Escape to the Movies: No Strings Attached

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No Strings Attached

This week, Bob gets his rom-com on with No Strings Attached.

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Well...yeah, I'm glad that I've already decided to see this next week.

And it's good to see Bob actually, you know, reviewing the movies again.

Nice review Bob like the whole 'Liberal propaganda against our values.' sketch

After hearing you talk about it to begin with, I figured you thought it was terrible. But right at the end, it made a comeback. I'm surprised really. Good review though.

Well, I still haven't seen Black Swan...and that's still in theaters around here...soooooooooo. I'm still gonna see the other Natalie Portman movie.

And "Guess Who" was great.

Man I love Evolution... and Ashton Kutcher...

Dude, Where's My Car? is one of my favourite comedy films of all time...

WHY is Ashton Kutcher on the list of people we're supposed to hate?

This is Hollywood. They didn't acknowledge that interracial romances existed until 1967.

To be fare Movie Bob, THE ENTIRE SOUTH didn't acknowledge them either.

So much for all the hype calling this a "Norbit". I never really had a problem with Ashton either, he always seemed personable and unflummoxed by his fame, which scored him points in my book.

Might check this one out. I'll watch Natalie Portman in just about anything.

So is the new X-men movie gonna be a reboot or will it take place after 3, or maybe God forbid a prequel?

And u are actually recomending a ROM film Bob, well 2012 is so close y not? We are all gonna die anyway!

I remember Evolution it was sooooo much fun, I really should track that down again I last had it on VHS (man I'm old to).

Wonder how long it'll be before someone accuses Bob of only giving this a pass because it's about sex.

I'm glad he didn't make any remarks about Portman being a hottie and flashing a sexy pic of her, because I am damned tired of the whiny forum goers who just focus on that as a complaint against Bob.

wasn't expecting this to be liked... though I've only heard about it in the context of it being compared to norbit.

I would watch the hell out of "Ultraman vs. the King's Speech."

Or maybe, "The King's Speech to Ultraman?"

The only part of that movie that doesn't write itself is the title.

Finally, someone else who liked "Evolution". Most surprising part of the review was the bit where he didn't go on about how hot Portman is, but I'm glad he stuck to the subject matter. Good show Bob.

just by seeing the movie poster i can tell the following.
a. its about FWB.
b. someone will try and make it more then that, the other will freak out and at some point they will end up back together.
c. i have no intention to watch it. its been done to death.

Thanks for the great return to form, Bob. A survey and commentary of the genre, followed by a review that tells us why the film works or doesn't work.

I don't envy you in the coming months though. I only see a handful of appealing titles between now and April.

What's to like about 'Dude where's my car?'?

There have been plently of rom-com with 'kooky' (a word specifically created to describe badly written characters in rom-com) women, it's a trope...

Glad to see that, while I can't expect Hollywood to approach this topic with openness and maturity, at least Moviebob can.

I'm glad he didn't make any remarks about Portman being a hottie and flashing a sexy pic of her, because I am damned tired of the whiny forum goers who just focus on that as a complaint against Bob.

I'll agree, but I only get tired of Bob saying how hot a girl is for 3 minutes of his 5 minute video.

This was a great review Bob, I was wondering how good this movie would be. I still want to go see it.

HA! and everyone was all jumping on the "THIS IS NATALIE PORTMAN'S NORBIT!" bandwagon!
i never lost hope :)

Man... Natalie Portman... I'd **** the **** out of her. She's super sexy. She was awesome in Black Swan, and then there's this, and then there's Your Highness where she looks great again and I'm sure that movie will be absolutely hilarious if the trailers are any indication (usually they're not...)

Anyway totally going to take my gf to this one.

Color me shocked. I mean, it's still a rom-com, so I don't plan on paying any more than $2 to see this if I do decide to watch it. But still. A decent rom-com. Who'd a thunk it?

bob spent the first half building up that rom-coms sucked. i was waiting for him to go for the jugular on this one. surprised it never came. oh, could be fun.

Isn't that movie some kind of remake of "When Harry met Sally"?

How is that subject new to anyone in Hollywood?

I don't get it.

I don't know Bob, I'm all for casual sex, but I know that I couldn't do it myself. In my less humble moments, I might even believe that no one can successfully pull off such a feat. Which is why I (usually) forgive Hollywood for that particular trope.

And I do sympathize with not liking RomComs in general. I haven't seen the movie (yet, I want to), so maybe your complaint is about a poorly executed plot point and not the plot per se, but there is more to human sexuality than is dreamt of in your philosophies.

None of which is to slight your review, of course. I wouldn't keep watching if you didn't make me think :)

You are right Moviebob, Evolution was a good time.

I'm pretty much gonna agree with Bob about the entire thing. Everything he said I also knew/could guess. Except down to his thumbs up for the movie. I'm just sayin it seems like Bob spent the entire show showing us why and how things like this are canned for mass production in Hollywood, gives reasoning for why it, quite frankly, sucks, and then gives it a pass? Just seems contradictory to me.

I've made my mind up about this movie and similar ones before (pass, only daring to go see it if the Gf absolutely has to). So ultimately this review has little to no impact on me, but I feel I'm a bit disappointed in Bob's review itself, or maybe Bob himself, I don't know I'm trying not to get personal here.

Yeah, I tend to avoid Romantic Comedies for the very reasons that Bob mentioned. The only ones that I bother to watch these days are ones where I like the actors. Aston Kutcher is very indifferent to me, and Natalie Portman is about the same. Portman was good in the Star Wars Prequels, but everything else after that was 'Meh...' to me.

Evolution? Underappreciated?

That movie along with all the actors involved (except Dan Aykroyd and Julianne Moore) should be shot into the blimming sun.

Is Ultraman shooting lightning from his nipples? 'Cause that is way cool!

On another note, I don't hate Ashton Kushner; I just don't connect with him in any way or form.

Couldn;t it be said, as per the dialogue Adaptation, that a plot without conflict is boring as shite?

So wouldn't a movie based solely on two people being FWBs also be boring as shite due to no clashing of some kind?

Of course you could spice it up about a movie that starts of with a pair of FWBs and half way through the fil;m one of the pair loses it because he/she becomes emotionally attached to the point of psychoticism and it becomes a psychological thriller as he/she gos insane and starts hunting the other person down.

There you go ... non-liberal and not just a boring film about two people having romantic-less sex o.o

Those costumes are ugly...ful.. I mean... bleah... And how am I supposed to forget Rebecca Romijn?
Not going to see that...

Thank you for the Glenn Beck joke, that made my day :), anyway sounds like your average crappy Ashton "I'm only popular because I look nice" Kutcher movie. Yes I am aware of his few good movies, but than again if I have a good script I could cast 2x4s and still get a decent performance.

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