Question of the Day, January 29, 2011

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Question of the Day, January 29, 2011


With the reveal of the Next-Generation Portable, the new handheld race is upon us. Which side are you on?


Both, at some point.

At launch, neither.

I like Sony better as a company, though.

Heavy Rain NGP would be awesome. DO IT SONY!

3DS. Mainly because I might actually buy that one, and I'm unlikely to get sony's.

The addition of a second analogue stick to the new PSP might actually make me get back into portable gaming, if only to play Monster Hunter Portable 3rd without having to do that terrible pincer-grip thing you need to do on current PSPs.

Got no interest in the 3DS. 3D is a headache-inducing gimmick, and no one I know owns a DS, compared to 3 with PSPs.

Easy enough. Sony NGP...

For starters, even after the hacker fiasco, I actually LIKE Sony. But the concept of their new console sounds far more interesting to me than buying another Nintendo handheld with their usual line-up of franchises.

Depends on what sony define as affordable really if they price it lower than the 3DS they have a winner.

Neither. Don't like any of time, not to mention the investment into one of them.

I'll see what games come out.

If I get either, it will be the NGP, never did like the DS that much...

At launch, neither. After that it'll depend on what games come out and how badly I want them.

Considering that I despise 3D for the over-charging gimmick that it is, the 3DS has me intrigued. Mainly because there are no glasses involved.*

*(I wear glasses to see, so 3D glasses are pointless for me.)

Neither, I haven't been intrested in playing handheld games since I was a kid playing Pokemon on my GB/GBA.

I'll end up getting both at some point. I'm looking forward to the NGP more, it's specs are pretty exciting, I can't wait till the homebrewing / jailbreaking community get at it, it'll have Android within a month of release. The insinuation it has PS3s power is a little ludacris, but if they'd qualified that with "by ratio" I might just believe it, since it have to do a lot less processing with a smaller resolution and smaller games. 4 cores in a handheld before 2012 is at least very impressive, I was looking at 2011 as the dual core surge in handheld tech with whisperings of more. The 3DS has pulled out the MGS3 remake which is enough to make me pay attention at least. The Okami sequel is definitely a major point in it's favour.

"Versus threads are generall frowned upon here on The Escapist"


Well, I'm on the fence about this one. Both are looking good so far. I'll reserve my judgement for now and wait until I see what they can really do.

I do not plan to purchase either at launch. I was going to purchase the 3DS, but the region lock has delayed those plans. I still eventually plan on purchasing the 3DS (at least once the region lock is broken), beacuse there are certain games that I am interested in that are coming out for it and beacuse it is backwards compatible with DS(i) games.

I currently have no plans on purchasing the NGP, since the price and region lock status are currently unknown. Plus, none of the games demonstrated so far appeal to me and the lack of (physical) backwards compatibility makes it even less appealing.

I'm more likely to get the NGP than the 3DS. I'm still on the fence though, depends on the games they'll be releasing.

Right now, not sure. No games that have been announced for either really interest me...

Both, but I'll be getting the NGP first because A) I'm more likely to be able to afford one at launch and B) I'm a secret Sony fanboy

But I'll still get a 3DS eventually most likely, same happened with the DS

3DS at launch, and Sony's thing later. I haven't been keeping up with the news, but will the NGP be able to play PSP games?

I'm probably (75% sure) going to get both. Although, with a custom-built desktop, a laptop for A levels, A new guitar and a piano to buy too, I don't know how my wallet will take the news... ¬_¬

I'll get both, the 3DS maybe a few months after launch but the NGP I'll get at the midnight launch.

NGP, for sure - it sucks to be a dinosaur, but I prefer core games - Wipeout, Uncharted, Killzone, and I'm already sold. Plus there were some good games on the PSP, and I'd really like to play them with second analog stick.

I don't know enough about the NGP yet, but I'm still not completely sold on the 3DS.
To be honest, I'm pretty happy with my ipod touch for my hand-held gaming needs.

And where's iPhone 5 option?

I myself woudl go with the NGP, I like the games, and when it comes down to it, I wouldn't mind a 'smart phone' :P And hey, I may not be able to afford a smartphone, but I can justify saving up for a handheld.

Now the question is, what 3G service will it allow? (I perfer pre-paid over contract, and since we'll be able to actually buy it straight out, a no-contract 'could' be possible.)

Gimmick vs. power.
Power any day.

Right now I'd still say it's too close to call though if I had to choose I'd probably go with the PSP2. I'm just still not convinced that the 3DS's 3D will offer enough of an improvement to overcome the great hardware that appears to be in place with the PSP2.. but if the PSP2 ends up with the sort of early life software drought that the first PSP had then I don't know if the gimmick VS hardware debate will matter. If the 3DS has the better game library then I'd certainly start leaning that way.


Each system will have games that I'll want to spend some time playing that would not appear on the other system. Each system will probably have the ability to download games from earlier previous platforms.

Also, I am old enough to realize the concept of a console war is kind of stupid.

Someone give me a yes or no please. NGP = PSP2? I'm getting confused, haven't been keeping up with the portables. And that probably answers the poll question, don't have enough cash to split between two systems.

I need to see a couple months after release of what kind of games are out and in the works. I love my current 1st gen DS way more than my PSP because the PSP didn't have much support in terms of great games. They were few and far between. I am honestly hoping that both systems get the support they need to earn the masses.

Eh, I'm a bit ups on it. I like Nintendo, but the NGP seems to have more power behind it. But i don't like Sony too much as a company, especially lately with the lawsuits. I guess i'll see prices and how well stocked they are with games and then make my decision

were the new windows phone?
also 3ds, better 3rd party support, that and their remaking all my favorite n64 games,

I've already pre-ordered a 3DS. Starfox 64 and Ocarina of Time pry far too much into my nostalgia for me to reject it. I'll also get a NGP, but I'm not sure if I'll get it at launch.

I think I'm definitely getting a 3ds, (there's just no way I can miss the new Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Phoenix Wright v Professor Layton, and all Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, DK, and Pokemon to come) but I am tempted by the psp2. I do think it'll cost $300+ though and anybody who thinks it could be the same or less than the 3ds is delusional.

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