Unskippable: Let's Play: Legaia 2: Part 13

Legaia 2: Part 13

Graham and Paul finally let a game stand on more than its intro. It crumples almost immediately.
Enjoy this replay of the live feed and share in their pain.

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Dont wory overlay man i will save you!!!!!

Guys, I know this may seem dull but you got to continue this till this dungeon is over. What happens at the end of this dungeon is so SO SO disturbing (in a JRPG way of course) that I have been unable to cleanse my mind of it even after 7 years.

P.S. - This game actually has a pretty decent combat system later on.

lol you thought those were real moves. Here are the real moves that can only be used with 3 blocks:

LDD Hawk Stroke
DLL Blade Dance
URU Mountain Crusher

did anyone notice the pedometer?

Who runs barter village? Disaster Blaster runs barter village.

I didn't even know there -were- overlay factories.

And I think the "Hammer Blade" just forces injured enemies to do the electric slide.

am I the only 1 who real wants to play this game


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