2010: Year in Review

2010: Year in Review

Here's a look back at the biggest gaming news stories of 2010.

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Wow, Mr. Thompson! Your crusade to block the release of Medal of Honor certainly went well! I mean, the fury of your conviction convinced Robert Gates, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, to use his unique station to absolutely block its sale anywhere in the country. And with the entirety of the United States armed forces agreeing with you, you took that fury to the halls of government, got the ESRB dismantled, and now all games must go through government censorship before being available for sale!

...wait, no, that's not what happened. Robert Gates ignored you, a large part of the armed forces thought your argument was stupid, the game was released on schedule (to less-than-stellar sales, but that was hardly because of you), and you hastened your journey towards the trash bin of history, where you will be fondly remembered as a punchline to an old joke and little else.

Congratulations, Jack! Here's to a brand new year of your continued irrelevance to anything.

*Sigh* This just reminds me how much stupid there was this year. From bitchy bloggers to sex hacks for two of three motion controls, from the respected (Ebert) to the despised (Thompson), from leaks to anti-piracy... what a year. But still, some good games came out, some great progress has been made. Here's to 2011! *Holds glass in toast*

Why didnt I see something about, Duke Nukem Forever appearing at Pax? Or was it in 2009?

So that's why my girlfriend stole my wii when she dumped me. Thanks a lot Nintendo!

I remember reading all of these when they first came out.

That's... kind of pathetic, really.

I missed some of those news items, and most of them were pretty awesome. Thanks.

Its nice to be reminded of all the stupid crap thats happened over the course of 2010. Hopefuly 2011 will be filled with less stupid shit but that is probably to much to hope for.

The fact that every 4th article was "[Something violent] happened to [some kid]. Video game blamed. [Escapist Editor] and forum-goers say it's the fault of [parent] " doesn't make me depressed or even annoyed; It just makes me think of why this shit gets so much coverage? I mean.... why? Does all this coverage have any effect other than to entice our rage, which we then flush into the forums by bitching about it, and promptly go on with our lives. It's just so .........pointless.

Anyway, OP thanks for posting this so i could see how retarded last year was in one swoop..... one painful and sad swoop.

Its funny that i remember all of them...

It wasnt the parents fault entirely. it is without a doubt also cause of the naive american law letting people have guns in their homes at all.

Quite a sad and funny year. Plus a metric fuckton of deaths and idiocy.

Hell this year started with 'South Korean Teen Dies After Twelve Hour Gaming Binge' and look who became the ignorant pricks and douchebags?

Great list but kinda annoyed you reffered to the news of wikileaks as a scandal, there was no scandel just ALOT of stupid right wing hot air...

That was one helluvah year.

What will 2011 have in store for us?

That was one helluvah year.

What will 2011 have in store for us?

EA going out of business, a class action lawsuit against Zynga, HL2e3 not being released this year, and more stupid gamer news.

So wait...maybe three good things happened all year. Really?

So, in short (by this article): There were a few landmark games this year surrounded by a sea of idiocy, rage, and general acts of human worthlessness.

So, Duke Nukem Forever being resurrected by Legal Necromancy and the 3DS demos at E3 were not news-worthy?

Well, I can see some disclaiming either of those as possible hype, but the same can also be said of who killed Arthas first in WoW.

That was one helluvah year.

What will 2011 have in store for us?

Duke Nukem Forever's production will be canceled.

my favorite news this year is still "Woman Falls Off Wii Balance Board, Turns Into Nymphomaniac"

Its the reason i have my gf play the wii :3

2010: Not such a bad year after all :D
And yes Bioware your sex scenes are tame. I don't play Mass Effect for them, but at least make earning them worth my while. I would say they're half-assed, but I barely saw THAT much!

so many hearthwarming stories.. =)


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