Rebecca Mayes Muses: Christmas Song

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Christmas Song

Rebecca Mayes wishes you a Merry Christmas.

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The nicest one yet! Good atmosphere and lyrics! Merry Christmas

>w<! So Awesome!

Rebecca Mayes for greatest muscisian of 2010-2011-Beyond! >w< Teehee.

Seriously, you've been one of the greatest ever. I'd be sad if you left the escapist...but I'd be ok in the end. I still have your songs to listen to.

And finally before I forget. Rebecca Mayes...


Merry Christmas.

Great song, a nice respite from the deluge of Jingle Bells and Silent Nights that have been assaulting me all day again and again and again....

*cough* Anyways, hope you have a great Christmas and a happy New Year Rebecca Mayes.

*Mistake POST*
*go down for my real one*

I'd be sad if you left the escapist...but I'd be ok in the end..

I'm sorry to break the bad news to you but...

It will be sad to see you leave Rebecca...its been wonderful listening to you. I shall miss you!

Fantastic exit!

Yay! I missed these videos!

Great song! I love the holiday theme.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Good to see you are back, I thought the trollop with the glasses had been a replacement which would have bummed me out considerably.

The song was quite nice and I dug the low end and fuzz of the backing synth-y stuff. The list seemed like a joke though. I mean, there was a lot of games that looked crap. And more so, it was all just the biggest releases, unless you count Naughty Bear it had no Indie/Downloadable stuff.

To be fair, I have only played AC:B of all the games on the list but only because it was the only one that interested me.

Ooh this is the most wonderful Christmas song i have ever heard. keep it up girl!

The Random Paradox:

I'd be sad if you left the escapist...but I'd be ok in the end..

I'm sorry to break the bad news to you but...


Well, if it is good for her then great!
I hope the next thing is bigger and better, best wishes 'Becca!

Loved this song, as I love all your other songs. It will be sad to see you leave the Escapist and I wish you luck for the future. :)

Merry Christmas/Nadolig Llawen

Farewell, Mayes. It took me until now to realize I was taking your talent for granted. I think I'm going to miss what you've added to the Escapist.

I thought this series was already gone. Good to see it one more time.

Glad to see you're not gone. Thanks for the great song!

EDIT: Man, I really gotta read previous posts :(

By far my fav muse so far :D
Merry christmas!

And a happy Christmas to you too.

It's been awhile since your last music video. You managed to put one last in just before Christmas for us. Very nice gift, thank you.

Cheers for all the lovely songs Rebecca. I know you're not doing it here any more, but I hope we've not heard the last of you.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

Sad to see Rebecca go... she was a beautiful little addition that made the Escapist special. Good Luck with whatever you do next!

I'm sad to see you go Rebecca, but it's been great to have here in the first place. :)I loved this final song, and I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors. And I wish you a Very, Very Merry Christmas. (That goes to all of you Escapists too)

Your top ten list was a bit crap though... :p

Did not really care for this song much, it seemed to lack inspriation in subject as well as musicality.

Top ten? Really, those were your top ten?

Love your videos. Shame there not more frequent.
Merry Christmas!

Brilliant! Already stuck in my head.

Happy Holidays, Ms. Mayes. Know that at least one Escapist will be missing you when you're gone.

ahhh, don't leave, you're making me too sad to post

Happy Christmas, Rebecca. It's been wonderful having you with us.

See you around.

Very good as usual, and better than most top 10 lists on other sites, keep up the fantastic work prease

Merry Christmas Miss Mayes! I wish you the best of the season! and only success in your future endeavors! I will miss your Escapist Music Videos, but will continue to look forward to your new albums and whatever else you may post on your blog! we'll miss you!!

Is this the end of Rebecca Mayes Muses?

Okay, I just want to point out that, the men in this video should learn to carve a bird.

Same verse chorus verse stuff tho, as far as the song, kinda boring.

A very happy Christmas to you as well! :)

I'll be honest -- I always thought Miss Mayes' work was uneven. But that's precisely why I appreciated the feature here on The Escapist. Here's a person who has no budget, very little time, and even seems just a little bit shy. Nevertheless, she's trying her damnedest to put some entertainment together, and that honest, authentic effort made it worth watching.

Miss Mayes, you will be missed here.

I'll be keeping an eye out for your future endeavours. Hope to see you on TV again if Charlie Brooker ever does another Gameswipe.
PS: Naughty Bear made your top ten? I've never played it, but I still feel the need to question your taste on that one. :)

Merry Christmas Rebecca! Hope to hear more music from you in the future :)

Very good song. I liked the irony of the "top 10 christmas games", opposing the seasons' feelings with the violent themes of the games.

I'm one more who will miss the Muses here on the Escapist, but will be paying attention to what you do elsewhere. So long and thanks for all the music.

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