A Geek's Guide to Last-Minute Gifting

A Geek's Guide to Last-Minute Gifting

Of course you waited until the very last minute.

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I laughed at the title... but very much enjoyed the points made in the article. On other thing I would like to add is personal presentation. A card with a paragraph written in it, a handwrapped present, or a handpicked bunch of flowers - none of these may look "professional" or particularly skillfully done, but the amount of thought and effort put into them makes them well worth it to the receiver.

I'm beginning to really enjoy and notice everything you write, Elizabeth. Thank you!

this was fairly enjoyable

Not a bad guide actually.
I mostly aim for sentimental gifts (I once got 2 of my friends LBP figurines because we had spent hours together on my couch playing that game)

Or...you know, you could always buy them a game on steam. Hell, you can get one at the steam sales for like $5, and they'll never know how much it cost you when you gift it to them.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought the ring in Twilight was absolutely hideous.

Also, only a few days left til Christmas, guys! I'm glad I'm done with all my gifts. There's nothing worse than last minute shopping, those stores are a nightmare to navigate now...

This. Was. Awesome.

TARDIS and "The Gift". My lord, you sure did hit my reference points.


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