I discovered it.

Those were the greatest 8 things I've ever seen. Casting was brilliant, Patrick Warburton made the big man in blue every bit as optimistic, naive, and lovable as his cartoon counterpart was. And Batmanuel is perhaps my most favorite parody of Batman.

Maybe one day, someone will make a live-action movie with the same cast, and become the second movie to rub Fox's stubby little nose in its own shitty mismanagement and lost opportunities.

While I agree that The Simpsons should probably be cancelled, I really don't want it be.
It's the last part of my childhood thats still on TV

Arrested Development's mistreatment is a crying shame. Truly one of the best written shows ever made and had it gone for even four full seasons instead of two and a half, the world would have been much better served.

I really miss The Tick...thanks for reminding me. Futurama is back and I never cared for any of those other about Greg the Bunny!?

Are we talking Unhappily Ever After?

I'm afraid that I'm not too sympathetic here, televison is a buisness, Fox would eb bad if they weren't to try and maximise profits. Now they do make bad choices but I never bought the argument that they were a corperation that took notes from Umbrella.

While they're at it, kill Family Guy too. That show hasn't made an actual joke since season 3.

I hope there is a special hell for the idiot(s) responsible for the cancellation of Firefly and Futurama...
Now as for the's become a Family Guy knock off, Homer and Bart in particular. It's not a bad thing by itself, but when you compare today's episodes to the earlier seasons, you'll see a stark contrast, both in tone and in quality. That being said, a good thing gets excellent if it has time to mature and then dies in a dignified manner. Firefly never had that chance, so I'll write it off as a tragic victim for some producer's inbred family background. Had the Simpsons been canceled after, say season 12, would you have been happy? Sure, if there had been a lovely series finale, something like Lisa's wedding, only with a real ending. Anyway, let's just kill the Simpson now. Zombies aren't fun to have around, cuz they smell...

Season twenty-two of The Simpsons seems to to be better than the last couple of seasons. Firefly was an excellent show and I was sad that it had gotten canceled. Arrested Development seemed like a pretty good show as well.

Wow, that was a big pile of bitterness and self-importance. Reminds me of my ex.

Of course it was bitter. Fox continues to cut shows that aren't just great because Elizabeth Grunewald says so, but because not only a mass of people, but many critics and even those silly award givers. If a local pizza shop keeps giving you the some of the best pizza in the country and then two bites in, replaces it with Mama Celeste, you'd be pretty bitter too.

I don't see how it's full of self-importance. This is an editorial piece and is obviously an opinion. However, she's right. Anyone who has watched the Simpsons, knows that it has gone severely downhill. The only reason it stays on is because it's safe. Instead of screwing over shows that are critically acclaimed, Fox should take more of a chance and let these shows flourish. Many of them might and probably would have passed the Simpsons in ratings. Family Guy is a perfect example. It has ratings much better than the Simpsons. The show got screwed over by Fox, only to be brought back and moved into a correct time slot.

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