Hands-On: Bulletstorm Demo (in 3D)

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grr not on PSN yet ! grr xD

I must get my hands on this demo as soon as I can.

So what your telling me is that yet another game that is "3d vision ready" comes with NO 3D CROSSHAIR? Cripes, the crosshair is the single most important thing to get right in 3D. Does it atleast come with a way to turn the offensive item off?

I waited an hour for the demo to download, but the wait was worth it!! I had more fun playing this short demo than most full-length games I've played recently. Being able to make a group of people explode by shooting one "flingshot" round is amazing!!

Love the colour scheme too and Gray's pirate accent. Finally, space pirates with proper accents!
First day buy for me!

I've been waiting for shooters to return to... Whats that word... FUN!

Between this and the Duke coming back, all I need is TimeSplitters 4 and I'll be back on the mainstream!

Spoon E11:

I'm downloading it at the moment :D How come it's only got 4 stars on the Game Marketplace?

Hey brink has 4 stars on market place and no demo yet.

Anyway Its a barrel of fun. Cant wait for the full game, Then perhaps I will have 4 barrels of fun with that shotgun.

I actually cant wait for Brink, it looks so fucking good.

OT: I played Bulletstorm last night, I think its really fun, although at first takes a while to get used to the controls... the controls are quite similar to Gears of War except its in first person.

I've also had troubles with nut shots. Only did it once to attempt the 'mercy' kill, which is awesome by the way.

Loved the demo overall. Its short but trying to beat high-scores made it highly replayable.

Well, just finished the demo last night and have let my thoughts sprout. My only problem is the control scheme. Pressing X (I'm on PS3) to sprint is really dumb. (Also, when sprinting, why do I not auto vault over obstacles? I have to stop, then press X to vault over something, pretty flow breaking.) X should have been used to jump, that is all The crouch button should have been used for sliding while running. The main problem with pressing X to sprint is that you normally use the right stick to move the camera, when using X to sprint, you are forced to use the left stick to look around. Which is horribly confusing for the player.

Here's how the layout is, L2 to leash, R2 for special weapon attack, L1 ADS, R1 fire, Triangle to Cycle weapons, Square to reload, d-pad to select weapons as well, circle or right stick down to crouch or melee, based on personal preference. That's all well and good. Here's the bad choices: X to sprint, double tap X while running to slide. These one's should have been: left stick to sprint, X to jump while walking, Right stick/Circle to slide while running. See good controller layout design? Not that hard. Yes, this kind of layout I've mentioned is used in every other FPS, but it is used in every other FPS for a reason. It works well. Simply put, don't try to fix what isn't broken.

I'm sure that I'll get accustomed to the layout, but It is really stupid.

Anyway, in-game action. I was having sooooooo much damn fun. Just leashing an enemy towards me, kicking him away, leashing him back to me, Etc, etc, was unbelievably awesome. Plus, (And mega yay for this) your character has stupid amounts of health and can deal out so much pain that cover is completely pointless. I'm really looking forward to playing the full game.


I had a similar problem with the control layout. It just seems cluttered. There is a lot going on that perhaps should've been re-worked. I don't think I even knew I had a whip-thingy until the second playthrough because I couldn't find it on the controller.

But it was still loads of fun.

Why the hell am I unable to find the demo?

keke... dicktitz.

I should feel ashamed for laughing at such a frat boy joke but it feels so right.

Too bad I don't have my Xbox with me... :( It sounds fun.

I cant wait for this. Looks like its going to be too much fun!

I actually didn't enjoy the demo, I found the controls a bit clunky and that there really wasn't that much variety within the level.. I know it was only a small section of the game but on the basis of the demo I'm probably not going to buy it, which is a shame as I was really looking forward to it..

I was going to say I'm disappointed by the use of points to unlock items rather than purely for leaderboard bragging, but on further consideration I don't know why that's not awesome. Killing enemies for money is always fun, and multipliers make it feel like a frantic, bloody cashgrab.

Big money! Big prizes! IIIII love it!

After playing The Crysis 2 Multiplayer demo, I was bored to the point of...something....metaphorical. Then I played the Bulletstorm demo, and hot damn was it fun. Seriously, Crysis 2, a game that's toted as a gorgeous game with awesome gameplay is shit (Multiplayer wise). They just copy-pasted MW2, gave it prettier textures, and added in the ability to become invisible, the ability to take 3 more bullets before dieing, see in thermal vision which doesn't do crap, and a "Futuristic" theme.

Bulletstorm, despite being on the inferior engine, looks much better IMO. It actually has color, for one thing. That and it's trying something new, what with the Tony Hawk + Old-School FPS gameplay. So Crysis 2 gets the shaft from me, while Bulletstorm will get a bundle of roses...which explode and launches it into a bed of spikes.

Voodoo Doll +100

The demo has officially given me my favorite pistol of all time, I mean really I enjoyed the demo sure the swearing is everywhere and the characters are cardboard cutouts but otherwise seems like an interesting enough game, also you get bonus points for killing people under the influence, I kid you not.

I played the demo and it was heaps of fun, although I was wishing for faster default movement speed.

No demo for PC, the one platform that needs demos the most.

My new theory on console ports is that if there is no demo for the PC, it's a poorly optimized piece of shit, with control issues, awful mouse acceleration and is plagued wacky graphical problems. If there is no demo, the company is likely trying to hide the game's and hopes to con people out of money before they can find out it's a garbge lazy port.

I hate you too, Epic.

Looks like fun :O Might have to go download that demo later.

As an aside though:

Listening to this, I got the impression that it could have been written by a Fox News sleeper agent, for how horribly (read: truthfully) it characterized the modern gaming landscape.

"Bulletstorm gleefully encourages that sort of experimentation, particularly in environmental kills. Say you yank an opponent towards you, but you don't notice you're standing next to exposed rebar, which impales him. Or you kick him into dangling power cords, electrocuting him. You can pull that supply cabinet on the ceiling open with a leash, dropping lethal hardware on your opponents, or you can activate one of the defunct now-sideways elevators to squash a group of unlucky enemies (try setting them on fire first for the point bonus)."

I mean I guess if you stop and think about it, it's not all that much worse than the culture of, say, a Jason Stathom movie.

But like...good GOD, when you just step back for a second o_O

That's serial-killer talk.

What is wrong with us?

I'm so gonna buy this game. At first I was a little bit worried that the game is going to get a bit boring after a few hours but the demo was just amazing.

I'm just hoping Epic and Cliffy can put something out nearly on par with UT again. This combo system sounds interesting, and the level design already had me hooked for this one.

So........no demo for PC????

unless you want gamesforwindowslive clogging up your pc id dissuade you from interest on that platform.

I wonder if they are going to have a badass announcer narrating in which creative, brutal way people killed people in multiplayer, just like in the classic of the gory classics Blood, by Monolith.
You know, instead of having the boring "Player X [weapon_icon] Player Y" of the realistic military FPS's saying that somebody killed somebody, you could have something more saucy like Blood's multiplayer did, a quicklist:
Player X squashed Player Y.
Player X throttled Player Y.
Player X massacred Player Y.
Player X sliced Player Y.
Player X mutilated Player Y.
Player X smashed Player Y.
Player X creamed Player Y.
Player X splattered Player Y.
Player X disemboweled Player Y.
Player X sodomized Player Y.
Player X made mincemeat out of Player Y.
Player X gave Player Y anal madness/justice.
Player X hurt Player Y real bad.
Player X boned Player Y like a fish.
Player X ripped Player Y a new orifice.

Frozen Donkey Wheel2:
I'm....a little dissapointed. It literally took me about 10 minutes (at most, probably more like 5) to complete the demo. Why the fuck is it so short? I mean, there's nothing wrong with the gameplay, but seriously....why the fuck is it so short?

its a Demo?

its not a free Game


Frozen Donkey Wheel2:
I'm....a little dissapointed. It literally took me about 10 minutes (at most, probably more like 5) to complete the demo. Why the fuck is it so short? I mean, there's nothing wrong with the gameplay, but seriously....why the fuck is it so short?

its a Demo?

its not a free Game

Thanks, I know what a demo is. Most of them take longer then 10 minutes to complete.

Not G. Ivingname:

John Funk:

Is the game reminding you of Mad World at all?

The game had pretty much the same point as Bulletstorm, but quickly ran out of new ways to kill people after a few hours, do you think that this game will have that same issue?

Ya I doubt it. See this is made by Epic Games (which is obvious from the humor), but it was co-developed with People Can Fly. If you haven't seen Yahtzee's review of their previous game, Painkiller, go watch it. Painkiller had crazy weapons and it worked. This game is expanding further with crazy weapons plus skill system, combos, etc.

yeah the demo is short BUT man I suck! I need MOAR POINTS!!! can't wait to really give it a go xD

Hm.... I'm not very impressed :-(

I foudng it boring lol

This has probably been said before, but, seriously. As soon as you said 'Dicktits', I giggled. I couldn't help it!

Games for Windows live sucks donkey balls. I already had an account and to even come close to starting the game I had to sign in five times. After that I gave up. It is total crap, I wish I could use this key on steam instead.

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