Unskippable: Blood Stone

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I liked the line about the guy's mustache and when Bond looks back to see if the rocket is still coming.

Nice video description too. :p

I was about 2 minutes through the video before I realised it was a Bond game.

I was about 2 minutes in before I realised it was a Bond game.

So thats why the G-20 wasnt in Pittsburgh like it was in real life. America wouldnt want bombers blowing up ANOTHER big major city like that.

Looks like the boat got Denched :D

Denched, I'm totally using that from now on.

I don't know about you, but my Priorities go up to 11.

Thanks LRR, for making my mondays bearable.

Man, that vid was SO dench.

Man, the effects are like early PS2 quality. How old is this game?

Man, you guys totally denched those cut scenes.

Those graphics looked so bad, though! I'm surprised. More like Gamecube than, well, whatever it was on.

I rofl'd at "Bourbon is neat!"

Paul, you are hereby on Pun Probation for that horrible "Greco-Roman Wrestlers" gag. Also, I would say that the modeling for Bond's face was lifeless... but, sadly, it matches Daniel Craig perfectly.

Seriously, would it break the man's face to SMILE now and then?

The Great JT:
Denching sounds like some jewish word for 'smack a bitch upside the head with a truncheon' or something. I kinda want to use it more often now.

"Did you see that schlemiel get denched in the head? Oy vey."

Anyone else see the car going through that prop at 4:56?

I had to mention this. I don't know who else knows the greek alphabet, but the "Athens" at the beginning was actually spelt:


Even the upper and lower cases are like that. How did they manage to put something that retarded in?

"Aaaand Bond's spine fires out his head and GAME OVER."

:D If only...


Holy crap, the graphics were so bad!

This summer... GET DENCHED!

Wow. It's odd seeing Daniel Craig doing stuff like jumping from an exploding boat onto another boat, knocking out its driver and taking it over. It's as if the designers thought they were making a James Bond game, but then had to switch the character model for Scowling BritBourne at the last minute and didn't have enough time to change the script.

You post this literally as I start playing this game. Creepy.

was that the whole game? or just like an episode or section, cause the end cutscene looked to be a conclusion of sorts

Man, you guys totally denched those cut scenes.

Those graphics looked so bad, though! I'm surprised. More like Gamecube than, well, whatever it was on.

I rofl'd at "Bourbon is neat!"

I assumed it was a Wii game before I saw the description... their faces have no texture...


Sized so it can be used as a TF2 spray.

In the spirit of "If my Classics grade taught me anything" that temple in the nackground looks almost nothing like the Erecthion, except for the caryatids.

Also, uncanny valley much.

I had the feeling they just felt that the Erechteion looks awesome so they kinda just moved it so it could be seen from the side of the Parthenon.

1 is the Parthenon and 3 is the Erechteion. Can't be seen from where they were in the film. *sigh*

And I'll join the "That's not how you spell it in Greek" chorus. Stuff like that makes me cringe. They spelled Greece GRSSCS.

Denched? There's a potential meme in that.

The Rogue Wolf:
Paul, you are hereby on Pun Probation for that horrible "Greco-Roman Wrestlers" gag.

Did anybody else instantly picture that terrorist and Nico's cousin from GTA4 wearing luchador masks? Somebody needs to photoshop that image immediately.

I honestly do not like the Daniel Craig bond...

Also, stones can bleed?

Denched lmao classic...

Also, i think its called Blood Stone because of the diamond stone plot device in the game, idk they never actually say the words Blood Stone i don't think.

Also yeah the graphics kinda sucked real bad, but the gameplay i was surprised to see it's not that bad, much more interesting than Quantum of Solace

"you just got Denched" is now part of my daily vocabulary

"Whoa, talk about a photobomb!"


"You just got denched!"


This so needs to be in the dictionary.

Great episode guys!

I found her parting words just as amaze as the denched comments. I hope it's meme'd stat.

"Who the hell are you?!"
"The name's Bond-"
*cell phone projectile*
"HEY!" etc

LOL (for real) that part cracked me up SO MUCH

rented this game. not bad, pretty fun. altho my friend did end up beating the game for me (apparently SHE is a more hardcore gamer than I...think I'm in love)

Blood Stone

James Bond, permanent-scowl champion 2010, returns to kick martinis and drink butt.

Watch Video

Fantastic episode as always guys, though Graham I feel compelled to ask..will you be doing another PhailhaĆ¼s anytime soon?

If you are going to say yes, then: YAY!

If you are going to say no: well...then

I hope that scares you!

I know that by nature a game has different priorities and pacing and so forth, but I thought half the point of the "new" Daniel Craig Bond was to forego some of the more improbable stuntwork and the like...

lol'd at "photobomb"

Anyone notice the guy aimed for a headshot with the rpg? It made me laugh.

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