The Big Picture: Conspiracy Weary

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Great video. Where's that XKCD comic .... here it is:


I'd highly recommend anyone that even vaguely agrees with a conspiracy theory to do a modicum of research on it. The results are often not thrilling.

Cursed Frogurt:
Global warming is real. Whether or not we are significantly affecting it is the debate.

Conspiracy theories are stupid. Personal agendas should always be considered.

really? Its pretty obvious. I think its 97% of scientists believe global warming is caused by humans, the other 3% are less educated and qualified then their brethren.

Funny thing about conspiracy theories, they tend to be more believable the closer you are to living in a third world country, where your life is the plaything of people with more money.

I currently reside in same place where an experiment is being conducted as to how many austerity measures can be taken before the people brake and start an armed rebellion. That's so other countries, with more capital won't have to test these things on their own people.

Also, studies have shown that those who feel the most powerless to change their lot in life are the most succeptible to forming conspiracy theories. As Bob stated early in the video, this kind of explains why early religions were formed when mankind lacked technology and was at the mercy of nature (assuming they weren't true. Don't want to start a flame war).

I...was actually creeped out by Bob at the end. As for the whole religion = order thing, I think it just helps some people tolerate the fact that shit happens more than anything else.


Yeesh. Where do you live?

Romania. They've started taxing witches, so at least we'll have spellcasters when the rebellion comes.
But seriously, we're about two years away from what's happening now in Tunisia.

Well all i can say is, Bob go f**k yourselve you reptilian bastard!

I trusted you and you go off revealing that your a damn lizard man, DIE XENO SCUM!!!!

Loved it. As a man who really hates conspiracy tards, I consider this one of Bob's best.


Great video. Absolutely brilliant, and something that definitely needs to be repeated. Many truths imparted, much thought-provocation occurring, and overall a message that many people need to hear.


Throughout history, sporadically, people in positions of power have acted, clandestinely, to secure their own positions and/or acquire more for themselves. Go ahead and look up P2 for an example. Masons conspiring to seize the Vatican bank. Like you said, shit happens. Now, while I don't really want to encourage the sort of paranoid delusions that, say, claim the Bush family is descended from subterranean shapechanging serpent folk, it must be recognized that the sort of thinking you advocate in this video is exactly what the occasional conspirators in our society want. They'd never lie to us, it's exactly as we've been told... even though governments lie to us regularly, to the point where nobody is really bothered or surprised. An inattentive populace is an easily led one. Perhaps, for another example, if 1930s Germans had been paying closer attention they wouldn't have reacted the way they did after the Reichstag fire, realized that Van der Lubbe couldn't have done it (despite what they were being told), and not given the Nazis the additional powers that led to all that crap after.

Just saying, don't buy all the bullshit you hear, but don't trust everything you're told. Shit happens, but occasionally you can find the jerk who left it.

EDIT: After rereading what I wrote here, again, want to stress... MOST CONSPIRACY STUFF IS TOTAL BULLSHIT.

Incredible, I sat through an entire Bob video without getting annoyed even once... As a matter of fact, I actually agreed with him on all points.

*gulp* I'm frightened...

Insightful episode. Suppose we all have to figure it out for our own before accepting the perspective of another person.

Also, that lizard head scared the *[email protected]! out of me!

Hey, Bob,
Here's a logical demonstration:
If "sh!t happens (...) randomly" and we have no way to fully control it, predict it and prevent it, that must mean there's always a chance of being surprised. If that's true, there's always a chance of being wrong.
If there is a constant chance of being wrong there's not a single thing we, human beings, actually know (that, assuming human beings exist).
So, if we know nothing, any concept we call "knowledge" is in fact just a belief, and not a fact.
Are you still with me?
If what I wrote is true, and it is, because it's pure La Palice logic, what you "know" is just a set of beliefs, and belief is just the result of indoctrination. Evidence is irrelevent because it's the reflex of collective dogmas.
Isolated entities, individual or collective, will mentally mutate and diverge on even the most basic beliefs.
When two cultures are isolated they will eventually diverge on things like human rights.
When someone starts being somewhat anti-social, he will start believing/knowing things differently than what the community he's inserted in believes/knows. Then conflict happens.
You are, to me and I think yourself, an evidence of that; understanding what I just wrote results in understanding that you are trying to impose your beliefs and the things you think are evident on people who think differently, through the media, the same way they must have tried to impose theirs to you.
By accepting the logical validity of these conclusions, if "sh!t happens (...) randomly", it should be obvious that any conspiracy theory is as evident as gravity.

Nice one, is it? Please applause. xD


Just when I'm ready to write you off as a hack Bob you go and make something brilliant like this. Except that part about global warming. Which is more likely? A bunch of oil conglomorates all setting aside their competition with each other to mastermind a global dominance of the energy market


to make themselves rich while purposefully misleading the public with falsified scientific findings? Or a bunch of different conman doom saying to a gullible public willing to give them cash to stop an immanent threat that they can nether prove or disprove?

Yeah, those poor suffering oil companies are being driven to the verge of bankruptcy while the Secret Evil Liberal Science Conspiracy is making literally TENS of dollars!

And we'll be able to prove the threat when the water reaches your lower lip. Or will you still be insisting on Further Study then?

When Bob talked about the chaos of everything being well outside our control I'm thinking of people who buy a hybrid car and think they are saving the planet. If global warming exists no amount of "greener living" is gonna stop it. As a technology enthusiest I love the idea of a hybrid car because efficiency = yes, and not because it makes me feel a little bit better about the environment.

In other words IT'S A MARKETING PLOY! There are a whole bunch of gullible snobs out there willing to lay down green for anything that is labeled GREEN right now. Like the whole recycling thing is a scam. It wastes more resources then it saves but don't take my word for it. Listen to some other egotistical white guys.

Seriously, you missed one of the most Blatant Conspiracy Theories of the Modern century: That the American Government on Purposefully Caused 9/11! Why didn't you talk about that one? Do you think their might be some truth to that? I'm not saying "The U.S. Government Didn't Know", cause in all honesty, they probably did know but brush it off or didn't really care. I am saying "The U.S. Government did not rig up the World Trade Centers With Bombs!"

He probably didn't touch on that because it's so stupid that anyone who believes it is so whacked-out of their minds they won't listen to reason about anything else.

Evil Reptile Bob, thats what this show needs more of

Just to toot my horn here; about global warming; that is a really difficult subject. I am not denying that in the last 3 decades the temperature has risen. But it also dropped in the 80s and that was also attributed to ecological damage. Things are not that simple and many scientists have a reserved opinion about it. Especially if you add the factor of global darkening. True, pumping CO2 and other gasses without thinking into the atmosphere is not a good idea, since you are bound to change something. The climate is a complex thing and scientists are at the brink of understanding the interactions. The factor sun, is often underplayed and many other issues. The real problem is that every body (save scientists) think everything is clear and understood. Where they pulled the 350 ppm, I really just don't want to know.

Btw. By comparing historical climate patterns we are at the brink of an ice age... Maybe more CO2 will save us from that...

But bob, We all know who do the chaos: image

well its obvious MovieBob works for the man! :P

Curious to know what your take on Ancient Aliens are. Thats been a really fun series to watch on the history channel.

Sounds like someones in the NHK.

Really, though, this series is getting even better. Nice one, Bob.

You're right Bob, the most influential man on the planet can be brought down by a lone nut who defies all established psychological profiles for assassins without any motive. It's just convenience that there was a bloodthirsty nutcase who despised said powerful man and had a history of making political opponents vanish was ready to step up and take the post.

Aside from that, good video, I enjoyed the lizard-bob bit at the end.

There is a difference between a conspiracy theory, which has no concrete facts to back it up to begin with (such as say...that whole thing about aliens in the south pacific - yeah...not buying into that until a whole lot of seperate sources come forth with something moreso credible than just a few murky videos and unconfirmed reports) or other things like say...the fact that nations have in the past ALWAYS declared war primarily over resources and that it is hardly a stretch to consider America declaring such on Iraq for the oil.

With historians telling us what nations have warred over in the past, the pattern is alas very clear. And you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to see it - you just need to study historical facts properly.

Rome expanded because it needed more resources like grain (Egypt for example was one of its main breadbaskets that fed the whole Empire) to feed the masses of their cities.

Britain expanded because of the same damn reason - slaves to do the hard labor and with the Chinese war for example so as to fight for the right to sell them the newly created opium for massive profits.

And America is expanding right now because of the resource most needed today to make sure that its military keeps on truckin' around the world. Oil. China is, of course, after the same thing and it comes as no surprise that Venezuela, which directly opposes America, just so happens to be supplying China with its petroleum full fact style these days.

George Carlin probably put it best - it's hilarious that people call a conspiracy theory anything these days that goes against what you're being spoon-fed by other people, rather than doing your own work and investigating things for your own self. Also Bob is so wrong. I'd actually find it a whole lot less scary if people really were just dumb - that'd actually mean that we'd stand a good chance of turning it around eventually.

But it's not so much about that. It's about people, like MovieBob by the way, who think they're smarter than they actually are. Who can't help but get on the soapbox every damn time they get a chance rather than actually spend an extended amount of time looking at a problem from different directions and instead prefer to just slap labels left and right as based on their prejudices.

See...that's why I've by now decided that this so-called 'Big Picture' really isn't for me. Because the only thing that's 'big' about it really is the size of Bob's ego as he figures he has it all figured out. Instead he'd do better to just stick with reviewing movies since it's the one thing I give him credit for actually being good at. But I'm sure that won't least not for a long old while.

So enjoy this soapbox if you like. Me, I'd rather check these worldly issues for myself than listen to this again I think.

Hm, you have a few interesting points... but how can you prove that you are not part of a conspiracy to make fun of conspiracy theories in order to conceal their truth?

Wake up, people!

Conspiracies do exist, not all conspiracy theories are invalid, but yes, 9/10 of them are bunk.

9/10? Why, that's only one digit away from being....9/11!

You planned it, didn't you? You and Bush and Osama and Oprah were all in it together!

OT: Bob, I really love these videos, even when I don't entirely agree with you - I'd bet my left testicle that the JFK thing goes deeper than has been officially acknowledged - so with that in mind I'd like to ask for your hand in marriage. Or your hand in my pants, whichever is easier for you.

Jokes aside, props for mentioning David Icke. I've got one of his books (The Biggest Secret) and it is hands down the funniest fucking thing I have ever read. At one point, he positions a photograph of Prince Albert (the Victorian one, not the guy from Monaco) next to a photograph of Hitler and asks us to consider whether they were actually the same guy. Mind-blowing stuff...


that is all.

(also captcha: "Its Pronity" wtf?)

The Illuminati didn't kill JFK and Micheal Jackson so they wouldn't disclose the the details on their plan to begin the NWO on 2012. BLASPHEMY.

Hey Bob. So I know we've had fun with accents before ( *Looks back at the Black Swan review* ) but whether intentionally or not, you actually made me think of Stewie from Family Guy with the reptile thing.

Yeah, that's just the image that came to mind. Go figure.

As always, thank you for being the voice of reason and dropping another bomb in the war against stupid.

lol I think he was doing Cobra Commander. Nice video Bob. Thanks for touching on the Global Warming issue. I hate when people say it's bologna.

He probably didn't touch on that because it's so stupid that anyone who believes it is so whacked-out of their minds they won't listen to reason about anything else.

I don't like what you're implying about Charlie Sheen!

There is actually pretty substantial evidence that the US and England had planned to invade Iraq regardless of whether they actually found WMDs. The Downing Street memo, for example.

Good video, as per usual the simplest explanation is normally the right one.

People don't like random tragedy and mistakes because it implies that horrible things happen for no reason and could happen at any minute.

(also captcha: "Its Pronity" wtf?)

Yeeeah, I'm not really sure what dictionary or language these words are coming from. Half the time I get a perfectly cromulent word, then all the rest of the time it's a jumble of letters assembled into vaguely word-like groupings.

Cursed Frogurt:
Global warming is real. Whether or not we are significantly affecting it is the debate.

Conspiracy theories are stupid. Personal agendas should always be considered.

I have to agree with Penn on this.

Yeah, those poor suffering oil companies are being driven to the verge of bankruptcy while the Secret Evil Liberal Science Conspiracy is making literally TENS of dollars!

There's a typo there - I believe it is actually spelled 'libruls' or alternatively 'Satan's little helpers' depending on which part of the internet you're from.


While I liked this video and share it's primary sentiment, I would have liked it more if it didn't blatantly go against the established conservative right.

Now, I'm not saying that the examples provided are wrong, but by only focusing on one side of the spectrum, you demonstrate a clear bias as well. It's not like the other side doesn't have it's own idiots, nutcases and fearmongers, and I'm pretty sure you can remember a few.

A little balance would be nice.

Great video yet again Bob. The only thing I disagreed with at all was the global warming thing. I completely support going green and I think that one of the biggest priority's of our generation should be to help clean up all the pollution we're making. However as far as global warming goes, it just doesn't add up. Also, I have seen An Inconvenient Truth and while it makes some points it also makes some very false statements. Everyone is allowed their own opinion on this subject but they need to understand that global warming is not considered a fact in the scientific community. It is not a consensus as much Al Gore would wants you to think that. Watch the Global Warming Swindle. It was made by actual scientists, not a politician.

Totally agreed. Though I am surprised he didn't get into one of the biggest conspiracies theories of all times. THE JEWS. Seriously, every news article with open comments has some nut saying how all of everything is the Jews. The Arizona shooting. Jews. 9/11. Jews. Iraq. Jews. WWII. Jews. Holocaust. Jews.


(also captcha: "Its Pronity" wtf?)

Yeeeah, I'm not really sure what dictionary or language these words are coming from. Half the time I get a perfectly cromulent word, then all the rest of the time it's a jumble of letters assembled into vaguely word-like groupings.

I am wondering if pronity is related to Pr0n at all.

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