Question of the Day, January 29, 2011

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There's going to be a new Megaman Legends game for the 3DS so that's what I'm voting for.


3D doesnt appeal to me at all and I'm getting overly tired of Nintendos structure to releasing handhelds. No doubt after a year of the 3DS we'll have the 3DSXL followed shortly by some other version of it. I'm also bored of them passing out the same games over and over.

In saying that, I wont get the NGP at launch.

I like the NGP more than the 3DS, but I don't know what games will be released that will make them worth getting. Once they have a decent line-up, I'll decide then (although I will probably get both).

I'm leaning towards neither, but if I ever find myself really wanting a portable gaming device I would probably go with the 3DS.

3DS because

I'm kidding, the line-up for both looks great, it depends what I hear further towards the release of the PSP2

I'm holding off. I'm not sure it'll be "neither," but I'm not jumping on either train just yet.

This is a tough one. At one point I thought I would be getting the 3DS on day 1. Now that the launch line-up doesn't interest me and it won't even be feature complete until May, I'm gonna wait to get a 3DS.

The NGP, on the other hand, is an impressive competitor. I would need to know pricing, battery life, and game line-up first, but I could be convinced to go with Sony's device if they step it up and Nintendo drops the ball on the 3DS.

I'm not making a decision from somewhat vague news.

The 3DS is neat, sounds promising, but I don't really play DS games as it is.. I guess I could get back into teh Pokemons, but eh..

As for the "NGP", I'm not convinced yet. I'm certainly not going to be carrying around multiple handhelds, especially if I already own a PSP. Give me a way to play my UMD games on the NGP, without having to PURCHASE THEM AGAIN FROM PSN. Sorry, but I'll do that for the PS1 Final Fantasy games, because a digital, portable version is pretty cool, but for PSP games that I already own.. It defeats the point.

I had a happy feeling in my pants when I saw the NGP Uncharted tech demo on GameSpot yesterday. Hey, you asked.

besides pokemon the 3DS has not a single interesting thing to me, not even the 3D capability, and the psp2 is actually looking really good, especially with the double joysticks, with that in mind, and the backwards compatibility with psn games, i will probably get that.

I'm really split between the two... they both have really good points going for them, but I can't afford both!

I guess I'll just wait to get more concrete information about the NGP, price, etc.

I'm not much of a handheld gamer, so I chose "I don't know enough yet".

But if I was forced to choose, I'd have to go with the NGP. I've just had bad experiences with my Nintendo gaming devices as I only touch my DS once a year on the family vacation and I have yet to play my Wii in months.

Still, they both look very interesting, but if I was forced to get one I'd go with the NGP as of right now with all that I know from both handhelds.

I guess I'm just a Sony fanboy at heart :P

I don't require either - my preferred portable entertainment devices are books.

I'll probably get both. But right now I'm really underwhelmed by both. I'm gonna wait for a while to get them.

I'm unsure about the NGP. It looks cool and doesn't seem to use 3D but what's with the senser on the backside of the console? I am not a fan of the gyroscopes/ motion control either.

I like the 3DS a bit more though because you can at least turn off the features you don't want to use...well, the 3D...I don't know about the gyroscope.

If Sony's is cheaper and has more games, then sorry 3DS. If not, then it's either a 3DS or PS3.

Definitely getting the 3DS.

It's possible that I'll pick up the NGP as well, but I'm not planning on doing so yet.

If I had the money I'd totally buy both. Right now I'm leaning to 3DS though as I know it will have a game I will want to play really really badly, Pokemon. But PSP2 will most likely have Monster Hunter... of course what I think they seem to be doing is marketing as a cheaper alternative to the iproducts instead of competition against the 3DS.

Oh well, in the next 5 years I will most likely buy both of them. Probably the 3DS at launch and the PSP2 when a 2nd version of it comes out.

I'm on board with the NGP. The features all look interesting and I'm pumped for Monster Hunter and Uncharted. Plus you know they're gonna release a Dissidia title on that thing.

NGP. The line up alredy sounds exceedingly good.

leaning more towards the NGP, because it will defiantly add to the depth of the game roster of play station

still Nintendo has some of my most favorite childhood games, plus Fire emblem because i love me some TBS

It depends. Which one will have Pokemon?

I don't know enough yet.

If NGP is too expensive then third party support will drop like a rock.

I'll be getting both sometime after launch, and depending on how much NGP is going to cost I might get that one first. Sony has intrigued me with their new handheld, more so with the 3DS since the only thing that's impressive to me is 3D without the glasses. The NGP might have launch titles that I will actually get when it comes out. So I shall see what Sony and NIntendo are up to.

3DS, probably. Not 100% sure yet.

Neither handhelds are not my thing. But I am interested in seeing the 3DS at work.

3DS mainly because NGP looks like it will cost a bazillion dollars and also because the DS had a better library than the PSP and probably the 3DS will have a better library than the NGP.

Sony is just talking about tech and not games, strange seeing the industry is GAMING.

It's the PS3, Wii Gen all over again.

Sony offering what will probably be a very expensive but truly solid piece of next generation hardware with lots of bells and whistles. Nintendo offering an overpriced console with last-gen technology, the only advantage being it's fairly interesting gimmick.

We really don't have enough information.

Although, having seen the developer lineup I'm way more excited about the NGP.

just not remotely interested

Things in the 3DS's favour: Pokemon Franchise, Gimmicky 3D

Things in NGP's favour: Everything else

It's the PS3, Wii Gen all over again.

Sony offering what will probably be a very expensive but truly solid piece of next generation hardware with lots of bells and whistles. Nintendo offering an overpriced console with last-gen technology, the only advantage being it's fairly interesting gimmick.

It's weird to me how Nintendo just seems to be stuck technology-wise...

Anyways, if I buy either it'll be the NGP fo' sho', I'm a tech geek and a bit of a Sony fanboy (bought every console they ever put out).

3D is a gimmick?

Sony has been talking about the tech of the device more than the actual games. Does that mean the NGP uses its tech as a gimmick?

But anyways, 3DS. Can't miss out on Professor Layton. If it's anything like the DS, the game line up will improve very shortly. Might as well make the investment sooner than later.

I'm not massively bothered about either of them, if I'm honest. I got both the original PSP and DS on their respective release days and then proceeded to never play on the bloody things. I sold the PSP first, even upgraded to the newer DS at some point before eventually selling it to my dad.

Chances are I'll get neither because, although I travel quite a lot, I have very little interest in gaming on the move. If forced to choose one over the other, I'd take the PSP2 or NGS or whatever the hell we're meant to be calling it. I like the look of the Sony thing but I wouldn't even consider getting one straight away, I'd have to give it a few months or so and see what games are out by then 'cos what killed the original PSP for me was the fact that it had nothing I wanted to play. As for the 3DS... well, I just have no interest in that.

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