The Escapist Presents: Top 5 Favorites of 2010: Elizabeth

Top 5 Favorites of 2010: Elizabeth

Elizabeth Grunewald shares her Top 5 Favorite Not-Games of 2010.

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Me too!!! I saw Day & Night and thought it was absolutely amazing!! But my girlfriend thought it was ok and that she prefers all the other shorts...finally someone has a brain!! This is so original and so well done, it's unreal!! Thank you and great list!

I knew you'd have a hot voice.
Toy Story 3 was great, but I cried like a little girl. Thank God I watched it on my own.

I have not yet seen toy story 3 as the nostalgia barrier is too high for my to climb right now. It can't be over...

You didn't do a game top 5! BLASPHEMY!!!

Oh well, it was intersting to watch nonetheless. Day & Night looks cute and I have yet to watch Toy Story 3. :<

Huh. So that's what Elizabeth sounds like.

I too was a big fan of Day and Night. It was incredibly clever and fun, and had some genuinely excellent usage of 3D. And the ending was just DAWW.

Oh man. In THAT part of Toy Story 3 I was like: "is Pixar really going to do it?"

The only thing I've watched from that list was Scott Pilgrim ,and i think it was great.
I haven't read the comic, but still i enjoyed it a lot. A fun movie indeed.

I am glad that I was not the only one who immediately went 'Wow, she has a cute voice'.

Very good list though, I wasn't a lost follower but I agreed with the rest of the list though I might have swapped places for Toy Story and Scott Pilgrim.

AH the ending of lost was brilliant, it was everything i wanted.

I think the main reason there wasn't a lot of praise for Day & Night is because people were so blown away by Toy Story 3 they completely forgot about the great little short that proceeded it.

Which is shame. Day & Night was an amazing short. I actually find myself revisiting Pixar's shorts more often then their features. They are just so well done.

have you ever heard the term


that might be something for you to look in to

Very very cool! I still need to see Toy Story 3, Day & Night, and Scott Pilgrim. The Lost finale was an awesome event. It was emotionally rewarding. I just felt intellectually hoodwinked by it. Still it was probably as good of an end as there could have been without stretching another season. Thanks for sharing!

Agree 100% percent with every choice except Scott Pilgrim and Day & Night, but only cause i haven't seen either, but am now eager to see both. Although my list would include Inception along with Toy Story. probably replace Kick-ass though. It was awesome but Christopher Nolan is something else ENTIRELY.

I knew you'd have a hot voice.
Toy Story 3 was great, but I cried like a little girl. Thank God I watched it on my own.

When I was trying to sleep after watching Toy Story 3 I found it hard not to shed some tears upon reflection. :< I'm a bloke.

you nailed it! I could not agree with you more! thank you!

Agree with the top 3 and somewhat the 4th one. Never watched lost though.

i actually gave a standing ovation for day & night. then i looked round and everyone was staaring at me so i just dropped back into my seat...

You Lost me at... well.


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