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Getting In Touch

Your inner child doesn't care about your grownup problems.

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Awww I want to play tag too :(

I was expecting him to have a mental breakdown with all those voices in his head, I don't have a part that constantly wants chips but I do have a part that constantly wants vimto and iron brew.

aw hilarious!
Instead of chips my inner self always wants pudding.
Any particular reason why Matt is self doubt?

...So THAT'S why I have these biscuits in front of me! Damn you, part of my brain!

Jer's "inner child" voice is absolute brilliance.. I was expecting a girl's voice to pop in as Alex's "inner woman" too.. :3

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm currently 'it'!

Those inner voices can be a problem sometimes. Espacially the part that always wants chips, except mine always wants cake and other desserts. Now if you excuse me, there is Christmas cake and Yule log to be eaten.

Row, row, row your boat...

I could go for some chips too...

Matt would be self doubt.

Hmmmm it's 6:27 in the morning, I haven't been to sleep, and suddenly I want chips... Thanks a lot guys.

I'm glad you guys listened to the part of your brain that said to make this video, cuz it's awesome.
*shut-up, you can't play hopscotch in the snow.*
Oh, sorry about that.

I knew that set looked familiar...

Great video, as always. Keep up the good work!

Ah yes; the "tag tactic". Works every time.

This demands some form of sequel with either Debra (wrong spelling? >_>) or some other character, if you ask me.

Sorry, I was gonna comment earlier, but I got persuaded by the part of me that wanted chips. All I had were pita chips, but they count, don't they?

And in your face, Jeff's self-doubt. (Now, if only I could conquer my own....T-T)

*Look at that book!*

(*blinks yet does so and notices the name Sabrina Grey*)

*AbstinenceWarrior69 reviewed "Touching Your Inner Child While Avoiding the Swimsuit Area"??*

Oh. Sorry. That was the part of me that looks out for references to past videos of LRR (or ENN in this case).

Man, the voices in his head sound so much cooler than the voices in my head.

aww, what an adorable ending, and i totally buy matt as being self doubt.

Haha, why is Graham the voice that always wants to go out for chips?

Playing tag while holding ice cream should be an extreme sport.

It's like someone made a movie about me O_o.

But the voices in my head aren't as loud, and not really voices.

I can easily relate, my inner self that always wants chips is constantly nagging about it. He's such a dick.

Great episode, and the ending was cute.

My favorite part was where Kathleen pauses to process the tag request. You can almost see the hourglass spinning as she consults the voices.

Man I wish I could actually hear voices like that in my head. But I'd want really cool voices like Tim Curry or Morgan Freeman. Graham can still be the voice in my head that always wants chips. He played that role well.

I could go for some chips as well.

Great skit idea, good ending.

*ponders in silence for a moment* I don't like chips. But now I want them.

Kathleen I love your hair, wasn't it like purple last video?

I love how Matt is self-doubt :')

Great video!

Haaha that was too cute... Totally could go for some chips now though...

REALLY good episode.

Somehow, I always end up enjoyig those videos the most, that have a fairly limited set of actors or even just one actual actor. Might be because that usually allows one of the cast to really shine.

I also especially enjoyed Graham as the voice that always wants chips,

The part of that always wants chips is VERY loud.

so that how you get a date eat ice cream and play tag???

Does that work in real life???

so that how you get a date eat ice cream and play tag???

Does that work in real life???

Seconded. Does it?

Playing tag while holding ice cream should be an extreme sport.

Nah, playing tag while EATING ice cream could be an extreme sport, imagine getting brain freeze mid stride...
The carnage would be unbelievable.

Isn't it worrying that most people watch the video and say, "matt as self doubt... yeah that seems about right..."

very nice! Makes me wonder, is this a spiritual successor to "pull yourself together"?

Sweet stinger!

Were the voices Paul, Jeremy and Matt? If so good job, otherwise, even better job filtering the child's voice.

TagCream would be a great game, and possibly even enough to make it into the DSL. All in all, fantastic fugging video. Now off to watch "Pull yourself Together".

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