Question of the Day, January 22, 2011

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Question of the Day, January 22, 2011


The Escapist recently saw THQ and Kaos' upcoming shooter Homefront and came away impressed. Are you thinking of getting the game?


Yep, it is one of those games I am actually looking forwards to.
A nice idea, and a change from the norm.

No interest. Seems like a perfectly good game. Just not my kind of game.

It at least sounds interesting. I'm tentative, but I do want to see more.

I won't get it myself because it's not the type of game I enjoy playing but I have been telling people I know who buy games like this about it because the game looks interesting and unique enough that I want it to be successful sales wise.

I think I will hold on the purchase, but it looks like it has plenty of potential.

It Looks great but I'd like to make sure it's a decent game before I go out and buy it.

Right now Bullet Storm looks much more intresting to me.

It's not going to be a first day purchase, but if the reviews look good for it I'll probably get it after the price goes down a bit. Frontlines wasn't bad and this looks better.

Not interested. I love FPSs, but I like 'em with a dash of unreality. If it was more Red Alert-ish (this is a dumb plot and we know it, let's have fun with it) I'd consider it, but it all looks like it takes itself terribly seriously, and besides if I want to shoot Koreans I've got Crysis.

It looks like a pretty good game, but I'm just not into military sim shooters.

I dont know, i think il wait till i hear reviews and then wait till its super cheap.. which it probz will end up being (and rather quickly in my guess).

Yeah, it's a KAOS Battlefield-looking like shooter that seems a lot of fun.

Why not?

I'm kinda interested. But I'll wait for the reviews, and IF it's good AND it's on sale on Steam, then i might get it.

I was but my interest is kinda fading, mostly when I heard the PC version was being done by the same people that ported the trainwreck that was BioShock 2. Frontlines, so far, is pretty fun and different. The RC car and flight drones are pretty nice.

I haven't the foggiest what it's about. I should go and look it up.

Im looking foward to it,but I dont have the money to get it on day one, so im hoping to get get it sooner or later.

Not even remotely interested... I got over the story idea not terribly long after Red Dawn came out, and though the game mechanics appear to be well-constructed I've got lots of similarly-great shooters already.

-- Steve

The escapist preview was my first introduction to the game, and the preview made the game sound very interesting - especially the idea of the battle commander. When I watched some gameplay, though... I don't know, the game just looked very generic. The Battle Commander sounded cooler than it looked in the game, but I'm going to reserve my judgement until I actually play the game.

So for me this will likely be a rental, and I'll decide from there. Maybe it's just that I've never been able to get into the Battlefield games, and this seems a lot like that... maybe I've finally played my fill of military first person shooters, but this game just doesn't seem to be different enough. We'll see.

Right now I think Halo Reach was the last shooter I picked up and I'm still loving it, but I can't enjoy Black Ops nearly as much as the MW games... who knows. The only games of this genre I'm looking forward to these days are SOCOM (playing a competitive FPS with motion controls is something I've been very interested in since the Wii's debut, and even though I don't have move, I'm curious to see how this game is received) and Gears of War 3 (I played the heck out of the multiplayer of one, but hated the second's multiplayer... so we'll see).

I'm a little more interested in the multiplayer of games that are slightly different these days, such as Uncharted 2 and AC:Brotherhood, even though I haven't played those games yet.

The premise sounds absolutely ridiculous but after reading the multiplayer preview here the multiplayer sounds interesting because I do love Battlefield style online shooters. I'll probably wait for a Steam sale though, other games require my limited resources right now.

I never heard of it until yesterday when BAM! it was suddenly EVERYWHERE.

March is going to be a very painful month for my wallet. The 3DS (including games), this game, and I'm sure quite a few others will becoming out.

Heard of it, seen it plenty of times, know it's published by THQ and is a FPS. Nothing else, no trailers, screenshots.

Right now I'm only waiting for Dungeons.

Alon Shechter:
I never heard of it until yesterday when BAM! it was suddenly EVERYWHERE.

That's exactly what just crossed my mind... Plus, I'm not too fussed on FPS' in general, so I doubt very much I'll be buying it. I'mma save my money and wait for the only definate first day purchases I'll be making for this half of 2011: Portal 2 and DA:2.

All the videos I've seen of it made it look like CoD with tanks, certainly something I intend to keep at arms length since there is Bulletstorm coming.

Nah not even bothered about it may develop an interest if it has a decent singleplayer campaign but if it it's another multiplayer with a tacked on singleplayer ala cod then i'm out.

I had read about in in PC Gamer and it looked okay. Will probably be just another generic FPS shooter. Might get it during a steam sale or something.

I think it looks like a very promising game but alas they are using regional pricing to try and rip off my region as is the norm with most game developers these days.

US Steam price - $49.99 USD
AU Steam Price - $79.99 USD

And this is for a digital copy which is free from Australian GST(our tax) as it is from an international website for under $1000.

So it looks like another game I'll be avoiding until a long time after release when the prices become less shitty.

Having to pay 60% more for the exact same product? As far as I'm concerned whoever made that decision can go and jump off a bridge or something.

EDIT: At least this game will actually have aussie servers which is a plus. Usually we get the 60-100% markup AND have to cope with the horrible ping of US only servers. So 60-100% more for an inferior service.

I'm not interested in the game at all, but the price increase for us Aussies for no known reason other than corporate greed is enough for me to change my 'uninterested' to an outright 'no'. I don't support that kind of behaviour.

EDIT: ...Well damn, see preceding post ^

a lot of people in my gaming community want this game, but I just feel very meh about it.

I am indifferent to FPS in general, so I would pass on this one.

I'll probably Gamefly it at some point

Yesterday was the first I've heard of it. I haven't seen any promotional material and I don't particularly care to.

Looks interesting for the political story if nothing else.

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