Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes: Hurtful or Hysterical?

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What I don't understand about the whole "he's gone too far" bit everyone's using now is that people were actually complaining about his performance last year being too timid. You can't have it both ways, friends.

Don't really like Ricky Gervais, but THAT was insulting?

Is it next year Frankie Boyle's on instead? (Damn...already got that one...)

Ok, how about Mr. Gilbert Gottfried who made a joke about 9/11 about a week after it happened and then dropped into "The Aristocrats" to save it?

Or Stephen Conroy laying the "truthiness" down on George Bush?

If you're going to an Awards dinner, why are you even surprised that someone is gonna roast you?

And Mr. Charlie Sheen, you're the guy that doesn't believe 9/11 wasn't due to the Government? You've beaten up your wife, abused cocaine and alcohol, threatened your ex-wife, locked a woman in your bathroom while you tore up a hotel room and you think he owes you anything?

I'd have laid in even harder.

you people actually watched an awards show?

Hmm, no fooling

Frankie Boyle doing an awards ceremony - OHH yes please, make it a christmas episode!

Uptight celebrities thinking they're important because of their job and who they are being mocked for their lifestyle - aww bless HTFU or change your lifestyle. I haven't watched it (it's an awards ceremony after all), but I haven't heard him mock the performers for their performances so that's alright then isn't it?

Meh. Ricky Gervais is overrated. His speech started off well, but after a while he bores me. But stupid enough for committee for hiring him again if they don't like this.

Charlie Sheen is an alcoholic, woman beating asshole who's show is 30-minutes of sex-addled trash that promotes awful, overplayed gender stereotypes (all women want is money, all men want is sex, men can't be sensitive or nerdy at the risk of looking weak, etc). He could use a bit more on-air criticism.

For all the other celebrities who became victims of Gervais' bit... I watched the video and it really wasn't that bad. I think people just need to toughen up a bit.

I'm not a big fan of Ricky Gervais, but I thought that was hilarious.

I know some people are saying this demonstrates the difference between British humour and American humour: it doesn't, really. In fact, I would say that Gervais has been more American in his style of humour at this event than I've ever seen him before, in that basically all he's doing is lampooning people. I've never seen a man take so many cheap shots. Most of the things he said are true, but that doesn't automatically make them funny. Have you ever told a joke about a friend's misadventures? Ever notice that the joke usually becomes a lot less funny once they're in the room? There's a time and place for everything, really.

Have a read through some of his jokes. Allegations of bribery. Homophobic references. Borderline slander. Not exactly high class humour. I wouldn't really mind because I'm not so pretentious that I can't laugh at that sort of thing, but half of the time he didn't even set the joke up properly. Good British humour is based around irony and sarcasm conveyed though the use of either hyperbole or litotes. Gervais did almost nothing of the sort last night. Some people are also saying this is what he's known for: it's not. In both The Office and Extras he plays someone with such incredible narcissism that you can't help but laugh at his trumped up opinions of himself. I can think of plenty of ways he could have brought that style of humour to the ceremony instead of just slagging people off the entire time.

For anyone who thinks this was funny: I dare you to go up to someone who's been in rehab and make a wisecrack about it to their face, as Gervais did when introducing RDJ.

Wait, the Golden Globes came on? Fancy that.... I've never been much taken with the idea of watching celebrities in their 'semi-normal' lives, drunk as they may or may not be.... Mmmmm... to each his own I suppose.

I'm very sorry that a schlubby-looking British comedian knocked on all those unbelievably high-paid movie stars as well as the group that was handing out awards at the awards show that is essentially the biggest piece of bull each year (seriously, "The Tourist" for "Best Comedy or Musical" bite me Hollywood Foreign Press). Maybe they'll be able to console themselves by living a life of decadent ease during a time of increase national unemployment. Oh wait, they were doing it already.

Frankly, I think the comparisons to Colbert's roasting of Bush at the White House Correspondents Dinner seem fairly apt. That was a hilarious bit of comedy that didn't get the applause and laughter it deserved because the crowd was wrong for it. But for the rest of us (and in the Colbert example, Lawrence Fishburne, who was having the time of his life at that thing), many thanks to the comedian with the balls big enough to take it on.

I didnt mind it, it good to see actors getting taken down a notch for all the crap they do.

Poor, poor celebrities. How dare they not be exalted as the deities they are. I mean, without people like Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg or Tom Hanks how would we even know who to vote for?

F the Hollywood elite. They're all a bunch of crack whores and male escorts that happened to bang the right producer.

I agree

I'm with Rowdy.

Oh boo hoo, a few rich celebrities got the mickey taken out of them, oh, boo ****ing hoo.

Give me a break Elizabeth. The more & sooner they're all taken down a peg or two, the better for all of us.

Can we all please, all stop idolising these indulgent morons; the world will be a better place.

I thought it was great, myself. I love Ricky.

Eaten Post.

Chuck Sheen threatened his wife with a kitchen knife. What you don't expect someone to call him on it in an entertaining manner?

AS the brilliant George Carlin once said "it is the duty of the comedian to find the line and deliberately cross it".

OT: I didn't even realize the golden globes was on, I only read snippits of it in the newspaper on the way home from work, and I was giggling like a school girl the entire way on the train.

The material wasn't that controversial, but the delivery was rubbish.

Yes, Cher isn't popular anymore, various movies didn't work very well, the women from Sex and the City are getting older and thus shouldn't be in films...just reminding us of that isn't funny. You have to turn it into a joke.

Remember all those "jokes" when Bush was in power? Simply pointing out that he's incompetent isn't funny, even if you keep it up for 8 years.

Oooooh no, he said a bunch of mildly hurtful things in jest to celebrities. Why is this even controversy? Comedians rip on celebrities all the time, usually much harder, just not to their faces. I wasn't too keen on the product placement but that's its own animal.

My vote would be neither.

Hes a "comedian" he is supposed to poke fun at the absurd. Its basically his job.

However... I think hes a horrible comedian.. and simply not funny in the slightest.

I've always liked Ricky's self important style, this makes me sad that i didn't watch the Globes :(

Ah well Youtube provides all I suppose XD

Was anyone actually offended by this except everyone in Hollywood?

Call me cynical, but I don't think any of his targets were actually offended by him. The awkwardness is part of the humour and the extra press the "controversy" generates doesn't hurt either.

I'm not a huge fan of Ricky, but I loved it.

What, that's it? From what I can tell, about 90% of that joke was just repeating what the celebrity had done in the first place.
Jeez, if people really think THAT'S bad, I'd hate to see the reaction when they find out about Frankie Boyle...

Oh give me a break. These celebrities put themselves in the limelight. They wanted to be famous, and all that it entails. Well, the fact of the matter is your mistakes as well as your triumphs are all in the spotlight. Ricky Gervais said the same kind of things as late night talk show hosts, but because he said it to their faces instead of behind their backs, people are calling foul. I'm sorry, but no. It's time for everyone to put on their big girl panties and stop taking things so seriously. They were jokes. When did this country lose its sense of humor?

Lets face it, it would be deplorable if he was insulting people, but luckily it was only highly paid actors, the majority of which are ego-centric, head in the clouds, wouldn't know real life if it defibrillated (not a word) them in the eyes.

If making millions and enduring the cushiest lifestyle known to man means Ricky Gervais makes fun of me once a year...I'm good with that.

Ricky Gervais makes his views on fame pretty well known. He wants and enjoys the controversy, because when it comes down to it his point about actors and doctors works well.

He made his success from a kinda of self-parody thing and now he brings the parody home to the people he thinks deserves it. It's not like actors don't have so many people telling them they're great

What's odd is, whilst I respect Christian Bale more for his comment he's exactly the sort of person who I wouldn't expect to say it. Maybe it's because he takes the acting so seriously and dissaproves of fame going without acting talent?

Gervais is just an appalling comedian, he isn't and never has been funny. His humor is always sly digs at people and their behavior.
It was totally trash in the office and his stand up leaves alot to be desired.

If he's put against the wall for this, I won't mind.

Hey celebs: Deal with it.

Ricky Gervais is awesome.

I don't care that he made fun of other celebrities, but I don't find him funny at all, hes always just seemed like an unfunny asshole who thinks hes brilliant, theres a guy just like him in my circle of friends and no one likes him, but he thinks hes the bomb

This was hilarious. The Mel Gibson joke made me spit out my drink. "I like a drink as much as the next guy, unless the next guy is Mel Gibson"

Also, if you think this British comedian is ruthless, try Scottish Frankie Boyle. He will tear hollywood to shreds.

Shamanic Rhythm:

For anyone who thinks this was funny: I dare you to go up to someone who's been in rehab and make a wisecrack about it to their face, as Gervais did when introducing RDJ.

British humour would force you to make a joke about having to be crazy to go in there. It's deliberately stilted awkwardness.

Think about it; if Frank Spencer, Gordon Brittas, Del Boy, Dave Lister or any other character saw someone coming out of an AA meeting, they'd say "About time for a drink then...OH SORRY!"

He insulted Scientology. Insulting Scientology in front of a televised audience and a crowd of celebrities (several of them Scientologists) takes raw nerve and testicles of steel. I salute him for his glorious and fearless performance at the Golden Globes.

Hysterical, all those famous people need to pull their head out their arses and learn to take a joke.

Ive watched a large amount of the coverage and he was freaking hilarious, all the bellyaching seems to be coming from these self important blowhards having their circle jerk disrupted and I for one have no sympathy for them.

categorically shows there is not enough banter in hollywood.

if you make mistakes that bad, you should really expect this sort of thing. the world is not a middle class support group.

just try a couple of weeks in the UK/US militarys any of you 'celebrities' now then you would learn to accept a little banter

I never really liked him. He was good in The Office, but only cos he was pathetic and you laughed at him. But as he is a comedian, well some people would say that, but either way he would make jokes about famous people because that is his job and is the awards ceremony. Sigh. He might have offended people or whatever but that is his job.Maybe America should opt for the safe American comedian than a Britsh comedian for there awards.

As would I. But I don't think anyone would turn up. But apparently Mr Boyle is retiring from stand up, I got his latest DVD and he says on it "it's my last tour and I don't give a F*** anymore"

Plus, as the DVD shows, he's way over the hill. He just isn't as funny as he used to be, because in this latest stand-up he's going purely for offensiveness over humour. People laugh because they can't believe he'd say something like that, whereas we used to laugh because we didn't believe he'd say something like that and it was fucking hilarious.

Don't get me wrong, it has good moments, but the new DVD just wasn't funny enough. Poor old Frankie. It's probably writing for the Sun that does it, his brain must be melting and dripping out of his ears...

(I'm not sure if we can swear on the escapist, probably for the best since I'm sure a few young people peruse this site. But then again you did just link to a video involving violence in a hotel room and anti-Semitism)

Fuck yes, we can swear as much as we cunting well want to! Shit, balls, wank, Lindsay Lohan!

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