Editor's Note: Puzzle Box

Puzzle Box

You might not realize it, but not only do you enjoy puzzles, you've probably already solved several today.

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Puzzles I'v solved to day...
Um how to sleep in when someones dog keep on barking or is that a game of endurance?

At least you don't have to worry about trains, ducks, and unemployed roommates.

This is why Zelda endures. The series is one big puzzle disguised as an adventure. How do I get across the room? How do I open this door? What tool stuffed neatly into my classy green hat will I need in this situation? How do I kill this beast?

Thanks to Day Four of the puzzle adventure, I haven't solved ANY puzzles today. *grumbles*

I love the idea of puzzles as the great equalizer in games. It's why the Layton series is so popular, I think. You can find something for pretty much anyone in those games. (The downside to that being that pretty much anyone is going to find something they hate, too. I mean, FOUR knight's tours?)


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