Unskippable: Enslaved

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that was a fun one, thanks :) After Yatzee tearing up this game though I dont think I'd be able to play it...or was that Movie bob? I dont know anymore...

wow, what a royal bitch! i really hope she takes that headband off and either he brutally murders her, or she just dies in an insanely painful way after realizing what a colossal bitch/horrible person she is.
omg, i'm so incredibly angry about that biotch... AND IT'S JUST A GAME!!! i need to calm down, i need to go get my headband and command myself to calm down

They had a password on that console... but she hacked it.

That's what you get when you don't put curtains on your spaceship. You get hacked.


That lady is a bitch....

Tbh I would kill her anyway. Screw the HeadBand I have a Mustache!

Hmm, this the 1st time I'm going to disagree with these guys at unskipable but , that wasn't an altogether bad cut-scene. I mean yeah the character design is horrible, the escape was laughable. but it did have some redeeming qualities. the voice acting looks great, the characters have ample motivation to act the way they do; she has no reason to trust him, and well, now neither does. It seems like the story could be great.
Regardless the episode was hilarious.

They stopped doing only bad games a LONG time ago. They basically do any game they can get a good unskippable out of.

Giving ice cream headaches is not nice. Something one hopes she learns through the story.

I think I would prefer ice-cream headache-band to flaming genital-codpiece.

Lost In The Void:
So in what part of putting the collar on him, did she decide she didn't have a choice?

the rationalisation phase. It's common amongst sociopaths.

Zachary Amaranth:

Lost In The Void:
So in what part of putting the collar on him, did she decide she didn't have a choice?

the rationalisation phase. It's common amongst sociopaths.

Guess that makes me a sociopath then because I didn't see anything wrong with what Trip did. She needed a bodyguard that she could trust and what better way to insure that Monkey would never run away or slip up than to tie his life to hers?

loved the name rhyming thingy lol

I still like the 70s Monkey with bad dubbing

And also this one

There are tons of versions of Monkey to choose from. I am still hoping they do the cheesy 70s version one day as a game one day.

I can't watch this episode and it's really bothering me considering I loved the game.

This keeps popping up on a blank white page:

Unskippable: Enslaved
by Graham Stark, 10 Jan 2011 17:00
action adventure, enslaved, ps3, unskippable, xbox 360

The slave becomes the slave owner. How ironic.
The other slave becomes free and then immediately is a slave again. How unfortunate.

I did not realize how tremendously bad this game could have been until the end of that cutscene.

Is it just me, or is Monkey from Enslaved the same guy as Mr. Diaz from Hybrid Heaven?

Oh my... looks like the title "The quest for more steroids" from ZP's review of the game is quite accurate.

Um, I'm sorry, what?

Not only are they making fun of GOOD cutscenes, they're doing exactly that - cutsceneS. Unskippable was about making fun of overly long intro cutscenes. It kind of misses the point when they have to cut out an entire chapter of the game...

AND another cutscene. What?

"Ice-cream headache"? I've never heard brain-freeze ever called that before - you guys are weird, or is it just me? No don't answer that, I think I know the answer ;-)

Wow, no wonder this game didn't do well. The guy is butt-ugly and every time the girl's face was on the screen I just wanted to slap that stupid look off of it.

Although, props for having an interesting-looking girl and enough silent character to make me have an emotional reaction.

my god. what a soulless harpy. with a well aimed rock. I'd break her jaw. that I would.

This seems like a fine foundation for relationship <-- lowz&hugz ^)|(^

Hmm... I wonder what she would do if he sat there and tried passive resistance.

"Woooooah man that was a sweet party!!!!"

Love it when they say that :D

But yeah, that little bitch looks like... a bitch. I'm pretty sure if I had this game I'd be constantly smashing her skull in, no matter that the guy with the stupid hair and botched eyeshadow dies too ;)

Enslaved is really great until the last two hours. And then it's awful until the last five minutes.

And then it's just really, really bad.

It's kind of like eating a big bowl of ice cream only to find a piece of shit at the bottom.

You guys made me laugh, this was the first 'Unskippable' episode I watched, and I will definitely be watching more.

You know, when I saw Yahtzee's review of the game, I was extremely pissed off by how they turned Journey to the West into a gritty, post-apocalyptic, action game with a guy with a monkey tail rather than an actual monkey...

After watching this, I'm still a little upset, but at least I completely sympathized with the main guy and how he's suddenly dragged into all this by this bitch who basically forced him to be her slave.

lol. "you have grand central, it's terminal"
"how much longer do i have to live?"
"10:00, oh no wait it's been delayed until 12:00"

At the end of the game I had hoped for a cutscene where the headband was no longer an issue and "Monkey" just flat-out murdered Trip.
Evil woman.

My favorite part is that her reason for putting the headband on him is pretty much to keep him from killing her for putting the headband on him. And she more or less admits as much without a trace of irony.

what a massive bitch! maybe asking him for help would work...Ughh stupid game premiss.

I love the show though

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