Trailers: Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Environments Trailer

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Environments Trailer

The ghostbusters are back for more busting in this top down downloadable game.

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The light and particle effects look great. Is it just me or does that almost look like Ghostbusters meets Torchlight?

That's not a bad thing mind you...

This looks horrible to me. They made an excellent game a year or so back. If they make it like that again with a newer story then that would be just gravy with me.

But... If you cross the streams...

Wow...that looks like...they completely missed the point of Ghostbusters.

Lemme guess dual stick shooter. Still the graphics are pretty good for an arcade title.

Seeing only gameplay I'll say it looks pretty good.

Let's hope for some good writing...

... Well that looks horribly mediocore. Will probably give this one a miss.

Also, is Ghostbusters on the PS3 worth the playthrough? I'm still not sure about it from the things I've heard.

Oooh... I thought it was a trailer for sequel of Ghost MASTER :-(. That game was awesome.

Wow... that looks amazingly shit. Like totally spew on my balls shit. What is the gaming world coming to? :(

Well, the PS3 Ghostbusters game is really good, but it didn't sell that well. Actually some franchises that do poorly on sales but refuse to go down the drain do something like this... TombRaider Underworld turn to the Guardian of Light (good game), Matt Hazard's Eat Lead turn to Matt Hazard's ermm something something a PSN XBLA title (another good fun game) and now Ghostbusters the Game, turns to Downloadable ghostbusters game. Those are just examples mind, no need to discuss if a game is good or not.

At first I thought this was goignt o be a souped up version of the old three-player arcade game, but it looks to be a bit of an entirely new Gauntlet-esque Bustin' experience. Sign me up!

This looks like a real step backwards from the year old ghostbuster game, I gave that one a solid Good, i think i will give this one a pass.

This does really not want to make me play that game.. especially if your just shooting particle beams at ghosts.. I can go back and play smash tv for a better experience.

But... If you cross the streams...

Oh, it all turned out alright in the end. >.>

Game looks like fun. Deosn't really scream "Ghostbusters" to me, though.

They really could've done a lot more with the visuals considering the bird's eye view.

But something tells me they're going to market this as a party game.

My eyes hurt.


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