Unskippable: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

The grand legend of the thief and the talking rat. It's an odd legend.

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Rats make crappy guides

This game looks all kinds of weird... I wondered why the rat just stopped talking but apparently the main character is fluent in rodent?

And who IS he stealing from if he's meant to be isolated from humanity?

So, I learned something today already, Ezio can climb anything I learned the Latin word for arches.
Also, Note to self: don't drink water from any land owned by Mike Patton or rats will start talking.

I think it was the same voice actor which just made things confusing as hell.

And don't forget how the thief can talk without moving his lips, apparently. He can project his voice... he must go over great at parties!

Yet another practical thieving outfit. Who designs these characters?

That game's demo reminded me of Enslaved.

I hated Enslaved. But liked that.

It had a some fun little stealth bits with a teamwork brawler focus, too.

Cutscene's text on bland background style made me hope for a USkip episode. Wish granted, yay!

Well that made my morning. The water bit was very clever, I burst out laughing.
Also, was anyone else hypnotized by the spinning sun at the beginning?

I propose a new running joke of every rat being called Dave, in addition to every crow/raven being called Russell.

its great to see Mike Patton back as the Darkness again.

"who was he stealing from?" made me laugh very hard.

an isolated theif cut of from mankind. wow soo many contradictions

And the Thief with a Heart of Gold cliche shows up yet again. Making him live in the Enchanted Forest of Goodness and Nature and talk to animals stretches the suspension of disbelief a bit, though. I mean, do storytellers not know any other chaotic good/neutral character archetypes besides "thief"?

You have to agree, falling is the easiest way to travel

Onyx Oblivion:
That game's demo reminded me of Enslaved.

I hated Enslaved. But liked that.

It had a some fun little stealth bits with a teamwork brawler focus, too.

Cutscene's text on bland background style made me hope for a USkip episode. Wish granted, yay!

It's pretty fun. The voice acting is some of the worst I've heard, though. The main character is OK. Majin is annoying, and pretty much everyone else is annoying too. The game is no gem, but it's worth playing still.

You gotta wonder why he doesn't even bat an eye at the talking rat. What, do the rats in that game all talk or something? 'Cause that'd make being an exterminator akin to being the nazis in the Diary of Anne Frank.

Wait, is this the game with the giant tree-like troll? Cause that would explain the talking rat. (don't ask me how)

So, where is the Majin? Based on Graham's voice at the end, it's in scenic Tenudo.

No adverb jokes? For SHAME!

If the thief and the rat have the same voice actor, I was thinking it was some kind of clue that the rat is actually the thief's conscience or inner voice talking to him. But I'm probably giving this far too much thought.

I'm also tempted to photoshop Ezio on top of K2...

Shiiiit ! He falls alot.

He's not hearing the rat talk, he's hearing it squeak and getting the message in his head, which is why it's his voice?
I've never even heard of this game before...

That was pretty funny, although the cutscene itself wasn't all that bad. I was kind of disappointed when the soldiers of darkness weren't all actually Mike Patton.

That narrator sounded like the guy who voices Zaeed in Mass Effect 2.

So... hold on a second. These guys re immortal, and the armies couldnt defeat them. The rat knows this, and there's no heads up at all? Like, even just a "hey, these guys are immortal" would be nice. anyway this sounds like a really poor thief knock off.

Uh... That bit at the end was just... wrong on so many levels.

Thanks a lot guys. ;p

OH! Paul, that last line was horrible! How could you?

I don't know why, it just struck me as really really bad; maybe it was in the earnestness of the delivery?

You'd think he'd know stabbing them wouldn't work, since the soldiers couldn't kill them. I mean, that's every medieval soldiers first instinct! What, did this alleged thief think all the soldiers did anyway? Say hurtful insults? Though that would explain why the soldiers of darkness look so depressed...

"Hey yo, what's up. I'm Dave, I'm a rat."

That cracked me up. :D

Genius! One of the best commentaries with one of the weirdest games. So many times they were merely pointing out the natural comedy in the game itself. Reminds me of a B-movie, taking itself so seriously that it ends up being a parody of itself. :D

"I could never climb up there!" Maybe you should try falling up there its what your best at.

Does Dave really need to clarify that he is, in fact, a rat? I mean, do you make a point of clarifying that you are, in fact, a human being when introducing yourself?

The first quarter had some pretty pimp music, then it all went down hill.

How can music be pimp you ask?

Well, you see

Sneaked > Snuck

And I'm sure there's a latin word somewhere but I forgot it.

Unskippable! Teaching us things but I can only remember the one!

Talking rats and invincible thieves that can fall from great heights and can steal from himself. Sounds like a great game to me.

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