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Tron was okay, I only remeber it becauase Jeff Bridges was in it. Also, the imagination was quiet interesting in that one....kinda like Mogworld.

Still Life:

'Geekism' should be a religion.

You rang, m'lord?

Good comic, hope the film is just as good.

Was lucky enough to get to see the premiere of it. Won't spoil anything but even if you're not sure you want to go, see it for the visuals and the audio, they alone make it worth it.

Haven't seen the original, but this definitely looks interesting.

Oh, well I don't know, it's mainly Daft Punk. Woo, fucking Daft Punk!

Heh that was rather amusing. I think it's going to be a wonderful looking ride with a great soundtrack while not having the best plot, it's still going to be enjoyable. I mean that's what the original Tron was like and I watched it like last week just in preparation, lots of very very impressive CGI for it's time, fun concept, sure the acting wasn't AMAZING but hey it was fun for what it was no?

That's how I feel too. Just saw the first one yesterday and I'm gonna see Legacy tomorrow. WOOHOO!

I didn't realize that people actually cared about Tron.

Well, at least I'm not alone in my surprise.

It's not that good. More of a tech demo than an actual movie.

Yep, which is why it was awesome.

It's like looking back at the Matrix now. That movie has a few interesting bits but doesn't stand up to scrutiny anymore these days. But the concept and the execution blew everyone away at the time. Same goes for Tron. There's been heaps of CGI 'go into the computer' movies since and this is where it all started.

The movie made something exciting that most people dismissed out of hand, even if they only heard of it through word of mouth. It's geek-chic, possibly the first example of it ever. The concept of the movie was something a math major probably scribbled out in the margins of his notebook and by all accounts it should never have been made, but the very fact it did is a triumph of geekiness in itself, no matter how the movie turned out.

Personally I think that should be Tron's legacy and they shouldn't've made another movie. Perhaps Tron's legacy is merely a vision, a dream, an idea of something that actually never really was. But for those of us with a like mind it is a grand dream indeed.

Tron also spawned all those horrible hacking movies that have visual representations of moving through some kind of cyber world (Hackers, Swordfish, Lawnmower Man, etc.), so yeah, there's that too.

The quality of the movie doesn't really matter, it's what it represents that has people in their grasp.


More like Daft Punk.

That's why me and my friend plan to see this =D

Unfortunately you'll be only amazed for the first half. I've seen the press showing and sadly, "Tron"'s plot and execution fall apart completely in the last 45 minutes.

How music and visuals work together is pretty impressive, though.

The thing that really made me squee is that Alix is wearing one of the Tron hoodies from Threadless.

You know, I still can't place it, but there's something about Alix that I just can't help but like. Maybe it's the semi-rabid nature, or the awesome choice of attire, For now, I'll stick with the fact that OMG TRON WHOOOOOOOOO!

I'm going to see this tonight, in 3D too! And it looks like one of the few movies that really will be enhanced massively by 3D, just from the visual style of the Tron world (well, computer systems...). I mean, I've seen some good stuff in 3D and enjoyed the 3D aspect, but aside from Avatar I haven't seen anything in 3D yet where the 3D has proven to be a massively amazing part of the visual experience. Tron looks like it'll change that...

Sad to say though, I've not seen the original yet. I'll probably watch that tomorrow or something, after seeing Legacy tonight, and get my full Tron fix in a single weekend :D. Just two hours to go before I'm sat in the cinema watching Tron in glorious three dimensions... :D

What is it with people over a certain age and thinking the original TRON was a good movie?
I've watched it nostalgia free, and confirmed with other people who have watched it nostalgia free:
It is not.

I've watched it this week, I'm 21, and I thought the movie was good.

Wow, this comic just nailed what I miss about seeing movies. :(

I saw the movie and honestly, yea, its not "great" but its still pretty damn good! Ya, its more fancy colors and effects (even more so with the 3D viewing) then it is with actual script and execution but overal, it does give you a little comfy vibe (that is, if you've seen the 1982 Tron). The 3D option was worth it rather, it was very well orchestrated. The only downfall to that was they only had 3D when our characters were in the grid, and none while in the actual world. When he's on the bike, a 3D viewing would of been nice, or even when he jumps ....spoilers are starting to come out. -end line-

Being a fan of the first one, I loved it and recommend it to others.

Some points that keep getting brought up was how some people watched the first Tron and say its a bad movie. Well yea, Tron isn't for everyone by anymeans. Back in the 1982 area, the movie really didn't even spark interest in the popular media. The only real talk of it was how it was one of the first movies completely shot on a green screen. The people who really got into the movie back then were the nerds and geeks. Whether or not thats changed today is your own opinion.

Just to leave off on a quote, "It's the grandfather of the geek cult movies" - Widgett Walls

I'd also like to just throw out there that the game they created with the film, Tron:Evolution, is actually a really good game. Probably the best movie oriented game I've played this year. Most games that come out in sync with a movie are just promo pushers and usually not so great in quality. This game defeated that logic. With some parkour added actions, your path through the game is well traveled. Most of your fighting is done with your data disk but as you go, you can upgrade it to increase usages. Even the fighting it unique and full of combos ready for configuration. Your main character is a systems manager / admin program I believe, and your tasked by your superiors (main bad guys in Tron:legacy) to berid a virus that has hit the grid. I can't tell you too much more without giving away certain things. So rather, you may actually want to do some research on this game and consider it. It works as a prequel to the movie so your not hurting anything if you do. Good luck!

"Head explodes from massive Nerdgasim"

The movie was okay but after the first 30 - 45 minutes it got boring pretty fast.

I can't wait to see what their reactions will be later when they realize the movie was bad, even by geek standards!

I cried because it was boring, even though they had 28 years to get it right.

i liked it, and im 15,
btw its called tron because tron is an old computer term. I cant recall what it means but thats why there is wikipedia

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