Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Most Loyal Canine Companions

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Does Lisa read these comments? Let's hope not for what I'm about to say.

I had to exert considerable will to watch this video without staring at that too-small shirt and imagine doing the konami code on it the whole time.

me too so much omg shes awesome :) i wanna play with her controller :D

The greater good.....

The greater good.....

Hot Fuzz beckons.

No Barkspawn from Dragon Age?


What was the song that was playing during the Megaman clips? It must be from either 2,9, or 10 because I'm sure I know it. Somebody help me out before this drives me insane!

That cat seems to like wearing a harness as much as mine does. Anyway, fun episode! :)

Nice list Lisa, as always.

This video has just reminded me to let my dog in from outside.

You're what I thin would happen if Yahtzee and Lizzie Maguire had a child.


You have failed me... for the last time...
Damn, it stopped working again. Stupid piece of crap.

Indeed. Dog from Half-Life 2 is the only worthy companion!

I totally did not double post to make my post actually appear...

Damn, I'm a sucker for pigtails and chokers.

I had to exert considerable will to watch this video without staring at that too-small shirt and imagine doing the konami code on it the whole time.

Also this.

What? What about the list? Oh, right, yeah that looked hot too.

What about Ralph from Sleepwalker. That guy deserves a medal.

I resent the lack of Shadow Dancer's dog, but you can't have everything. Plus, other than that, Lisa's finely tuned nerd senses continue to hit all the right notes, so I can't really complain.

What I got from this video is cat's suck ... seriously fuck cat's

Dogs ftw! Man's best friend ftw! I think you can safely say Dogs trump cats every time. Also, I'm rather surprised the Dog from A Dog's Life on the PS2 wasn't on there... Ah well... Another Brilliant top 5.

Im really disapointed by the lack of The Dog from HL2.

The Okami intro is ridiculously long. I could only play in 20 minute chunks when I began playing, and it took me a week to get to the first save. Non-skippable cutscenes were the only bad thing about that game.

Generally a pretty good list - think a FF dog would have made more sense than Sam though (Interceptor and/or Angelo). I was also quite pleased to see Hewie made the list, as although the game he's in is rather poor, he is a fantastic dog. The Dog from A Bard's Tale, as someone mentioned earlier, should also have gotten a place just for touching the Bard's heart, although again he's in just an average game. The Dog from Torchlight should have gotten an honorary mention as well, although he can also be a cat. :/

Good episode. This series is getting better since it hit its stride.
Okami is an awesome game, and more props for the Hot Fuzz reference. Though if there had been a sixth slot, the mabari from Dragon Age should've gotten it. He fetches stuff, kills things, and outsmarts half the party in conversation.

I would have also had Repede from Tales of Vesperia. I mean, he has a scar over one eye, has a chain for a leash, fights using daggers he holds in his mouth, and, wait for it, smokes a pipe.


Ghost Trick. Absolute most loyal dog ever.

Dude... a dog that basically waits about 10 years in the middle of a junkyard to save his mistress from complete and utter death whilst also simultaneously bettering the lives of all those he cares about? Damn right that dog's the most loyal awesome dog. Plus, it took some incredible smarts to figure out everything he did.

But yeah. I'd go for Howard first. Considering what Howard's facing..

And Sam does have quite a bit of weight with Max...

As for Rush... Yeah, okay...

Nevermind. This list is a bit rough to handle ain't it?

...Urgent need to play NES, wonder why...

Sam and Max! WHOOOO!!!

Hot Fuzz reference. WIN.

Which Hot Fuzz reference?

Too bad your dog from Secret of Evermore never made it. He did everything. Plus he eventually turned into a robot dog/toaster that shot lazers

HAHA, were you using one of those oversized Apple-screen-computer combo in one things? My boss's daughter has one of those

Woot!! Lisa's cat is back!!

Best video so far. I'm a serious fan of Lisa's cat:)

For some reason watching this video makes me want to perform the Konami Code.

Great list, But I found something yelling in my head the entire time I was watching that.It rhymes with foobies.

I seriously don't want to sound like a stupid immature child but my favorite part of this show is seeing what Lisa wears every week.

I just watched a clip from "All That" and I have to say Lisa that I kind of want to burn down Snick but its already toast.

lol i'm a cat person, but I find dogs cute too.

But Yea I echo the Dog from HL2 comments. Major sadness in me.
Also, the Perky Pug from WoW. That thing is soo cute!

I was happy Dogmeat was in there, but I haven't seen mine for about 10 hours of gameplay, so I think he might have died :P

I would have liked Dog from Half Life 2, but I guess he doesn't really count.

Nah look at the little kittah :3

Come on, Rush pretty much deserved the top spot. He's part dog, part jetpack, part submarine, part springboard, part motorcycle, all awesome.

The more intros and outros this series has, the more I'm baffled that Lise actually does look attractive -when she's dressed.

good episode, they are getting at least a bit funnier xd.
was i the only one to be destracted for about the first 30 or so seconds of talking by the realy maybe a bit too suggestively shaped shirt XD?

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