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Feeding Edge

This week, Bob takes a bite out of "frankenfood."

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Freaking fear-mongering media.

Trying to make stupid people scared of nothing.

Selective breeding (I.e with carrots and cows) and genetic engineering are not the same thing. Neither are bad, just genetic engineering isn't just shutting on and off genes its making potatoes provide the correct proteins so they can be used for vaccinations (for human diseases) something which would never happen no matter how many potatoes you bred together.

I'm fine with both, this is more of a definitions thing.

Genetically engineered?

Edit: What was that screen shot of The Princess' Bride at 1:25 about? Oh right! I forgot about that bit.

I agree, people usually overreact when they don't know these kind of facts...
well done

Thank you very much Bob for this. Speaking as someone who is currently studying this field, it's great to see someone actually dispelling people's fears. Now, where did I put the DNA to make those living bagpipes?

Also fun field in this vein, synthetic biology, or the making of biological toys, like bacteria which can solve sudoku.

As a chef, I get a lot of information about GMO's.

And frankly yes, just because its altered does not mean is dangerous. The only cause for concern is that when you alter food slightly over generations the body adapts to it. And hybridizing and husbandry combine the genes of the same species.

GMO's can have very harmful side effects, but it is by no means assured. Simple scientific testing can determine its saftety.

The REAL problem is that this testing is not done, and the FDA does not even require biotech firms to tell them if their food is genetically modified.

Good video, I want a carrot now...

The igorant masses will still continue to fear science though.
We should be able to do it the lazy way, not the way god intended!


Incredibly informative. Thanks for clearing this up.

Now, if only we could get the so-called "experts" and their shouting pundit friends to see this...

This is the best "The Big Picture" up to now, by a long shot. It's about time people understand, but I'm afraid those people can't be reached using the escapist...

cool little spiel. I am really beginning to enjoy these little presentations.

Attaaaaaaaaaaaack of the killer tomatoes!!!

bravo to you sir

i completely agree with this idea...
what's wrong with making our foods better or more appealing to the eye? i think people should stop getting so up in arms about making our food taste and look better and instead focus on things like

I agree with pretty much all of this video, but I have to take issue with one thing you said. Defibrillation doesn't work on "dead" things. It only works on certain types of electrical rhythms. This tissue is alive. It's just not functioning properly.

I always get irritated when I see people applying the paddles to someone who's flat-lining in television programs. You don't shock asystole. You shock ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia.

Just thought I'd put my two cents in.

Purple Carrots O_o... now I want to find one and try it. Stupid royal families deciding what color our vegetables are.

So if people are against genetically improved food does that mean they don't like the crossbreed food? Like a the cross of a apple and a what I think was a orange. Been awhile since I seen it so I forgot the cross but it tasted good.

I did not know that originally carrots were purple.
that sounds so much more awesome then orange carrots!

Yea, that sums up more or less what I've been saying about genetically engineered food for the past ten or so years.
Seriously, if there was a problem with it, a lot more people would have died because of it by now, probably including my self.

Kudos Bob, great show this week. Even though I knew this it was still amusing to watch. Good job!:)

Yeah, I've never really been too sure why people make a fuss over GM foods for precisely that reason. Surely it doesn't matter whether it's done in a lab over a few years or in a field over a few centuries, since the end result is the same. I would say "Try telling that to Joe Public" but I suppose you just have...

Yay! We (dutch) made carrots! Also: BEWARE! Be nice to us or we'll make all foods orange!

Thank you Bob, that was awesome.
I've never known the specifics about it but I never once thought that genetically engineering food sounded bad.

Purple carrots look awesome...

My concern isn't the genetic engineering of food, but the amount of preservatives that are put in most foods that people consume today. You hardly get any nutrition from it because it needs to retain its shelf-life.

Feeding Edge

This week, Bob takes a bite out of "frankenfood."

Watch Video

Loved the Doc props there at 3:40. My mum's a doctor.
And I love carrots to! =D I didn't know about the origins though. Thx 4 that factoid.

The breeding thing I already knew, but the carrots, that I didn't. Thanks, Bob.

There's a food shortage in the world, and there will probably come a time where we all must be as efficient with food production as possible. Therefore, geneteic engineering is a good thing.

Gotta love science.

...The more you know.

OT: Although it was short it did hit the mark. I swear that the major news networks get together like every month to discuss the next big "mass scare" with various segments of the food, health, and security industries.

You may think Star Trek, I think Dune.
You may think "for the good of mankind", I think "for the good of the monopolist".

It's not really a scientific problem, it's an economical and social one.
While a farming dynasty can, say, breed the perfect sheep for their benefit, Monsanto and others genetically engineer crop and vegetables to dominate the market.
They even go so far as to "unsex" plants so that they don't produce new seeds which have to be bought for a hefty price every damned year again and sustainability and independence go overboard.

I only fear the day when Monsanto's Sardaukar-crops have eliminated all and every "organic" AKA traditional alternative and some African farmers have to go Fremen on His Imperial Highness' corporate ass.


Edit: What was that screen shot of The Princess' Bride at 1:25 about?

Inigo Montoya:
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I'm guessing he was referencing that quote. I would have tried to get a clip from the cliff scene to make it more obvious, but hey, joke made.

OT: I am constantly getting into arguments about this and organic food with family members. It's all pretty silly once you boil it down.

Thank you, Bob. Glad I payed attention in Biology.

But.... I would like to express my fear of the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"!!

They are real people, they made a movie about it!!! So it must be real!

link below:

Good show, too bad most of the people on The Escapist are logically sound. If only you could get this onto Oprah or Dr. Phil, thats where all the stupid people that need to here this reside

John the Gamer:
Yay! We (dutch) made carrots! Also: BEWARE! Be nice to us or we'll make all foods orange!

Be nice to us or we'll send Bear cavalry.

So far I'm supposed to have died from the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu, Frankenfood, and probably dozens of others the media didn't do a good enough job trying to scare people for me to remember.

First of all allow me to say that I completely agree with everything stated in this video. That being said:

While you're certainly correct that a large part of the controversy of GM crops is just ignorant fear-mongering your comparison with traditional farming isn't quite spot on. A big issue many people have is that agribusiness is taking traits from other species and splicing them into foods that said traits have never evolved in. Now that sounds a lot worse than it actually is but there is still some cause for concern. GM is still a technology in its infancy and we still don't have a good idea about what a lot of genes do or how they interact with one another. So yes, there is plenty of idiocy within the GM foods controversy but there is also a sliver of sense.

I've never heard the term Frankenfood before.

The reason some people are scared of genetically engineered food is that, well, sometimes it's done not for better food, but for more food. In theory that's not a bad thing, even in practice that's a good thing.
But in some areas of the world, where, well, let's say there's no FDA-like entity, and morals are, well, they aren't, and people with money give money to people with knowledge so they can make more money, well there may be some mistakes in there somewhere. Mistakes can sometimes be harmful.

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