289: What Happens in New Vegas

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However, that sounds rather strange. At a certain point, both NCR and the Legion will send you a message which tells you that they will cut all ties with you if you help others. Don't say you weren't warned, unless there was a bug of some sort.

I vote bug. I was working with NCR some more when I was randomly told that I had failed the quest to go meet with Caesar, and that his Legion would now be hostile towards me. It was only when I was asked by NCR to

which also put me on the road towards finishing a quest for Yes-Man did I get a new quest called "Don't Tread on the Bear!" which basically said "If you work for Yes-Man any further, NCR will hate you."

So yeah. Assuming Caesar's Legion does have such a "quest" as well, I never got it or the warning. My reaction was "good riddance" though as I was planning on killing them all anyway.

Yes, Legion has such a quest. I got both in time, and failed 'em both when I took Vegas formyself. Too bad I couldn't play the afterparty.

Christ, this article reads like the QA report from hell. Isn't it a known fact by this point that Obsidian is incapable of putting out a game that actually works without needing to be patched? Seriously, this is insane. The sheer number of glitches, bugs, and all-out console freezes is completely unacceptable. Why on Earth would you pay full price for this game? I don't care how good it is when it actually works. The expectation that you can buy a product that simply doesn't work and this is considered normal is unbelievable to me, especially when it doesn't work to this magnitude.

"Oh but they put out patches to fix it." That's nice. And what about the time between when you bought the game and when they patched it so it actually works? You enjoying that coaster you just paid $60 for? And what about the people who can't take their consoles online, or don't want to? Don't give me any crap about "everybody has an Internet connection so it doesn't matter". It's the principle of the thing. The game is supposed to work out of the box. It's a single-player game; it shouldn't require an Internet connection plus two months waiting for a patch.

I don't expect a perfectly pristine bug-free experience, especially with a game of this level of complexity. What I do expect is to be able to get through the main campaign without my console freezing several dozen times. This game was clearly not ready to be shipped. Tiny bugs slipping through the cracks is one thing. This is just shoddy development, rushed testing and kicking the product out the door before it's finished, and it is inexcusable. Period.

I will personally never purchase any game with Obsidian's name on it, especially if it was just released.

There just seems to be no logic to the game crashing or glitching. I'm on the PS3 and sometimes I can play for 6-7 hours straight with no problems and barely a drop in frame rate. Other times, like the endgame for me, was a crash every 20 minutes which meant a hard reset of the PS3 - something I don't like doing coz it's getting old now. Oh and my quest with ED-E is broken as the little fucker shoots me every time I go back to Primm.

Altogether, doing everything you've done several times, I've had only about 6 crashes. I have it for ps3 btw.

Reading this makes me think Russ never played a 90s era PC CD-ROM game. That's not exactly the standard a locked-down console title should be compared too, which is of course the fuel for the article. But, still, I can't think of a console game, even back to the PS1, that didn't have some freeze issue or crash or even just lock up. Not one. Let's not even get started on PC releases since THE BEGINNING OF MAGNETIC MEDIA.

I'm not saying Russ is wrong or that F3:NV didn't deserve some ribbing for meeting content expectations so well while still dropping the ball on completeness in the "smooth ride" area. I'm saying that, compared to Arkham Asylum (which flat melted one of my PS3s), or GTAIV, or RDR, or even Fallout 3 itself, F3:NV only seemed marginally buggier than the _current_ norm. Given the size of the studio, which everyone acknowledges, couldn't they get a lot more slack considering the quality that does exist and the fact that they have come through and delivered in a way that many companies never did or ever will? They weren't guilty, to my knowledge, of the kind of hubris that regularly spurts from, say, Valve or Epic or the like.

For that, crashes and all, I give 'em a big pass. I hope they get to do another Fallout. I'm pretty much positive it will still kick ass on the substantials. I'm also sure that many will find a way to locally calibrate and discover a metric that proves it's shit.

C'est la vie, ceci est guerre, telle est amour, rien est juste.

Only 7 posts in. *thumbs up*

I can't express how hugely ironic it is that the PC version is evidently more stable than its 360 counterpart.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The 360 is just a fucked up abomination and that isn´t even adressing only the stability. A 360 game being less stable than the pc version of that game is nothing close to ironic. When you´re talking about a PS3 game compared to a pc version, sure.

Playing on pc with about 140 hours on three playthroughs, I'm had some problems with New Vegas mainly crashing to desktop or freezing after a couple of hours of playing, not much a problem I save regularly but still a pain, these crashes might be to with the mods I was running because teh frequency of the crashes went up when I was trying different mods.

The only major bugs I've had is the one with the ncr firing on you for no reason, which was a pain because I was going for the ncr ending and had killed caesar and house, and didn't want to do yes mans ending again. And just recently I've got a bug with using the c-finder, where the firing animation starts but never finishes and is stuck on a loop always repeating the targeting sequence but never actually firing, which is a pain because I only got to use it the one time, without the bug happening :(

On the whole I still love this game, 3 playthroughs in and I'm still finding new things to do and explore. I will be glad when all the bugs are nicely patched up so I can enjoy New Vegas without the fear of CTDs looming over, ruining by fun.

Well, look at it this way, at least you didn't lose two saves and about 30 hours of play time like I did. This was the first game I've very nearly lobbed out of a window. Happily though, it seems to be a lot more stable for me now and I'm on my...5th play-through, I think. But before then, the problems came thick and fast.

I didn't get any quest breaking glitches, so I guess that is a good thing.

I played this for near 100 hours or so and had about 3 or 4 crashes. It wasn't that bad, considering I don't even play most games as much as I played this one. Sure, I waited for the big patch, but it wasn't without issues. I don't get why when NPCs were aggressive for no reason, you didn't reload your save. If it looks like somethings happening that's not supposed to be, reload. Don't let the shit pile up, so to speak. I remember on the generator mission or whatever, the old woman from the dump and her dogs would spawn outside the power plant for no reason, the framerate would drop and they'd be aggressive. All I had to do was reload the autosave and it was fine. Of course, I had about 50 to 70 separate saves piled up by the end of an 90 to 120 minute session. That's just how you have to play these types of games, regardless of bugs. You don't want to wipe out a questline by picking a bad dialog option accidentally. That's why it's a game.

"Now we're out of beta we're releasing on time."

It may be just me, but it seems that this is just an example of a larger problem, where with the prominence of digital distribution, too many developers seem to think they can use it as an excuse to fix bugs after a game releases, rather than catching and fixing as many of them as possible while they're still putting the game together.

I'm not saying that games were bug-free in the earlier days of software. But it does seem that post-release bug testing seems to be something that more and more people think they can get away with. And what do you know, they do.

Does anyone remember back in the day, when Ambrosia software made a promise one year that for every bug that showed up in their software, one of their staff would eat a real bug? And then they carried through on their promise? Just where has that kind of dedication to bug-free games gone these days?

Problem was with the medium... My first playthrough was with good ol' unpatched vanilla New Vegas on my PC. It locked up hard enough to cause a reboot once in the 130 hours I took exploring and questing. I had the odd bug here and there (mostly the previously mentioned clipping/map physics issues)... and the game crashed during a load screen on occasion (only delaying me the 15 seconds or so required to start the program back up and load the autosave)... but all-in-all, it had fewer bugs to it than vanilla Fallout 3, for me.


People this is because it is a PC game being ported to a Console so they hadn't fixed all the bugs on the consoles before release. Its poor practice to release such a buggy game though, its a shame really it used to be that things were tested before they went on any console.

RE: Randomly attacking you. I had this issue on the PC too (one of the only big glitches I hit once I was able to get the game to run at all).

It may not be the same glitch given how buggy your experience was, but I've reproduced this one a couple times - you get a companion. The companion gets lost - it's somewhere in Nevada, not in your general vicinity - you may even have forgotten you have a companion. But is still your 'companion', so when you go someplace where they hate the faction your companion belongs to, now they hate you too. It's protagonist season!

I honestly feel like I was tricked. For the longest time I avoided playing New Vegas (I got it on the 360) because of all the bugs. I started playing again when Dead Money was announced along with a patch to fix the bugs. Many of the glitches I've come across are still there. Is it too much to ask to be able to play the game I bought with my own money without running into something that makes the game unwinnable.

Wow, how unfortunate, I only experienced like 2 or 3 crashes on my 100 hour play time, although I never actually finished the game, because just like Mr. Pitts, I may be honored as one of the best QA testers.

Luckily the rockets didn't crashed but the PC version had a huge game breaking bug, broken saves and Steam Cloud rewriting your saves. All of this has mostly been adressed, but I'm still fearful to find another bug. I guess New Vegas created a Bug Phobia for me.
I'll eventually finish the game someday, but not any tme soon.

Wow, Russ. Crashamania went wild on you, brother. But did you have to redo the entire first mission? The game should autosave every time you exit a building.
Still, here's hoping the engine Bethesda is making for Skyrim won't be this buggy.

Long experience with Obsidian is the reason I haven't yet acquired New Vegas even though I'm the target audience for the game so much it hurts (making sense is for suckers). I figure, if I hold off for a while, I'll get the game at a sale price and they'll probably have fixed the really egregious bugs by that point - one can only hope!

It is not helping my resolve very much when people keep talking about how much bloody fun the game is when it isn't crashing though.

There's a big patch release for the PS3 version. Which version did you play, and with or without the bug fixes?[/quote]

It said a couple of times in the article 360.

I got to say: "Who would want to play this on the Xbox if they have a PC gaming rig?"

Strange, i only experienced 1 crash doing exactly the same thing as what stood in the article. Though i had it for the PC so that could be what made a difference.

only crash I ever had, and was able to replicate was repairing two or more stacked items in my invintory.

sadly, I havent been bothered to go back and replay the game, might after a few more DLC's come out.

Strange, i only experienced 1 crash doing exactly the same thing as what stood in the article. Though i had it for the PC so that could be what made a difference.

Yes, it's because it was PC version.
1) You can turn off a lot of effects and other visual stuff that programmed by a monkey with it's arms showed in it's ass.
2) You can have a high-end PC which neglects memory leaks to a large extent.
Console versions are broken. In some countries shops are accepting opened copies of Fallout New Vegas for a full refund and apologize for it.


I can't express how hugely ironic it is that the PC version is evidently more stable than its 360 counterpart.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The 360 is just a fucked up abomination and that isn´t even adressing only the stability. A 360 game being less stable than the pc version of that game is nothing close to ironic. When you´re talking about a PS3 game compared to a pc version, sure.

It is ironic regardless of the console's overall performance, as one of the supposed perks of consoles is that they avoid the stability issues that PCs are supposed to suffer from.

Reading this, I am soooo happy I got it for the PC. At least when their are crashes and such, you can find ways to fix it on the internet. I played for 5 hours straight last night with no crashes... albeit after about 3 hours of playing with the sound dropping out for no reason and the crashing.

Run it in compatibility mode for XP and then reinstalled sound drivers and changed the settings to stereo and voila! No crashes and no more sound dropping. I can actually play the game now!

I love how the most common phrase on the Fallout wikia has got to be "This is a known bug." Props to you for turning your pain into something creative.

Vegas is an alright game. Its the bugs that ruin it all for me, not the graphics. If it had no bugs, it would be my favourite game of 2010. Still like it, since I'm playing it all over again and attempting to be all evil as hell and failing for some reason?

I just feel luckier every time I see threads/stories like this.
XBOX 360, Fallout NV: Played time 50+ hours.

Annoying bugs 3.
Crashes 0.
Quest glitches 0.

General Fun: 9/10

My 360 version of the game is so glitchy and broken that I'm probably an hour away from finishing it, but it stutters so badly I can't go anywhere. Go through a door, that's a five minute load screen. Go into VATS? 50% chance of my game locking up. Every time I do something nice for the NCR, a random squad of them runs around a corner and attacks me so I have to defend myself. The NCR thinks I am a psychopath.

I think Russ has the worst luck in the world... I had the 360 version on release day and didn't experience any of that beta-trash. I know the bugs varied per-person, per-playthrough, but still... wow... It almost looks exaggerated

I have the 360 version, and mine's only crashed once in my 50 hours of playing so far. There haven't been any quest-related bugs, either. Actually, my biggest gripe is that the loading times are so long.

Strange, i only experienced 1 crash doing exactly the same thing as what stood in the article. Though i had it for the PC so that could be what made a difference.

Same with me...except I was on the 360 version. And only one crash....but it did frezze up now and then, but I think that has more to do with the face it was 40 degrees and we only had a tiny fan to cool the xbox.

Never had any serious bugs on the PS3 version.

100+ hours on the Xbox and I have come across none of the problems people seem to moan about and I'm using an original arcade 360.

It's possible you were being attacked because you had the audacity to put on Power Armor... If you wear the brotherhood power armor NCR will shoot on sight. No matter how much they might like you, and no matter if they have an alliance w/ the Brotherhood or not.

Hmm they won't on my campaign and I even brought veronica

Played the game on an Xbox360 Elite (the older versions) for about 100 hours and only had 3, maybe 4 crashes.

I'm thinking that your XBHD was full and the cache needed clearing.

Hardly the fault of the developers.

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