Zero Punctuation: Minecraft

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Minecraft.

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Oh my goodness so much win, Thank You for reviewing Minecraft

Doctor Graham Garden? I am proud of your Goodie Knowledge, sir.

"Fisherprice Shoggoths"...hahahahhahahhah

Good review, I'm quite a big fan of minecraft myself, I'm really surprised that he didn't hate it, it seems he likes games that actually do bring a near-perfect experience.

Another open world game that Yahtzee sort of likes... Hmmm...


I think EVERYONE has tried to build a skull fortress, hence why they are epic...

Now I just need a mod for sharks with laserbeams on their heads.


Just a warning to anybody who might be thinking of visiting Scotland, perhaps to trace non-existent family roots: going into Glasgow and calling it "Glesgae" is a sure fire way to have your eyes gouged out with broken bottles - and that's just from the grannies.

I hate minecraft oh so much. You dig a deep hole and rummage around for all those rare blocks and once you have enough to climb back up to the surface and are blinded by the rising dawn. Only it's not the computer dawn, you just looked outside and realized you just played all night and you have a test today!

Even Yahtzee has been swayed by the love for Minecraft, awesome :D

As a side note, this developer will be in this year's March Mayhem, so make sure to vote for him in March!

A....minecraft review?

Can't say I saw that one coming.

I do agree that Gold as of current needs more usage than just kind of shitty armour and tools.

You can make a clock with it though, which is infinitely helpful but that's about the only thing that's helpful that you can make with gold.

I liked the closing comment about the staring sheep xD

No but seriously, those animals are creepy :S

awesomeness beyond words.
i wish i had some actual creative talent, then maybe i could get into mincraft, and i'd probably have a lot of fun too.

Was not expecting him to give minecraft a go. Oh and did he really skull fuck the mountain? A giant skull with lava coming out of the eyes would have been tight.

Awe Man I'm so sorry for you being stuck in Australia.
Funny intro though, I can imagine that being your train of thought

Never played Minecraft but at least for a week you got to play a game you actually enjoy.

"Why are my intestines over there now?" Ahh... we know it all too well...

Glad he finally got round to reviewing it. =D

Finally Yahtzee plays minecraft, now the addiction will slowly rise until it consumes him... MUAHAHAHAHA!
seriously though i was thinking just yesterday he should review minecraft so for me this is a cheerful yet eerie coincidence

This review makes me makes me want to try it even more. Alpha version, here I come!

Fucking creepers.

Seriously fuck creepers, those things keep spawning in my castle and force me to repair my second floor

Well, I was hoping for this, but it's interesting to see what Yahtzee actually thinks of it. Also, I know that he mentioned Super Meat Boy in Extra Punctuation, but a video on that would've been interesting...

Wow, no rage at all.

That sounded like a recommendation to me. I'm afraid if I started playing I would never quit though so I think I will continue to avoid this one.

Amazing review! I was expecting more criticism, but evidently Minecraft's awesomeness sways even Yahtzee himself.

i was always thinking of looking into Minecraft, but i really dont want to go through the time and effort of paying just to gather out individual pieces of items and put them together into various things.

i like instant gratification more

always wanted to try it out, but I will most likely wait for it to come out of beta

Didn't saw this coming. I was pleased and can agree / relate with it.

Keep it up.

I'm definetly gunna have to try this game now.
I was surprised that Yahtzee thought gold armor would be any good in the first place, and a little disappointed he didn't go strait to building the doom fortress.

Nice. Yeah I think everyone has a "Golden Cock and Balls" story when it comes to minecraft, like when I built a Giant Stone Golem with Glowdust eyes out in front of my castle and to the right of my underwater diamond mine.

... I just realized I have the building preferences of a Super Villain.

A yahtzee review that makes me interested in playing the game...that makes, what, 6 out of 100+?

The skull bit gave me an idea. I usually just try to build stuff that's undercover. I once made a mansion underwater, that required the displacing of every cube of water in the area, on by one, since I don't know a better method. It turned out great. The downside was I couldn't find it if I went to far away. So I built a tall tower with a lava lamp on top of it.

They they added sea creatures and I did it all over again.

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