ReCape: “Kozmo”

ReCape: "Kozmo"

It was better than the pilot, at least.

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Well, you're getting closer to Yahtzee and farther from troll (I actually laughed at your some of your jokes this time), so you're getting better.

Did this thing not register my post?

EDIT: It wasn't showing when I posted this.

It was indeed better than the pilot, but still has a long way to go to be really good.

I watched the pilot, and all that was running through my head was "where are the characters?" There's plenty of action, but the motivation is shallow, and personality seems to be explored solely through actions. In that sense, it feels like it was written by a twelve-year-old; it's impossible to care about the characters since they're so underdeveloped.

I guess it's good for people who are satisfied with flashy special effects and fight scenes, but I simply can't enjoy a show of this sort when I don't care about the characters enough to care what they're doing. Even super-gruff heroes like Batman get this right, through their PERSONALITY being affected by their backstory, rather than just their behavior.

P.S. Thanks

All I have to say is, Thank God season 2 of Misfits just aired. I haven't seen writing this On The Nose in a while.

Well.. kudos for having the fortitude to sit through it, I guess. I know I didn't.

I dont understand the reasoning behind this.

If the escapist doesnt like "The Cape", which I DO like, then why even do the recap? Just to poke fun?

Sounds a tad like trolling to me.

Peresonally I think once it gets going it'll be much better.

It's a goofy show. I'm enjoying it.

I wasn't looking for "The Dark Knight." Just a fun, campy romp.

I find it frustrating that Vince doesn't seem to have a clear set of morals or direction yet, but in a way that makes me hope the show starts to focus on that a bit more. Some internal conflict to help Vince decide what kind of vigilante he wants to be would make for a few good episodes. Also, am I the only one who wonders why Trip hasn't realized The Cape is his father? I mean, this guy read to him on a regular basis but it looks like Trip wouldn't even recognize his father on the phone.

Does anyone know how many episodes this show has set for a season? I'm starting to wonder if they are planning on season 1 to be primarily focused on Vince figuring out what kind of person he wants to be. That, and introducing his rogue's gallery. I can only imagine what the outcome of that "create a villain for The Cape" contest will be.

Elizabeth Grunewald:
ReCape: "Kozmo"

It was better than the pilot, at least.

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TV Commandment: Thou shalt not challengeth thine audience in any way... eth.

Corollaries to this commandment include:

1. You must tell your audience important things, and then tell them again, and then explicitly tell them that these things are important. Don't want them to miss it!

2. You must make any mentions of potential plot lines vague at best, in case you have to abandon them because the producers say your audience didn't get/like it.

3. This also means you'll have to seed the story with about a bajillion possible story threads. The Johnny Appleseed approach ensures at least one will take root, right?

4. Unambiguous villains. Unambiguous heroes. If there is any incidental ambiguity, gloss over it quickly (see #2).


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