Geek Eats: Sweets Edition

Geek Eats: Sweets Edition

...and now I have diabetes. Thanks, self.

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I enjoy these articles, but I'd really like seeing pictures of your finished products along with the stock photos!


Now, for a trip to the local purveyor of ingredients, and there go my teeth!

Your tribbles are clearly missing cotton candy for the proper look. But yeah, I think I need to go shopping now...

There's a good chance I'll give at least one of these a try.

These are great articles EG. How about some Geek-Appetizers next? :)

Hey, nothing against you, but I did actually see another version of Geek Eats on Youtube done well before this.

I have to admit I rather like the rorschach cake for the most part, sounds yummy. :D


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