289: Digital Serendipity

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I don't know if anyone here knows of this glitch but my favourite thing to do in Goldeneye was in the Bunker Level (outside, night time) was to go to the door and keep pressing it so the alarm would sound and guys would come. If you looked at the different soldiers, there'd be one with four faces!

I was disappointed that the article didn't mention skiing in Startsiege: Tribes.

"In addition to running and jumping, players are equipped with a jetpack which allows them to accelerate into the air until the armor's energy is used up. In addition to straight-line movement, the jetpack has other versatile uses. It can be used to make short hops whilst zig-zagging to make a player harder to target in open areas. An upward thrust can help the player evade oncoming enemies armed with short-range weapons.

Another method of movement is known as "skiing", and relies on an exploitation of the game's physics engine. If a player taps the jump button with the correct timing whilst descending a hill, their momentum will accumulate. High speeds can be achieved this way, and if this momentum takes the player to the crest of another hill, the jetpack can be used to rapidly propel them across the map. This technique was later developed into a game feature by Dynamix for Tribes 2."

It added to the game and was so easy to do that I had no idea it was an exploit at the time. I thought it was just a skill I needed to learn.

Ah, Tribes. So much fun was had playing that series.

God I miss Tribes. To this day, any time I'm walking down a slope in an FPS, I constantly jump in an unconscious attempt to ski. It never works :(

Wow i learned alot about franchises i already like. Thanks for the info.

Really interesting to find out how the Spy came about in Team Fortress: Classic(Even if it was a bad class in the game).

Actually, you can catch Mew in the original R/B by completing a very specific set of circumstances. Unfortunately, if you battle a certain trainer too early, it's Lost Forever.

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