Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Most Loyal Canine Companions

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Top 5 Most Loyal Canine Companions

Man's best friend? More like gamer's best friend! Here's a tribute
to those loyal dogs that make our virtual lives so much easier - and cuter.

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uh sorry :3

I thought dog from HL2 would be on it, but then I realised he is'nt a dog.

haha, that was great. Intros like that really work. I prefer cats though so the intro was my favorite part because it had a kitty ^_^

Am I the only one who thinks Dragon-Face Lisa is awesome?

Kinda expcted the Dog from Duck Hunt :3

Sadly I don't have a dog, last dog I had died a few years ago...after having dogs for 19 years...I love dogs :3

inb4 animal curelty
and im more of a cat person =]

come on now, the accent on okami is prominently displayed on the case. some girl even says okami every time you load up the game. the way you say it, it sounds like some guy walked into soviet russia in the 60s and said, wait a sec, what is the predominant political and societal structure here? Oh! Commie!

I've only ever owned cats... My parents had a dog but he was massive and hyper active so they got rid of him when I was born that he didn't eat me :( So, since I don't have a dog, I'll take my girlfriend out for a steak dinner instead ;)

No love for the dog from the Bard's Tale remake? It comes back from the dead under its own power just to get back to the Bard.

Spoilers are void after 5 years. Handle it.

Great list as always, Lisa!

Reminds me of my hyperactive-hyper-loyal basset hound.

I miss ya, Ein!

Had to give him away when we moved to wear I'm living now.

Good episode. I was waiting to see her walk the roommate down the street with a leash on in the beginning.

What a cute kitty! Agree with most of the list. Bit disappointed that your Mabari from Dragon Age Origins wasn't on it but oh well.

So glad that Hewie from Haunting Grounds was on the list! Definetly no complaints this time... good job! (I tend to moan a lot, so thats quite an achievement).

Why is the best part of an episode about dogs - a CAT?!?

Seriously, that was one adorable cat. I want that cat. I declare that cat mine. Lisa, if that's your cat, I'm coming to get it. If it is not, please inform the actual owner that I'm coming to get his/her cat. Thank you for your understanding.

EDIT: No Mabari from Dragon Age? No ball-biting dog from Dead to Rights?

I do so look forward to these Lisa top fives.

The lists them selves are, well, ok. Fairly entertaining.

But Lisa is just so shibby. So shibby in fact she always makes me smile. Well grin. So purtty.

Anyone else think that the Fable 2 dog was better than the Fable 3 one?

Or is that just me?

None of the Cod4 dogs?
but they had such delicious controversy!

Poor ol Angelo from FF8 never got a look-in :(

Neither did Boo from Baldur's Gate... Although he was a hamster, he could have counted as a dog because he's so awesome.

I had a feeling Rush would make it to the list.

Hot Fuzz reference. WIN.

I must play Okami now...

Dogs are awesome! I really liked the dog from Red Dead Redemption, the one from your ranch. Especially when:

The Hott Fuzz reference made me bust out laughing, excellent work.

cool list, surprised not to see dog from half life 2 on there... then again, his not a dog in the traditional sense i guess =p

Delete my account.

I know it doesn't count, but the winner is clearly:
Fry's dog from Futurama. Such a sad episode ;(


You have failed me... for the last time...
Damn, it stopped working again. Stupid piece of crap.

cool list, surprised not to see dog from half life 2 on there... then again, his not a dog in the traditional sense i guess =p

On a list with both Sam and Rush, I'm not sure that Dog would have been out of place.

As a recommendation to the Escapist, could you list the games that she's talking about so I don't have to watch videos multiple times.

I'm both allergic to and not a big fan of cats, so all I can say is I wonder if Ochocincos are any good.

Despite my initial misgivings, I find myself warming up to this series. I especially like the subject of this episode's list -- dogs (especially basset hounds) are great. I'm sorry that Lisa is stuck with a cat.

Poor ol Angelo from FF8 never got a look-in :(

Picture towards the end. Seriously though, Any doggy that comes back after being fired at an enemy repeatedly (and to RINOA of all people...!) must be pretty damn loyal. Or stupid. Or both.

Yaay for Dogmeat.

And :( for no "Dog" from HL2

No "Interceptor" from FF VI. :(

YAY Hot Fuzz reference!!

And Dogmeat is awesome! Tho I like Rex form New Vegas

"dog" from halflife does not count as he does not look like a dog. i thought sam would not count as he is the lead in the game.

(must NOT say jokes about seeing lisa with her cat)

Great list!No complaints here. Other cool videogame dogs:

-Angelo from FF VIII (Limit B. awesomeness)
-Yamato from Shadow Dancer (i really thought he´d make Lisa´s list)
-Shadow from Dead to Rights (extremely helpful canine)
-The Dog from Resident Evil 4 (the one you free from the trap)
-The Dog from Silent Hill 2 secret ending (it was him all along!)

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