Show About Games Show: The Pilot

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The Pilot

Holy crap, it's the pilot episode. If you missed it during the Escapist Film Fest, here it is.

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i have no idea what i just saw.
but i want to see more!

Did not pay attention to the film festival and regret it.

This video is awesome. Had me chuckling the whole time.

Keep uo the good stuff!

Good start. I remember this from the video contest on this site a couple months ago. Looking forward to how yer gonna try and set yourself apart from the LRR team.

Yes! Now that you have posted this video that means a new one next thursday right? I want to see what else you have thought up. Great to see the show again!

Cool idea, sketch show about games. Only question is if there is enough material to run for a whole series but I guess thats partly down to the writing staff. Good luck with this guys!

well that was all right, I like random sketch comedy.

Wait, what did just happen? Now this is an interesting show, I'd like to see more, see where this goes.

I don't know I think I got caught up in the expectation caused by the title. I didn't expect a skit show, much more of a show like Big Picture or Extra Credits. Still I think the first skit was by far the funniest. The combination of direct parody with a cardboard cut out clap-trap was great.

This is brill!! Now I got something to look forward to on Thursday now since Doraleous & Associates is still on a break.

I didn't really get any of the jokes. I never played any of the games mentioned, except castle crashers. I haven't even had an RRoD, so I have nothing to really compare this too.

I did get a chuckle out of the flying eyeballs of flaming death though.

cool... heh heh "POISON!" *falls off sofa*

I played as poison...

Yes! Finally! More sketch comedy for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
And everyone else I guess too.

Yay! More thursday content!

Thursdays are awesome!

Not bad. I see great potential

Cut in two, lesser cosplay, lesser bawring talks. More animation, more jokes (not about the magical red onion ring).

I can see why this one. It certainly shows some professionalism.

Hmmm... the concept is good, but the execution left a lot to be desired. I'll give it a few more weeks.

The Limbo kid was hilarious...

Kind of like an emo Mickey Mouse.

Looking foward to the next episode.

It felt a little unfocused to me, but there were some amusing ideas. I did like the notion that Cliffy and the guys were borderline homicidal.

Trials HD guy made me watch this twice in a row. Looking forward to next weeks show.

This was OK. Was this re-shot, or just re-used from the festival? It didn't look any different.

We'll see where it goes from here, but it really could go either way.

There's been some fairly good content that has come from the film festival before and I hope this one pans out because I really enjoy their sense of humor.

Well this was pretty poor.

I wonder what happens if you try to delete rez?

Anyway, great show guys, looking forward to more.

Meh, decent but I don't know if this should have won the film fest.

That was pretty good. The sketch about making space on the hard drive kind of saved it though, since it was the longest sketch and also the best.

Pretty funny, but I think it has more potential.

I liked the cooking momma thing but the Gears sketch wasn't that funny. It was too game reference = funny and not actually funny.

I watched the film fest last year but this year I couldn't actually find the gallery of entries.
It was alright, I'm not a laugh out loud kinda guy. This kind of humour might become similar to LRR however.

Me like :D

This wasn't funny, I watched the first few minutes and got real bored.

Poor material, poor script. If this was the best the film festival had to offer I'm glad I "missed" it.

like others, I was expecting a show similar to extra credits instead of a below average sketch show.

But I'll give it a chance to get better, before condemning it to be one of those things I can't even be bothered to watch when I'm procrastinating work.

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