Preview: DC Universe Online

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Preview: DC Universe Online

SOE might actually pull off this action MMO hybrid.

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Yeah. This game looks incredible. I'll definitely be trying it when it's released.

Sounds fun I'm going to check it out.

Thanks Greg!

I must admit the combat system makes me interested. Good review...

Oh yeah. I'm getting this game.

it plays like Vindictus! WOOOOOO

move over SW:TOR, DCUO is my next paid MMO! :3

I can say myself. It is absolutely awesome. Nothing is more awesome as running into The Flash in Gotham... then nothing is more Horrifying when you remember you are a villian and your flying backwards after Flash punches you in the face. Ahhh... Good times.

Demo is a lot of fun. Could use some bigger txt boxes and a better lock on system w/ strafe. I keep locking on bad guys and shooting behind me at nothing. It's bad that I have to lean forward to read some of the txt boxes and I'm playing on a big scrn can't imagine how they look on a small TV

Damn those people who got into demo! Damn them!

This is the only game besides TOR that looks like I might be willing to pay for on a monthly base. Why can't we just give the Flash a lightsaber and call it a day?

Mmmm sorry but I am still not convince (I was put off from seeing that Scarecrow demo months ago) but I dunno, from the video it still look interesting (I hope they give it open play weekend to the public)

Looks great, and I'm happy to hear the PS3 buttons work well for combat. I hope the controller works well for the rest of the game too.

I've enjoyed the time I've spent on the beta. I love doing the races.

Interesting how a game can go from looking like a coded turd in nearly all aspects to looking... well... interesting. Could it really be that all it previously lacked was polish...?

if i get a better machine till then, that might cure me from my "all mmo's get boring after 2 weeks" i want that?

Yeah it sounds pretty cool, but as I've said many times before I can't stand the thought of paying for the exact same game multiple times, even if the price isn't as high after the first time.

Well now I have to get this game.

It's good. There's still some things to fix in it, but going against Scarecrow as Bats aide is as good as taking him on in Arkham Asylum, and there's little that can top that.

If you liked CoH, get it. It's not quite as good someways, but it's better in others. The main problem you'll get is a blister from the mouse/joypad.

I'm so stoked for this game after the failure that Champions Online was.

Did I see 10 mouse icons on the screen for clicking 10 times for the arial attack? Were you playing the beta on a PC?

If so, then it will be hard to generalize its performance and playability on the PS3.

Still, it looks hot, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it regardless.

Played the beta, it totally sucks. You can't use your powers without building up energy through complex combat manuevers, even non-combat powers liek stealth. You have to be a brawler no matter what our powertype, even mentalists or gadgeteers. Repetative missions, limited customizability. Bad bad bad.

Damn, this game is making me consider cheating on my beloved City of Heroes :S

By the article, he played on both. It's worth mentioning that it's a lot easier to save footage of a pc game than console.

Until now I've been steadfast against subscripts, but the articles a few weeks back regarding cumulative value of games (in short, subscript is the cheaper method hands down) and my great love of comic heroes and beat 'em ups has lead me to really, really want this game. Getting for PS3, see y'all there.

maybe you did it wrong Pugiron. All the videos I've seen had stealth work fine without combat. Also on the customization ability, there's releases saying the starter stuff is a small portion, the vast majority of content is earned.

This is the first mmo that got me interested in a long long time.
I would consider getting it but...
You have to pay for the game again and again and again...

If Sony invites a reviewer over for a preview and just lets him play it on the PC, albeit occasionally using the dual shock for some things (the entire video looked like it was mouse and keyboard), that may be cause to worry about the PS3 version.

And yes. Purgiron did it wrong. You start with a full power bar, and stealth is (almost) free. And you get enough power to use most abilities in 1-3 punches. And if you have a Controller in the party they're constantly feeding you energy with their attacks. Besides. Name ONE DC hero that does nothing but spam powers. Every DC hero goes brawl-mode constantly.

Beyond criticizing Purgion, I'd like to say that I -love- the game. From the combat system to the awesome costumes you can get. (Raven costume = <3<3<3<3<3. Even if it does take a ton of farming to get XD) My only real complaint about it is how... hokey. the entirety of Metropolis feels. Oh well. Gotham is amazing and thats good enough for me.

Well I was already quite excited about this game. I've never been into MMOs (partially because of the fees), but this, Guild Wars 2, and STOR have really piqued my interest. I'm a big superhero fan, and this preview has really got me excited. Though I was pumped for Star Trek Online and sorely disappointed.

I won't be waiting in line on launch day, but I may just give it a try after the bugs have been ironed out.

Really looking forward to this game. Cannot wait!

Do I want another MMO in my life?!? Well the answer is yes, the question is is DCUO going to be that one // Well from the looks of this it's a maybe. . .


Relieved to hear it. I loved the initial concept, and the trailer sold me, but I was worried because I had never warned up to the standard MMO engine. I will definitely be picking this one up.

hey look, city of heroes!

Played the PS3 Beta a bit and it seems a bit of a mess, kind of.

I can't read anything on the screen. Nothing. I have no idea what my skills are, i just click them and hope they're good. I can't see the chat, I can't see the UI, I don't even know what stats I'm actually increasing when I equip stuff, all I know is that it's all bright green so it's an improvement of what I had. I assume this is due to it being made specifically, and apparently only, for an HD TV. There may be a way to fix this, but I can't entirely find it if there is.

The game also, last night, froze my PS3 4, almost 5 (one of the times it actually fixed its self after 5 seconds or so, so that was good) times before I quit. Although my co-worker who also has it hasn't had any issue with freezing so I'm quite confused on that one.

It's also a tiny bit laggy in certain situations but I blame Sony's servers on that one more than anything else.

So. While I find it ridiculously fun it's near impossible to play for me right now. Not being able to read anything + constant freezing of my console = not playable.

But, hopefully the beta is actually taken as a beta and this stuff is fixed. I'd like to see it fixed prior to the beta ending so I know they did it. Not entirely worth paying for if I can't play it heh.

hey look, city of heroes!

City of heroes with every stupid mechanic removed. Like the atrocious hit rate at low levels. And the fact that you can change your costume at whim, not just 3 set costumes. And actual gear. And cool skills. And Batman.

If Sony invites a reviewer over for a preview and just lets him play it on the PC, albeit occasionally using the dual shock for some things (the entire video looked like it was mouse and keyboard), that may be cause to worry about the PS3 version.

That's the thing with the PC version, it's not really suitable to play with a mouse. I tried it and its just not a fun experience. Switching to a gamepad controller makes things much more fun. I'm disappointed such an option was not pointed out in this review because the mouse and keyboard controls are what people seem to complain about and is definitely not what you should be highlighting. That 9 click combo is nothing if you're using a gamepad because usually by the time you hit 9 basic attacks on a target its dead and you can use that ability to move smoothly into the next target.

I'm in the beta and I love it. Initial customization could be better, but it makes up for it by allowing you to upgrade and customize your hero/villain's costume through world drops and mission rewards. It's a very refreshing change from games like WoW where your character's look is dictated by whatever armor you're wearing.

Leveling is great because each level you're rewarded with some kind of character skill improvement that opens up new combos and abilities to play with. The combat is fun, there's no other way to put it. (there's a sadistic glee in steamrolling henchmen and cops with kick ass combos)

hey look, city of heroes!

Hey look, someone to shortsighted to see when someone builds and betters an existing concept and must make a sad attempt at discrediting it by pointing out it's similar to something else! Seriously grow up dude, city of heroes was a nice game but it lacked alot. It gets credit for breaking ground on the super hero mmo genre but games like champions online and now DC online have taken that idea and improved on it.

I've played both CoH and Champions; and after the initial customization of characters both games lose their flare after a few hours. Not to mention since both games are not built upon existing IP (well Champions was supposed to be Marvel Online I hear) they throw wall upon wall of lore and background at the player every mission. Aside from just the base stories you're given for each area their deeper stories just seem neigh impenetrable without sitting down for a few hours and combing through everything the developers have thrown at you.

All three have the same flaw that irks me to no end;the soundtrack. Cripes people is it to hard to ask for a "loop music" button on our audio menu? It sucks so much life out of the game. The soundtrack for an MMO is one of the most crucial pieces. It sets the mood for areas, gives the player a frame of mind for their emotions. Don't give me music that plays for the first minute or two in an area and then vanishes, I want it to continue so I can be fooled into believing the world is alive and get further immersed into the world presented to me. DC online is still in beta so the area soundtracks stopping may just be a glitch or something not yet fully implemented so they've got time to fix such an egregious flaw in their game.

In final summation; DC Universe Online kicks 9 kinds of ass in my book and I look forward to continuing my reign of terror as the villainous Professor Metric Chaos when the game goes live.

Demo is a lot of fun. Could use some bigger txt boxes and a better lock on system w/ strafe. I keep locking on bad guys and shooting behind me at nothing. It's bad that I have to lean forward to read some of the txt boxes and I'm playing on a big scrn can't imagine how they look on a small TV

It's completely unreadable on a non HD tv but must upgrading (Thank Goodness) is color coded so that isn't impossible but knowing what anything actually is or does would be hard pressed without an external guide.

Luckily I could switch the PS3 to the HD downstairs. (The situation is complecated if your wondering why it isn't always there.)

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