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See, it was idiots like this (though from the other side of the gender aisle) that made me move out of the dorms and start commuting to college

Those are some cra-haha-aaaazy wigs.

btw Paul makes a very convincing jock/pimp/thing.

OH GOD!!!!
There are a couple of chicks like the blonds living right above me!!!

This will give me SSSOOOOOOOOOO MANY nightmares.

Thanks LRR...

Reading some of the replies saying this is a "recogniseable situation". Damn I'm glad I live in Belgium.

Can't be LRR without paul. I guess...

That was some excellent gum acting by Missie.

Yep, that's university.

Embedding our future trained professionals with a healthy loathing and contempt for 50% of the worlds population.

The way you solve this particular situation is by either education through cranial injury (what is referred to smacking the dumb right out), or slipping caffeine pills into all their food stuffs to prevent them sleeping and therefore be to tired to do anything but groan.

Awesome video loved every second LRR.

So I see the LRR crew has visited CU. =) The worst part of this video is how it is not exactly a parody, I have been kids at Uni that are really that dumb, or are just there to party on Mom and Dads money...

Ho boy, did I ever know people who were that dumb in college (of both sexes). It seriously irks me how many people treat college like high school. The only comfort I took was in that they were wasting their (parents') money.

Whoa, Tally looks rly awsm nth mv msrr hrhr gnn. must. concentrate.

btw Paul makes a very convincing jock/pimp/thing.

He's not "a thing", he is a'tool!

Paul managed to pull off the look, but his voice didn't mesh IMO.

Why does Kathleen look like Judy from Doug!? And why is it awesome?! Trick question; it just is!


I'm glad so many people could relate to nit-wits like 'chick 1 and chick 2' as they were referred to in the script, but I'm a little worried that for some people this skit wasn't all that over the top!

Wow, I think I just had an aneurysm watching that. 0_o

Just the mere thought of being around people like that makes me feel ill. And I don't cope well with shared accommodations at the best of times.

Ehe. Nasty stuff.

Funny, yet horrible.

I'm off to university in Australia in two weeks time.
Dear GOD I hope it's not that retarded!

Somehow, I immediately knew that Kathleen wrote that video.

Yeah, me too. Hilarious. As many others have said, Paul as the gangster-wannabe was awesome. Least gangster-looking person on the crew!

Nice digs. Does the crew no longer know anyone in dorms that would let them shoot at their place, or are the dorms in BC universities just that sweet-looking?

The only way to make this skit better was to have Morgan as one of the blondes.

This episode was markly more disturbing than usual.




Also, what did I just watch? :P

Same question I am asking myself right now.

Also it says Jeremy is in the video but never actually shows him. I am kind of afraid now.

I saw him. Well, ok... I saw his foot.

thats why i said i was afraid.

I absolutely hated this episode. It went more by shock factor and stereotypes to try to be funny than actually BEING funny. I really expected more considering it's an LRR video.

Wow, man, this is uncanny.
This is exactly what happened to me once.
You even got the wigs and the STDs right.

Also, first mention of "Jock Fuck" made me go: "Okay, do not even have to guess, Kathleen wrote this."

Tally in a blonde wig is friggin weird.

Was "Lady-Dudes" a reference to Scott Pilgrim?

I absolutely hated this episode. It went more by shock factor and stereotypes to try to be funny than actually BEING funny. I really expected more considering it's an LRR video.

Shock factor and stereotypes are legitimate elements to create humour with. Granted, it doesn't always work, but that is a subjective matter.

Also, when a show has weekly episodes it is not uncommon to have one video from time to time that doesn't really work.

Yeah, when I watched the credits, I thought; "Wait, Jer wasn't in that vid... ooooooooh..."

Distorted Stu:
I heard dog fuck and i was "OKAAAAAAAAAYYYY"

God bless Uni

Yeah, I somehow heard JOG fuck. I was like "Um...What...How do you even...what?"

Anyway, funny video. Paul as a fratboy was unexpected, yet hilarious.

The resemblance to my old apartment and room mates was uncanny.

I'm glad the college I attend isn't like that. Then again some of the people at my college could also be a little less uptight, some of the people in the dorm thought it was risqué when one of my roommates and his girlfriend would fall asleep on the couch together. They didn't even have sex you guys, pretty sure it's okay. Though it did start to annoy me, not because I thought it was wrong, but because it meant that I had to be quite while in the kitchen so I didn't wake them up.

All in all it was a very strange LRR episode. I thought the part with Paul was the best. The whole actually showing the Sex bit is something more I'd expect from a low-grade Comedy show, but oh well.

That was.. instructive?
I'm currently attending university, and while I don't know people exactly as the 3 presented, I can see things close to it, like the 2 girls who, by them alone, forced me to exit the house before I committed homicide, at least they never used my bed... I think.

And seemingly like the majority, Paul's appearance was interesting.

Wow! Get in there Jer!

It was just a matter of time before a LRR sex tape was released.

The only way to make this skit better was to have Morgan as one of the blondes.

Morgan and Tally doing that would have been so win!

Geez, hopefully I don't have to put up with that kind of ignorant asshattery in two years...

I'm very slow today, it took me way too long before I got the title.

also I'm starting to hate the recptcha thing..

This just reminds me of my first year of uni...
(Decided to commute after that horrible experience. I'll gladly take the 6 hours (3hrs each way) worth of travel each day I need to go in)

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