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Kinectimals & Big Planets

Have you played Kinectimals yet? How about Little Big Planet? Probably right? We got you covered anyway.

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Wow. I was in awe the length of that entire LittleBigPlanet section. That was amazing.

How long did that littlebigplanet set take to build? That was amazing!

That guy laughing at the window was funny and all, but that last segment was just immense.
All those little details, and all in one shot.
It genuinely felt like the level was too long to fit in one room.

EDIT: OK, is there any chance of getting that LBP tune as a download?

better than last weeks episode.

That little big planet scene was insane.

The LBP end section was amazing! -must've taken a lot of hard work, really enjoyed it.
Great show, really looking forward to more.

Decent opening sketch, but that LBP level was BRILLIANT!! Excellent job, guys, keep it up!

Oh god I was laughing so much at Kinectimals furry edition until he started to conquer his fear. Then it got creepy. Oh the Little Big Planet is very impressive although I wonder how many takes did you records until you got it right?

I don't know what to say about the first segment (bloody hilarious), but anybody who's skipping this show just missed something big with the LBP sketch.

Had me laughing the entire time, keep up the good work ;)

Wow, the ending was epic...

Didn't like the beginning or the transition, but wow did the ending make up for it! I don't even play Little Big Planet and you've impressed me, great job :)

The first part made me go... well I wasn't very amused by the first part but the little big planet part was 5 gold stars, or whatever the rating system is in Little Big Planet

man... I never thought that dudes playing with dolls while humming a themes song could be so entertaining...

I'm JOhn Mraston!

LBP section FTW

Okay, the furry pack was kind of creepy there guys. The noh theatre uniracers was pretty good, and the LBP was amazing, perhaps too amazing.

Wow, that LittlebigPlanet thing was brilliant.

thats a lot of work for 2 minutes of video XD Nice

first half...creepy ::cringe::

The first part was very creepy...

But daaaaaime you gotta give those delivery folks some credit, for their express delivery.

The LBP part was just fantastic! I applaud you efforts on it!

I'm curious now, did you guys make the LBP song or is it someone else's? Not that that takes away any credit from you for the awesomeness I just witnessed, but I'm wondering if I should give you even more credit :P

This show is gonna be hit or miss, I can already tell, non-the-less, for all the ubercreepy nonfunny factor in the Kinectimals sketch, the Little Big Planet one made the episode totally win for me. Just keep experimenting you guys, you'll find your niche.

That furry guy looked so creepy it was funny xD
And ofc, props to the LBP scene.

The first sketch was funny at the start, then overstayed its welcome and became seriously creepy and in the very end became a little bit more funny again. That is to say, I wasn't really sure about this show after the first sketch.

But then that LBP section came and all I thought was: "Holy shit, that must have been a lot of work! Good job guys!"

My jaw broke in awe as that LBP part was done really good. I mean, daym. I can't even imagine how hard it was to build something like that. But it was god-damn awesome.

The first sketch freaked me out, but made me laugh, too. I mean, it freaked me out so much i started to laugh. At least I think so...
And also: WTF was that ninja doing on a unicycle???? What was that i didn't even!?

I love the show, but you honestly should've cut off the Kinectimals sketch before Woofy was mentioned. It didn't really go anywhere after that. But, the beginning had me dying laughing.

The LBP portion made up for any problem with the episode, though. That was amazing.

The first half was creepy and rather strange, maybe it makes more sense if you have played kincetimals, but i might be a little to old to find that interesting and easily terrified of those strange faces and empty eyes to play that, but what was even creepier was the line about "sexy foxlady or cow with really big..." or something in that area.

The LBP part was amazing, though not very funny, for a sketch comedy show i was expecting to at least get a giggle or two.

Excellent start to the Kinectimals, didn't really get the reference with the unicycle (Tony Hawk? I dunno), but the LBP section was absolutely excellent! Is there any chance of a behind the scenes making of?

Excellent job on this week's episode.

Yeah I really really disliked the first sketch and thought I was never going to watch the show again then LBP came on. Yeah..... that was pretty bloody amazing about to watch it again. Great work guys

I thought that little big planet part was amazing the escapist really has got there moneys worth here.

The LBP stuff was indeed awesome.

As for the first half ...
... no matter how many times I shower ... I will never be clean again.

The first half was terrible. I was sat completely stone faced the whole way through.

I was just about to write it off as another terrible internet sketch show, when the LBP bit started.

And that was amazing.

Definitely coming back to watch this next week.

The uniracers part was my favorite.

The first sketch was a long time to get to a punchline that really didn't work, but the LBP bit was well done. Not particularly funny but very imaginative and obvioulsy a lot of time and effort went into the production. Not sure about the future of this as a "comedy" sketch show though...

JESUS t*** f**** CHRIST! how long did it take you to make that lbp REAL life?
is was awe inspiering, now to wait for lbp2 to come out and ill make that damn thing!

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