Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes: Hurtful or Hysterical?

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I loved Ricky on the globes.

Thing is, i've listened to Ricky for ever, even the late 90s London radio shows.
I identify with many of his anecdotes and beliefs.
So for me it was like watching a rich clone of myself having fun on the stage :)

And that, my friends, is basically all I have to say on the matter. The US and UK styles of comedy are somewhat different, and if people don't like hearing British humour then they should just hire a US comedian to do the awards next time.

I think it's more that British people are more willing to laugh at the edgier stuff. The uber-example of this is the late, great Bill Hicks; in the US he was playing bars for 20 people, he'd do a UK tour and fill stadiums because (as he said) we "got it" and were more willing to think than an American audience, before returning to the US and playing the same shitty bars again.

As his friends said in the recent documentary about him, a comedian wants people to understand, and for some reason we in Britain were more ready to do that.


Elizabeth Grunewald:
Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes: Hurtful or Hysterical?

Should I be allowed to use this terrible "Ricky Jerk-Face" pun, or no?

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For the record, Ricky Gervais is British. The sense of humour he shows in this is a very British sense of humour, and as such is common and indeed a staple of comedy here in the UK. I'm not sure how common such humour is in the USA, but in the UK that would be considered normal. Indeed, some of the best known and most successful comedians in the UK routinely get away with much worse, and British stars are mostly more than willing to take part in things that send them up in ways that would otherwise be considered offensive, for the sake of comedy. We may complain a lot as a nation, but we're also a nation who know how to take the piss out of ourselves, and out of other people, without actually being offensive.

And that, my friends, is basically all I have to say on the matter. The US and UK styles of comedy are somewhat different, and if people don't like hearing British humour then they should just hire a US comedian to do the awards next time.

I agree with the limey. Wholeheartedly.


Ricky Gervais slandered people

Have you seen his other stuff? It's very insulting and also fantastically hilarious

this comment right here. ^

What part of that was offensive?

The papers made that sound far worse than it actually was. It was 90-95% brilliant and 5-10% hit and miss but none of it was outright offensive.


As would I. But I don't think anyone would turn up. But apparently Mr Boyle is retiring from stand up, I got his latest DVD and he says on it "it's my last tour and I don't give a F*** anymore"

Plus, as the DVD shows, he's way over the hill. He just isn't as funny as he used to be, because in this latest stand-up he's going purely for offensiveness over humour. People laugh because they can't believe he'd say something like that, whereas we used to laugh because we didn't believe he'd say something like that and it was fucking hilarious.

Don't get me wrong, it has good moments, but the new DVD just wasn't funny enough. Poor old Frankie. It's probably writing for the Sun that does it, his brain must be melting and dripping out of his ears...

(I'm not sure if we can swear on the escapist, probably for the best since I'm sure a few young people peruse this site. But then again you did just link to a video involving violence in a hotel room and anti-Semitism)

Fuck yes, we can swear as much as we cunting well want to! Shit, balls, wank, Lindsay Lohan!

Hurrah, I always thought we bloody well could. But I was a absent when all the new forum rules went down so just making sure.

Also yeah Frankie is no where near as funny as he used to be, he's show on channel four had some laughs but a lot of the time was just something a bit weird and dark on the screen at which you go "hmm funny I suppose."

Aw, those poor multimillionaire awards recipients. Someone hurt their feelings :(


Didn't they have this same issue when they got russell brand to do an mtv awards show?
americans just don't always get british humour.

I'd say this is standard British humour. Hell this was tame!

Gervais is a useless, unfunny, untalented cunt.

I'm happy he's left the UK so I don't have to suffer his crap tv shows taking up space for shows I actually enjoy.

Sadly he makes a twat of himself wherever he goes, so now I have to hear about him on the news again. :(


i thought it was wonderful. honestly its not good to be surrounded by people who heap praise on you constantly coz when someone does critise you your gonna take it even worse then another person would ya know?. good on ya gervais.

Aw, those poor multimillionaire awards recipients. Someone hurt their feelings :(


haha this pretty much.

Firstly: I think we can put aside the idea that he was too 'extreme' or 'inappropriate' for now, and say that the majority of what he came out with was largely unfunny anyway. (IMO, obviously.) I'm not even a diehard hater of the guy, either; I usually find him tolerable. He had a few amusing quips in there, but the rest...simply wasn't funny. At least, not to me.

Secondly, if he'd kissed their asses like they were royalty, that would have been just as bad as launching an all-out attack on anybody who stepped foot on the stage, in all fairness. His routine wasn't even that offensive, anyway.

However, there's a certain way to 'do' insults in a comedic manner. A few barbs now and then -- and this is for awards shows in general, not this one in particular -- are always great, but when it gets to the point where the atmosphere becomes tense or uncomfortable, that's when you've crossed the line. No matter how badly some of these celebrities need a reality check (and boy, are there a few of those), they were just there to collect awards, for presumably halfway decent work. You wouldn't want to get Employee of the Month only to be reminded by your boss while he gives it you how he slept with your ex-wife, and oh, wasn't that old heroin addiction hilarious?

Third, that Gervais actually seemed to be trying to find out how far he could push the boundaries is slightly attention whore-ish, and either way, it doesn't really matter. There's no such thing as bad publicity, after all. Not only that, but there are plenty of other awards shows, and celebrities have survived far worse scandals than him (e.g. Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand in that whole Sachs thing). So, in conclusion: nobody will remember the whole thing by this time next week. Life goes on.

I rather liked Robert Downey Jr.'s reply, though. Get in there, dude.

The only people "hurt" by this are celebs.....since he hits the nail on the head....

Free Speech.....bwhahaha you dont have it
(and no dont play the "he is a British actor etc etc"

Let me get this straight, people are shocked that he tried to outdo himself from last year, where his jokes were slightly less offensive but still offensive enough to where even he thought he'd never be back? Idiots. Take a guess at what will happen if by some miracle he comes back next year. Will he be contrite? Hardly.

As for people being offended, Steve Hughes said it best.

They invited Gervais and were expecting him to "play nice"?

As for people being offended, Steve Hughes said it best.

I'm gonna go ahead and learn that by heart, so that I can recite it any time someones says they're offended.

So why, in an article about how Ricky Gervais was maybe too mean at this years Golden Globe awards, do we have an embedded video of him hosting last year's Golden Globe awards, where pretty much everyone agrees he wasn't too mean?

There is really no excuse for that, and it's obviously misled a lot of people in this thread.

Anyway, after checking out the actual video of his opening monologue I have to say that yeah, it was pretty over the top mean, but so what? He blatantly stated that was what he was going to do. I thought there were a few chuckle worthy lines, but most of it was just trying to hard to piss people off. It wasn't really offensive, but it wasn't really funny either. It was just kinda there.

I'd say both. He was harsh, but I really couldn't help myself but laugh.

I do agree with the thought that the only reason there is any outrage is because he dared to slander rich and famous people as opposed to normal everyday people.

Oddly enough, generally speaking I don't even like Ricky Gervais, he always comes across as incredibly full of himself in his stand-up. The only aspect of him that I like is that he has the balls to do what he does.

It was awesome, he was funny, and screw those Hollywood jerk-offs. They wouldn't know good comedy if it bit them on the ass. These are the same people who are so stupid they think the Daily Show is a serious news broadcast, and that Alec Baldwin should run for office because he's so good on 30 Rock. Gimme a break.

Shamanic Rhythm:

Have a read through some of his jokes. Allegations of bribery. Homophobic references. Borderline slander. Not exactly high class humour. I wouldn't really mind because I'm not so pretentious that I can't laugh at that sort of thing, but half of the time he didn't even set the joke up properly. Good British humour is based around irony and sarcasm conveyed though the use of either hyperbole or litotes. Gervais did almost nothing of the sort last night. Some people are also saying this is what he's known for: it's not. In both The Office and Extras he plays someone with such incredible narcissism that you can't help but laugh at his trumped up opinions of himself. I can think of plenty of ways he could have brought that style of humour to the ceremony instead of just slagging people off the entire time.

I agree with this. There's a way to be hilarious without having to shoot people down OR kiss their butts. Comedy can be intelligent; it doesn't have to be a pissing contest to see who can be more "extreme."

There's a place for offensive stuff, sure, but I'm afraid it's becoming the new standard and that's just a pity.

Ricky Gervais is a comic genius and if everybody had slightly thicker skins they'd be a lot less BS in the world.

Ah, I found this hilarious. I think people need to get around the fact that it's comedy. Short of radical religious or racial slurs - comedy should be compeltely protected. People should have realised that's what he was going to be like. If enough objected, they probably would've gotten someone else.

I can understand if you'd don't think he's funny, I think that's due more to different tastes in comedy than nature of his stuff.

I just don't see what's so clever about making fun of people? maybe I'm missing something.

and those people who keep saying it's just acerbic British humour; yeah, maybe, but comedians who did that all the time fell way out of fashion in the 80s. Maybe think tere was a reason for that?

Comedy is always funnier when a comedian can link it to something the audience might actually experience, connects them that bit better. Fair enough a slightly aloof insult if it's been recent enough to be relevant, unlike his crap about RDJ.

plus, I just hate Ricky Gervais, but that's a personal thing.

that was pretty funny, lol.

I was in stitches at some of that.

Most of you guys have absolutely no idea what British comedy is like do you?

He could of been so much more brutal. Just watch his stand ups. I don't care what he said. He was holding back.

Gervais isn't even one of the more radical comedians we have.

Can you imagine if Frankie Boyle had done this?

Half of the actors would probably have walked out in disgust. And I'd have laughed.

double post

yeah, maybe, but comedians who did that all the time fell way out of fashion in the 80s. Maybe think tere was a reason for that?

Not in the UK it hasn't. It's making a comeback. In a big way.

Well, what the bloody hell did they expect? It's Ricky Gervais, not the Pope. They had him on last year as well, making the moral of this story pretty clear: If you don't want to crack eggs, don't hire the egg-cracking expert notorious for throwing them at celebrities' houses.


my internet is slow so i'm only half way through but i don't see what the big deal is. maybe it's brittains sence of humor. as frankie boyle once said "you look like someone shaved an ape and kicked it through top man"

Ricky Gervais held a mirror to the Hollywood celebrity culture and the Hollywood celebrities didn't like what they saw in it. Personally, the sense of humour in Britain can involve a lot of banter, there is a fine line between banter and insults but I saw what he was saying, it was funny.

Get over it Hollywood actors, your Beverly Hills mansions should be big and private enough so nobody will hear you crying because the big nasty man said mean things about you. Get on with making films, and good ones too. Clever ones like Inception, not stupid ones where stuff just explodes with your face on it. You'll live.

That was frigging hilarious.

There are funny comedians who do biting and even straight out insulting humor while being intelligent and classy about it. Folks like Jon Stewart and George Carlin are masters at it.

Ricky Gervais, on the other hand, is a one trick pony who's never been funny in the first place and reminds me more of the drunk uncle at parties who thinks he's hilarious because he just called someones father gay.

Sounds like they were taking themselves a bit too seriously - he was obviously laying into everyone, and when that happens you've just got to laugh at it.

I did wonder if it was a divide in British and American humour, but perhaps not after seeing the celeb comments.

He's a comedian, nothing he says should be taken seriously.

it hurts people i dont like, so im happy about it.
but i wouldnt call it hysterical, or funny.

so i guess hurtful, but in a good way.

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