Daily Drop: Christmas Lights

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Exposing live electrical components while standing on a metal ladder, what could go wrong.

Heck, let's have a guy standing by to hit them with a crowbar just in case!

That's what fuses and RCDs are for...
(says the guy who's blown several fuses and a relay on his bike from being rubbish at wiring in accessories over the last couple of days - but thanks to those blowing, i didn't get zapped, and the actual expensive components are perfectly intact)


As I thought. Lit lamps are so much better than unlit ones. XD

And is that AC ripple? 60hz in Canada right?

You could probably work out the framerate of the high speed camera with this video....

Count the peak-to-peak time of the flashing visible in the lights (in frames), multiply by 60... Bingo. Camera framerate.

Without ripping it and dumping into Virtualdub or similar, i'm taking a stab at about 1500-2000fps? The video will be 30fps almost certainly, and there's roughly 1 sec peak to peak on the flashes... so it's somewhere around 1800fps or not much either side, if I've done my maths right and my sense of time isn't too screwy.

Which also means 1 realtime second takes about a minute to play out.

Heh. I'd forgotten I'd said this, and despite explaining the theory, I haven't made an attempt at the math.

But if your math isn't too far off...
These videos are a lot shorter than I would have thought if played back in real time...
Most videos are under 2 minutes, which implies most of the footage in any given video comes from about 1-2 seconds of film at most.

Heh. All that setup and cleaning for something that's over so quickly...

Well... things tend to fall to the floor pretty fast. Gravity is a strong force on earth, after all. I figured it for something like a quarter second from table height before, and it's not much more to the ground than a second or so after the object is released from the top of the ladder here. So 2s would be plenty for it to fall through the camera's viewfield and maybe bounce a couple times. Hitting stuff with a crowbar is also kinda fast.

What seems to be the case as far as production goes is that they just took all the stuff down to the basement and filmed all the drops in one big go over a couple days. That's what was said before anyway. Hence all the intro parts, crowbar appearances, researcher reactions etc being the same clip. Not really that much setup. Grab a stepladder, lab coat, RED camera, couple floodlights, some stripey duct tape, a crowbar, some PPE and a whole load of wet-wipes, and you're in business.

there is a certain beauty to watching the destruction of these lights.

Generic pun incoming!
lights out for those bulbs.

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