Escapist News Network: Inside the Newsroom

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Inside the Newsroom

Kathleen, Graham, Paul and Jeremy take you behind the magic. It's less magical.

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So it's PhailHaus: ENN?

Well, to say it simply: That was hilarious.
Jeremy had me laughing to most with his zany ideas and his old man with a wizard's staff drinking tea in a queue.

I'm not sure if I'd like this as a permanent new format, but danged if it wasn't a hilarious change of pace.

Loved it. Something different. And that "old guy in a queue drinking tea" logo was the hell does anyone come with stuff like that??

Also: i wouldn't mind this being a new format, it seems more ...i don't really know, but i like it! But the old one was also great, all "SRS BSNSS!" Pretty much everything you people do is damn funny.

I like it as a change of pace, but I'd rather see the news format more often than not. I could see it done once in a while, like when you hit your 5's and your 0's. But for the most part, I would rather see the news format.

Of course, the outtakes are good, so if you're a pub club member go watch them. If not, join, then go watch them, love them.


So it's PhailHaus: ENN?

which is awesome! and my thoughts exactly :D

Phailhaus only for games related media! Yes please!

I like both settings, the standard news desk & the new newsroom.
Maybe use both & switch between them each week?

"It's an aged person in a queue drinking Tea!" :D

Odd but I think Graham's design is actually better
Hey Paul, how about putting the logo in Trajan font >P

An excellent gear shift from our usual dose of ENN. The formal news setting is classic, but I'd enjoy seeing more newsroom specials.

I did like it but perfer the newsdesk design seems to flow better

This was hilarious, THQ and Bungie part was pure gold.

I do like the "news" version aswell, but this was a nice change of pace, maybe one time each month a episode like this is made?
Anyways, funny as always, over to you next commentator.

Wow, it was up early enough for me to watch it today. Good video. I like the new style, but it just seems... wrong... without the news desks. But this did feel more open and the jokes seemed to flow more. Also, lack of screen text/pictures makes me sad. I also think a 20 hour tutorial on dressing up the female characters from FF13 would be... just about as bad as FF13. But if Graham's idea was put into motion, then it would be a good game. Also, the new THQ logo's H looks like a chair, the the Q looks like a reversed question mark... what?

This was really funny. Out of curiousity, how much did this video differ from the actual process of creating an episode of ENN? Was it just the camera's and we basically just got the ENN equivalent of a 4th Panel? Or was this somewhat more scripted than that?

Odd but I think Graham's design is actually better
Hey Paul, how about putting the logo in Trajan font >P

I second this.

Considering the previous episodes, it looks as this is your creative proces, like how you actually write ENN, minus the graphics and whole News presentation. So while it looks a tad "unfinished" considering the previous format, it's still funny.

And yes, when changing logos, especially when there are no new extreme graphic design trends, it's more likely that the new logo will look worse than the previous one. They obviously have more money than they need at THQ.

ENNteresting. I'm not 100% sold on it, but the format change was a nice break.

Now you've said it, I can see Barometry Wars working as a concept. You play a god with power over the weather. Your worshippers provide you with Mana, which power your abilities. You use your abilities to generate useful weather, pleasing the worshippers and hopefully increasing your Mana base. Civilization without the Civ, I suppose. Of course, in the multiplayer your fellow gods have the option of sending bad weather your way, which you have to counter, but the conflicting weather patterns could create unpredictable backlash effects . . . and here comes a hurricane to ruin everyone's day.

think i preferred this as it showed off more "real" personality.

I liked it. Seems very informal, relaxed and off the cuff. Hope to see more in Ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn shows in the future.

I didn't think there was anything you could do to make ENN even better. I was wrong :O

I really liked this. It was more raw but natural.
Made me feel like I was just watchin' you guys hang out and be your hi-LRR-ious selves.

I actually like this better. Reminds me of the conversations I would usually have with my friends. A little less formal, but just as INformal.

Funnier in my opinion. If you guys go with this, that's great! If not, News Network is still funny.

Cockscreen is awesome!
Ok, that sounded wrong...

It was a funny change of pace. You guys could do it once in a while, not every time though.

This was super funny though I have enjoyed every format this show has ever had. Like a few people have already said, it reminded me of phailhaus which is always a hilarious good time. I hope to see this format used as well as your more official news show one. Maybe this one can be a monthly thing or something like that?
Great hilarious stuff guys!


I like it. However some actual Phailhaus would be nice GRAHAM!!!

It's ENN meets Phailhaüse! I am happy.

This was, easily, the funniest ENN you guys have put out. I love ENN, but this was great.

First of all I thought, "ah they just can't be bothered with the green screen". How pleasantly surprised I was that this is possibly my favourite episode of ENN! Really great stuff guys!

1) "Ass balls" is a phrase not used nearly enough!
2) Love the Pacman reality TV things, especially FearPactor :P
3) "It's an old man in a queue drinking tea" My favourite logo that one.
4) Really good hit rate of funny jokes :D

Wow, this was the best ENN episode yet. I really enjoyed it.

That was AWESOME. I sincerely hope you don't do it every week though, as that would take the awesomeness out of the awesome that is awesome. But once a month maybe?

I honestly expected everyone to do 0_0 after Jeremy finished his Fear Pactor idea......becaus i was all like 0_o

Sorry i love those emoticons. Anyway the Cock Screen joke was flippin hilarious! I wish this show was not Bi-weekly.

Cockscreen is awesome!
Ok, that sounded wrong...

Anyway the Cock Screen joke was flippin hilarious!

I am still laughing about the cockscreenTM; how is it that more people don't find that hilarious...

1) "Ass balls" is a phrase not used nearly enough!

You, sir, obviously do not play CoD with me when I am frustrated.

So you turned it from a CNN parody to a... College Humor parody? Loses it's character ths way. I am not sure why you guys seem to resent ENN. It's always better than the LRR stuff and just as funny as most of the Unskippable.

Only two things missing:

1: Text overlays (by either Graham or Alex)
2: Morgan. Really.

Also, with the whole Phailhaüs/Whatever Thing vibe going, Missie Peters brings you a games-related haiku?

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