Unskippable: Beowulf

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Ok, Cataclysm has been out for a bit now... I'm already lvl 85. So that commercial really needs to stop being on EVERY site on the internet that even remotely involves video games.

D'ya get the feeling that that sea serpent's mother maybe dropped him head-first on the sea floor a few times as a hatchling?

Also, I would totally buy a game based on Anthony Hopkins being trapped in the body of a sea serpent. So long as it wasn't "HURR PAMCAKES" like the one in that video.

If I had my pick of someone to narrate my life....it would be Laurence Fishburne.

Personally, I'd go for Morgan Freeman. Although I'd run the risk of constantly falling asleep to his soothing, relaxing voice.

Tony the Tiger is a fornicator?

I wish this thread could have the ability to vote for the best reply.

Danish women, They're Grrrrrrrrreat... in bed? :P

I'm a bit surprised that there wasn't a Final Fantasy X reference at the "This isn't MY story, but YOURS" part.

Also, Sea Derpant is quite derpy.

Danish Women: Part of a healthy breakfast.

Danish women. They'reeeee Grrrrreeaat!

Haha, the cutscene is self-conscious.

Nice episode guys. And yes, I want to see a game where I play a Sea Serpant possessed by Anthony Hopkins.

The derpy looking sea serpent got me on this one. laughed so hard.

That could very well be the worst cut scenes ever.

This is definitely one of the funniest episodes I've seen in a while. Keep the great writing coming for another 100 episodes!

About as funny as expect an Unskippable episode be, thus a bit less awesome than most others.

P.S.: Does anybody else feel the irresistable urge to play air guitar during the intro and outro of every episode?

This was great, but the bit at the end with those extra R's just really got me, lol.

"That's a very derpy looking sea-serpent."
"Urr, I can c u beowulf!"

lol @ "That sounds like the talk of someone that wants to do more rowing." That was great.

anyone else imagine the guy on the picture saying beeeeeeeeeeowuuuuuuuuulf, come out to play-ee-aay.

Tony the Tiger is a fornicator?

You better believe he gets all dem bitches and hos.

"Danish women are grrrateful"

so does that mean danish women rather have sex with Vikings instead of their own Danish men??

Since when danish men aren't descendents of vikings ?

Funniest episode of the sixty I've watched.

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