Daily Drop: Santa Candle

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Awww. For once, I really wanted a reprieve. "Aww, we can't break you Santa."

Look like someone will be on the naughty list:P I was kind of expecting a candy cane theme crowbar if one exist when I saw the xmas colour failure.

Who knew that something could be funny and creepy?

Holy crap, that's one tough candle.

Then again, when a crowbar doesn't work, in this case the answer should have been obvious.

It is a candle after all...

Quite a while ago someone posted in one of these daily drop threads saying that you guys should make a "Crowbar is Ready" t-shirt. I would buy this and wanted to remind people of it.

I laughed so hard at the slow-mo Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas LRR.

Festive failures followed by crowbar. Smashing!


The Christmas 'FAILURE' was awesome.

And I will hop on the sledgehammer bandwagon too, if there's still space

Little Duck:

There, it is slain. And now Paul. Now I will teach you the art of french kissing.


Lol..... what?

OT: I was seriously expecting you guys to give up with the Crowbar and use something else. Also, whoever said to Auction the crowbar on the next DB is a genius

Face Off. That was awesome and creepy and disturbing all at the same time. Brilliant.

Although you do need to be careful guys. You don't want to get sued by Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.

I had a feeling as soon as I heard that music after teh second drop, it's crowbar time.
I also enjoyed the distorded "Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho." towards the end.

always good to see santa die.

I started to expect something like "flamethrower is ready" or some kind of fire. If we don't get to watch him break, it could have been just as fun to watch him melt. Ah well, the face falling off with the slow-mo merry chirstmas was hilarious.

A melting Santa with the slow mo "Merry Christmas" would be very creepy.

I don't care how many times the crowbar fails, it always puts a smile on my face.

You just beheaded santa, with a crowbar. Its like some sort of half life 2 Christmas.

Honestly, you should have brought out the sledgehammer after the crowbar failed.
But still, you smashed his damned face off, which is pretty awesome in of itself!

Thank you for smashing up the CocaCola Santa.

Very nice! I liked how it didn't stop with stabbing Wax Santa in his face. Besides the already suggested sledgehammer I would also like to see the following for future not-already-filmed Daily Drops;

Pick Axe
Wood Axe
and Chainsaw.

By the third time the crowbar hit the candle I thought: "Nah, they won't break it", but when I saw Santa's face slowly fly off I thought: "Woah O_O that's creepy".

That was a special brand of epic. INDESTRUCTOSANTA AWAY!!!!

That is one brutal candle. I think he needed both hands on the crowbar to get the last shot....

The holidayization of the failure and crowbar messages was pretty special and awesome. Great work!

And budge over on that bandwagon. I loves me a sledge hammer.

"All blades perish that pierce this Jolly King."

Great episode!

And I didn't know it was a candle.

Still, that thing was fuckin' hard!

Damn that was a sturdy candle...<.<

No!!!!!!!!! Santa is beheaded!

One of the most awesome episodes. Triple crowbar action! Festive Failure! Santa's face goes flying! MMMMMMEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYY CCCCCCHHHHHHRRRRRIIIIIIISSSSSSTTTTTTMMMMMMMAAAAAASSSSSSSS

Ah Santa, our most indestructible deity.

Now if only they dressed up the crowbar to look like a candy cane... That would've been going the extra mile!

Seconded. That would probably have gone well with everyone.

that was sad, i say update the crowbar!! haha XD

More proof that the crowbar is either
A: Jesus
Or B: Just plain god.
What else can say it chopped Santa's face off?

Great Drop! That took more crowbars than I expected. And yes, that slow-motion "Merry Christmas!" Was kinda creepy...in a christmas-e awesome way.

I guess you could say he got wicked.

To the guy that was wielding the crowbar: Who are you and what have you done with Gordan Freeman?

By the looks of that candle at the end I'd say "Several failings later"

Okay guys next time something like this happens (altough it's a crowbar and they never ever fail) you should pull out the big guns; have kathleen come out with a katana or an axe maybey.

i thought it would have been funny if the santa face broke off to reveal another santa face

Next time the crowbar fails twice, I want to see "Sledgehammer ready."

LOL they would break the floor apart if they miss :P I doubt that they would want that hehe

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