Zero Punctuation: Fable 3

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Fable 3

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Fable 3.

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I've been waiting for this since... November! Thought this day would never come, funny review as always by the way (one of the best for a while imo).

You're so eco unfriendly.
But it looks pwetty.

Another great review, never fails to disappoint.

I've never gotten on board with Fable, and since most of my knowledge of it comes from a couple of brief playthroughs and Yahtzee's reviews it's probably more my fault than the games'.

That said I hate the NPCs and I think Yahtzee's final solution of letting 3/4s of them die would probably have been mine as well. I've said before how generally I like being nice in RPGs, and choose the evil option only to get all the achievements but Fable is the one series that has made me want to be evil to people.

Hahaha, excellent review! I'm glad you mentioned the Bowerstone Lake decision. It was just the exemplar of an overall bad game. Peter Molyneux can suck it at this point.

My friend likes Fable. I have no idea why. He tries to show it to me like it is cool, but I can't get into it.

Plus I have seen Yahtzee's reviews and other reviews for Fable games. And after watching interviews, reading quotes, and playing some of his games, I know how big an ass and lier/hype machine Molyneux is.

Great review, I do agree with the whole be good and die, or be bad and live. I would go with being bad.

If only game designers took 10 minutes to watch daniel floyd's video on moral choice.

Were You frustrated Yahtzee? Well what did you think the chickens were there for?
And why do you need 6 million gold? What happened to the army you storm the castle with?

lol wow seriously? I guess I don't have to look into this one either then.

I played the first fable and it really wasn't very good... I played a bit of fable 2, but it was crap... Thanks Yahtzee!

And the year before it was Borderlands... there's always one game users will always throw out for a review like high school peer-pressure.

Oh well, makes for an amusing review nonetheless.

As for Fable 3, I think it would have been more successful if it was Fable 3 since both are too similar with only a few tweaks to things critics complained about back then.

BTW did "good old Pete" call you this time?

They need to make these games more balanced, the magic was still the only ability that you should ever use in this game, again. Also I'm surprised, Yahtzee you didn't mention the COMPLETELY messed up menu system. It takes five times as long to do anything now.

I wonder why he keeps playing the fables since he's hated them since peter first asked him to review te first one O_o

But I had the exact same problem on my first play-through O_O 150 DAYS?!? I was so pissed I wanted to flat-out empty what meager loot was in the treasury just so everyone could die >_>

great videa funny as usual, but im sure most of the voice cast popped up in overlord as well between fables aslo set in a weird comedy retro england

My friend made it to the by all the property part. Then the game wiped his saves and he had to start over!

I have bought every fable game so far and i don't know why because everytime i say "that was shit" after finishing it.
Have to agree with yatzhee on the whole "not giving my reasons" thing, seems a bit stupid

So much for not reviewing Fable 3.

I've been waiting forever for this moment. Die Fable, Die!

18 kids? Jesus that sounds familiar to Idiocracy; still don't like the mike though

Awh man... thats EXACTLY how I felt while playing it. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS the reasons for you making your 'evil' decisions.. sure you can drain the lake, but it couldn't be that hard for it to fill up again naturally.
I kinda felt like being purely good just to see them all dead.. thats probably more evil and stupid than the classically evil choices.
i didn't think it was a bad game though,

I did enjoy Fable 3, but only as a linear game with a clever if limited ending. I agree the king segment could have been better, but I think the biggest disappointment was the revolution. No organisation at all? Not even choosing who goes where? Oh come on, a little bit of strategy never hurt anyone who was on our side!

I also think the 100 day jump is kinda deliberate, lulls you into a false sense of security and BAM your plan has failed. I too got ultra good ending, because I took each decision properly and I didn't try to cheat. I also built the mine and the brothel but only because I believe in full employment.

Ooooo pretty lake! And good riddance that the damn NPCs are gone! Now it will be easier to choose your bride!

Not first (yes, irony), but why are those your only two options in the game? Why are the only paths to fighting the monstrosity paying it off or letting everyone die? I'd be throwing my money into finding ways to do away with the thing besides killing it by lobbing gold bars at it. It seems like a failure of imagination on the part of Peter Molyneux... something that would turn me even further off from playing this game (don't have the right console, sorry).

Not as funny as usual but good nonetheless.

My hopes for Fable 3 (I live in the past so I haven't played it yet...) have been slightly crushed but I'll still probably try it out.

i knew there was something after the old king was overthrown but i had no idea THAT is was happens

Yahtzee, you are officially my hero. The ending was what pissed me off the most about Fable III. I mean as useless as the NPCs were, they at least made the world seem somewhat alive, and I can't help but feel that Peter Molyneux seems very bad at deciding what to do with his NPCs. Anyway, loved the review more than ever, and I don't say that lightly!

The worst instalment in the fable series by far.

It's just fable II with less freedom and more toss.

The weapon evolution sounded good on the surface until I realised you basically had the option of SWORD or HAMMER.

Big. Stinking . Let down!

Yahtzee, you are officially my hero. The ending was what pissed me off the most about Fable III. I mean as useless as the NPCs were, they at least made the world seem somewhat alive, and I can't help but feel that Peter Molyneux seems very bad at deciding what to do with his NPCs. Anyway, loved the review more than ever, and I don't say that lightly!

Huh. Now, I feel glad that I didn't buy the game. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Fable, and I thought Fable 2 was decent, but I suspected that Fable 3 would pretty much be the same as Fable 2, and it looks like I was right. Plus, I just finished playing one game where a Lovecraftian monstrosity turns out to be the final boss FOR NO ADEQUATELY EXPLAINED REASON, so I guess I dodged a bullet there.

Honestly, the Fable games have an interesting premise, and they fill the rpg-comedy niche well sometimes, but if you don't innovate sufficiently between games, then they're not going to sell (unless you have a massive fanbase like Halo, but even then it feels like you're cheating your fans).

If Fable threw out the good-evil axis for a truly open moral choice system that relied on consequences instead of arbitrary points (and made the game like 20 hours longer), THEN I'd buy it again. In the mean time, the Elder Scrolls will continue to beat Fable in pretty much every category.

P.S. The above is my opinion, you don't have to agree with it, and it doesn't mean that I'm right.

I hate it when games use an arbitrary days counter and then flip forward a random number of days so that you have no idea how much longer the game will be.

This was one of the problems I had with Kingdom Hearts 358 days/2 (Another problem being the stupid name). At one point near the end of the game I was starting to get sick of it and just hoped that I could finish it soon. I was about to give up and put it down for a while when all of a sudden the game jumps forward a huge amount of days and I'm now on day 357. I wish they would just keep jumping forward a set number of days so that I would have known I was almost done. Or just not have the stupid days counter in the first place.

I thought at first he wasn't going to review it after seeing his comment on his Twitter.
Oh well. I knew he was going to have the same feelings about the game as the other two prequels.

And is it just me or is the whole morale choicee things a little too boring in Fable III? Because I always thought Fable was an RPG game. This one feels more like a simulation game. And this is coming from a guy who doesn't own an Xbox nor an Xbox 360 and knows little to none about the Fable series.

damn. the brilliant last 2 minutes or so recalls your equally brilliant halo wars last 2 minutes. you should definitely do this sort of thing more often.

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