Escapist News Network: Inside the Newsroom

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So Let me say that I love you guys and your work, but of all the ENN this one made me laugh the most. :3

This was one of my favourite ENN episodes. Very funny!

nice change of pace. I like it too.

ENN and ENNN are both good.

Really enjoyed that, informal ENN.. ENNNR in tandem to ENN? cover the same stories just one to eat breakfast with and one to hmmm sip whisky to? :/

As long as this is not the norm and just say one in 5 then its all good

If you can get it out more than once a fortnight, it's BETTER.

If not then it's EQUAL.

It's still FUNNY.

I don't know why I'm shouting the last word of these SENTENCES.



Honestly, this is so amazingly good. Like other have said, it has the PhailHaus/Whatever Thing vibe to it and thus, it just 'works'.

Informal videos are good, you don't need to 'fancy it up' with the 'actual news show format' though I stand behind the belief that the deadpan delivery of humor in the past was just as funny as the 'critical anchors' approach you guys have it as now.

Whatever you guys wanna do, is good with me... But can I make a suggestion?

Stop posting episodes on wednesdays. It doesn't work well for you guys. Friday or Saturday, YES I'm aware both of those are KINDA weekend days but come on, if you wait to post/prep the videos for then, you're more likely to catch fresh news and not be 'slowpoking' like you are with the every other week format you've changed to now. I'm not about to complain about that, trust me.

I really enjoyed that switch! The newsroom back-and-forths were wicked funny. The only thing tat I could say as a negative, is that we missed the desk and back drop.
I liked this approach, but I like the other format too.
I can't decide!!

As an up and coming graphic designer, it is my soon-to-be professional opinion that THQ's new logo sucks balls.

Absolutely loved it. Keep it this way :)

Make it weekly again, and I'll be happy...

Or... given that it seems to be just a bunch of people sitting around being funny, which doesn't seem to need alot of editing or such... TWICE A DAY!

I'd vote this the new style for ENN. It was absolutely hilarious.

I would love it if they alternated this new way of doing things with the old set-up; do one "live from the studio" version one week and one of this new "from the newsroom" type the next. That would be awesome.

Loved it, just one thing, do you think you could extend the old set and film it there? This was awesome, but the old set just looked so professional.

That was awesome - the creative process can be just as entertaining as the finished product.

The THQ logo was excellent, I might add.

It was so funny. The old way is still good tho. Maybe u could do some of each

Hahahahaha. XD Ahh, this was great. A good break from the usual. Hopefully it won't end up being a smoketease and they'll do it again some day.


Okay I love you guys. I really do. How is the nile anyway?

Seriously your jokes were funny but I do like the old ENN presentation more. This could be a fun occasional thing. And it's not like you'd lose me as a viewer if you switched to ENNN for every video.

As it's own thing, I'd totally watch it but if I was forced to choose between ENN, ENNN, and a zombie slowly eating me to death, I'd pick ENN.

Also did you get sponsorship from Coke and Apple or something?

Also also Paul wins the worst logo award.

Loved it! I love the old style too.. I'd miss it if it changed to this way permanently. Don't make me choose!


This was terrific. It was pretty much built out of laugh out loud moments from top to bottom. Thank you for making my evening better.

I thought it was hilarious. Mind you, I find classic ENN funny as well, but "ENN Phailhaus" definitely has charms.

Paul's disgust at comic sans will entertain me for some time. Especially the grunt of disgust just looking at it.

I kinda like this round table discussion, but my only recommendation is if you guy gave the presentation a bit more polish like on regular enn, and try to not corpse so much.

I like both settings, the standard news desk & the new newsroom.
Maybe use both & switch between them each week?

This. A hundred times, this.

OT: I loved this episode. Easily the funniest ENN yet!

=D this was awesome

reminded me of PhailhaĆ¼s...which I miss a lot

I agree with what appears to be the relative minority: This was funny but it doesn't seem like it would work as a *replacement* for the current ENN.

If ENN was still weekly, I'd say this would work well as a once-a-month break from the standard, but I'm not sure what to say now.

I dunno if you guys read all of these, but I personally loved this style WAY more than the news desk. Don't get me wrong, the news desk is funny but the newsroom feels so much more personal - you're not trying so hard to keep straight faces or get the lines right or whatever, small giggles are what bring out humanity in a world filled with bleak faced presenters.

Good work chaps :D

Am I the only one that has no clue what "Silhouette Facility" is supposed to be? Shadow Factory? Google says it's either an online flash game on like Addicting Games or something...or a book about 9/11. I doubt you meant either of those.

This was probably the best Escapist News Network I've seen in quite some time. I remember the ENN segment being my favorite part of the site when it first came out, and over time it became less so as the focus shifted away from silly analysis of silly stories and more towards the graphics and the special segments. (Really, take one of the older episodes and compare it to the new, the amount of change is rather surprising.)

Based on what I saw with the Newsroom show, I've come to the following prima facie conclusion: the Newsroom is funnier than the Newsdesk because it gives more of the cast a chance to express their creativity with less boundaries. Without having to restrict the stories to a stock format of "One line introduction, one punchline, transition, repeat" it allows for the cast to build upon each other, and, in doing so, drastically increase the amount of funny per story, by at least 81%. AT LEAST.

I hope this format continues in whole or in part of the current ENN setup.

I like both settings, the standard news desk & the new newsroom.
Maybe use both & switch between them each week?

"It's an aged person in a queue drinking Tea!" :D

This is exactly what I was thinking. Don't make us choose!

That was excellent, well done.

Haha, wow, you guys are really talented. Entertaining even without all the fancy gizmos

This was beautifulness dipped in awesome with a side of epic. Long live the Newsroom. xD

Loved it actually. I thought the topics followed by editorials/comments from each of the people in LRR was hilarious. Reminded me of a gathering of a group of friends that just so happen to love video games. And being funny.

So it's PhailHaus: ENN?

Yarr! I be ninja'd! You beat me to it matey!

MOre of this PLEASE! I loved this format so much more! It was fun to see you guys throwing ideas around too!

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