Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2010

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Finally, a funny episode. Seems like a while. :)

Actually, a very funny episode. Well done.

I've been on the fence for a while about limbo but I still haven't used the 1600 point card my brother got me(with a $30 gamestop gift card as well), so I'll give it a go. But I'm confused I thought you said that Just Cause 2 was bad? How is it game of the year?

Metroid deserves the number one spot if you ask me. Yes Kane and Lynch 2 was ass, but it was ass that was preceded by slightly less... ass. Other M is a thorough rape of one of video game's most iconic character and video game series... and that's so deliciously tragic.

Interesting that every game on his worst list is a sequel, albeit his top two are sequels as well so I'll admit I'm not sure why it's interesting or what it proves.

Anyway, really good episode. I picked up JC2 on impulse during the Steam sale and it is a whole lot of fun.


Julian Daniel:
I don't get why People like Amnesia. I couldn't find anything scary about it. It's just boring.

It's not overtly scary. Most of the scariness comes from your own mind, that requires a certain level of intelligence.

WHOA, nice one, I would never have thought to say that, fantastic, good sir.

Well I was pleasantly surprised by this list, especially the number 1 game of the year! It's one of my games of the year and one of the most fun games I have ever played, ever. I would still pick the number 3 best game of the year for my personal game of the year, cos I think it's the best game ever.

But that's just me.

Two Angels:
I was shocked that Batman wasn't the number one game seeing as it was awesome and Yahtzee gave it much love!

Batman was 2009

I'm absolutely surprised to see not a single mention to the awesomeness that is Supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Meat Boooooooooooooy. *cough*

Still, I like this a lot more than any other I've seen so far. At least here it's bullshit free and both sides are actually believable.

Not surprised Yahtzee absolutely despised Kane and Lynch 2 (I also thought it tearing-blood awful); really surprised he loved the hell out of Just Cause 2 and Dead Rising 2

Though I can totally see why anyone loved those games, their just simply FUN = no pretensions to realism or seriousness or epicness; just pure, unadulterated, psychotic, ADHD, crazy fun

I agree Other M had a rather dodgy story, but the gameplay was good and the final scenes were great. I could easily find you some far worse games this year I assure you. Surprised Mass Effect 2 didn't show up.

Also, are you going to review fable 3? Cause I liked that.

The Great JT:
I'd just assume every game was in his "Bottom 5." Nothing against Yahtzee, it's just his reviews make every game sound like they're not worth it and praise is very hard to find in his reviews. I know in his Batman: Arkham Asylum review he said everything he doesn't mention is fine and all, but even so it's kind of hard sometimes to distinguish between, "not mentioning it because it's fine," and, "not mentioning it because it's so wretched I can't bring myself to talk about it."

He says why he makes the reviews like this, in one of his early reviews I think he says something like People don't like it when he likes a game and gives it a positive review no one likes it as much as when he rips the crap out of a game.

Wow, I was NOT expecting JC2.
The rest didn't surprise me too much.
Still, enjoyable to watch as always.
"And the award for 'Fart in the Moonlight Sonata' for 'Best Way To Destroy a Classic'.."

Fantastic. I love his made up awards!

i actually thought hed for sure put fable3 on as worst game. a lot of people hated it. also,


hed love that game, and we havent had a positive review in a while. i have no doubt itd make it to the top of his game of the year list, if he had played it this year

I think Bolo Santosi would approve. *nods*

for some reason whenever the 'bad' music came on I could help but laugh


I personally haven't played any of those games, although I am planning to play Amnesia, Dark Decent.

The Clockwork Orange music was an amusing touch.

You could do this easily last week, but I understand you had a week off yourself.

You better have a treat for us next week!

I must be the only one who actually likes Bioshock 2

I loved Bioshock 2 so I think Yahtzee can go do something.....yeah, that's good

I highly disagree with Yahtzee on the Bioshock 2 part

Dead rising 2 and just cause 2 are just simple fun, no strong narrative, no stupid realism, just over the top violence. And RDR is just simply awesome.

- shame 'bout bioshock 2 though -

Two Angels:
I was shocked that Batman wasn't the number one game seeing as it was awesome and Yahtzee gave it much love!

It was his game for 2009, as it came out that year.

and by the way Yahtzee, if you're go to lie about Samus LIE BETTER. If Samus was "badass" then so is every other cement block they try and excuse as "characters". Marionettes are not characters, THEY'RE PUPPETS FOR THE PLAYER TO PROJECT ONTO.

That was probably one of the funniest videos he has done in a while. And oddly enough, I sorta agree with the games he picked (Obviously the one's I actually played anyway, but the others seem correct too).

Twice out of the three years I have been watching ZP has my GOTY lined up with Yahtzee's. Saint's Row and Just Cause 2, I preferred Borderlands over Arkham Asylum last year.

Yeah, maybe I do have a thing for sandboxes, what of it?



is the negative music the theme for clockwork orange?

Yes, yes it was thusly making it awesome.
Also the rag he used was Maple Leaf Rag.

... Jesus, I listen to too much music.

I thought so but I was unsure.
and I don't believe you listen to enough music!

It was also used in Conkers Bad Fur Day- atleast that's where i remembered it from.

The only thing I have to say and the only time I have ever disagreed was that Kane & Lynch 2 was not shit, and was better than everything on both lists. It was a huge improvement over the first, (apart from the plot and levels) all the game mechanics worked much better with the exception of some filters, but those werent so bad after some time. It is really just a shooter's shooter and obviously doesnt really offer anything to those who dont love to shoot asians in the face all day long. The co-op made it even better, which is an important part of the fun in games. This, as usual never gets reviewed. It is basically just like getting a blind dog to review cat porn. You have no say in the matter. It wasnt the best game by far but, it was decent, and I thought it was much more uniquely styled and had better gameplay than most games in the past few years.

Oh and Red Dead Redemption sucked. It followed in GTA4's footsteps and offered a vast world of fun and it turns out to just be a hollow shell of a game. Boring and tedious gameplay and missions. I finished it 1000/1000 even did the free co-op achievements too, but it was just awful. The only redeeming feature, also like GTA4 was the online free roam. At least in that you dont have to hold a button to walk, keep taking your gun back out, and not having to manually wipe your horses arse hole clean with a rolled up sombrero.

The best games this year were Fallout New Vegas, and Battlefield Bad Company 2. Infact they are in the top 5 of best games on next gen consoles.

All multiplayer and co-op games reviewed are void, if the whole game hasnt been experienced.

i actually thought hed for sure put fable3 on as worst game. a lot of people hated it. also,


hed love that game, and we havent had a positive review in a while. i have no doubt itd make it to the top of his game of the year list, if he had played it this year

Yeah, already said he didn't like it on his Twitter, I do believe. Sorry brosef.

Please tell me what's the name of that clockwork orange music. I love that music.

Oooh, did anyone else catch that Garry's Mod reference?

I genuinely want to see a Gmod review.

oh hooooo you had me there for a second, i'm really looking forward to playing limbo and amnesia when i finally have the time

Just a couple of thoughts:
1) I actually liked Bioshock 2 better than the original. Yahtzee's criticisms seem to me to be nit-picky: to me the experience was very enjoyable: it refined the good elements of the original Bioshock, eliminated/replaced those elements that didn't work, and while the story wasn't nearly as stellar as the original, it wasn't a complete throw-away- I was invested enough to remain engaged through the end. So while I could understand him leaving it off the 'best of 2010' list, putting on the 'worst...' list, not so much.

2) Laughed out loud at the #3 good blurb before the reveal: All I can say is "you motorboating sumbitch!"

I pretty much agree, except the XBLA titles. Can't really give a damn about those.

The last game review/pick was awesome. I honestly expected Fable III because it's so damn SHIT but Kane & Lynch take that prize indeed.

*thumbs up*

Nice lists. I was surprised to see Just Cause 2 as the #1, but I'll roll with it.

And I'm glad Fable 3 and Halo Reach didn't make the worst list.

Great video, much better than the usual awards. I might buy Just Cause 2 now, just because of that harrier jet description.

Also, the jokes about Metroid Other M were brilliant. That game was much more shit than I was expecting.

Lastly, where the hell is Mario Galaxy 2?

Not a bad list, I'm going to check out some of them

I'm glad Limbo was mentioned. Damn fine puzzle game.

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