The Big Picture: Magneto Was Right

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Magneto Was Right

This week, Bob looks at what it's like to be "different."

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That is an excellent question. I really don't know which side I'd be on. And I've been picked on enough in my life time.

As much as I'd like to turn the world upside down Movie Bob, I'm afraid I'd have to to stick with whatever side Wolverine is on :P

hmm, choosing if Ian McKellan or Patrick Stewart is cooler, THAT'S hard. Speaking of which, Marvel vs CAPCOM 3 is out in 2 weeks (too bad there's no story mode though).

Y'know what, screw it, I'll be on the side of DEADPOOL

This man is the second man aside from Adam sesslar who can make an interesting point and I don't know where it is going.

I'm sorry you were bullied Bob but the line, 'a veritable rainbow coalition of torment' made me giggle a little.

I would probably be with Magneto too. I wasn't bullied too hard but hard enough to have retaliated. Any of Professor X's students would have tried kicking my ass if they passed by and saw me exacting a revenge...or just busting open ATMs for some quick cash...

Oh, the answer's obvious: I'd be on the side that looks like it'd probably win.

I'd be tempted to join Magneto... but He'd have to take care of Logan before I lift a finger... That guy is crazy scary.

Well my peers don't like me due to committing the great sin of daring to be interested in Politics and the world outside Facebook.

Anyway I blame the 'ignore it'method which seems to just been made so that teachers don't have to do sh*t. In Sports camp I tried telling one of the adult about a kid who was making death threats and all I was told was 'ignore and don't be a snitch' so I told mum and when she called the same guy who was useless walked up to me and told me the guy who threatened me was asked to leave but he sounded really bitter.

Oh and Magneto.

Yay a Star Wars, Calvin & Hobbes and A Fish called Wanda reference all in the same episode and an interesting question. This is the stuff you could right a thesis on, if you were a weird nerd.

I'd totally be a bad guy, but let the people know it's their fault, and consequences don't just go away.

(too bad there's no story mode though).


And in case you're not feeling the link, Quote from the article

"It's important that game's have strong stories for Marvel," Baker said. "With fighting games it's not as essential as an action game or role playing game but we are very much insisting there be some cohesive kind of story for this game.

"We actually have a subtitle for the game that means something this time. In the coming months we will be giving you more information about it."

I've always tended to side with the villains. I never agreed with arbitrary goodness.

If I had super powers you'd better believe I'd use them to rule the damn world.

More OT:

You said it perfectly. I've always laughed at the notion that people ostracise Geeks/nerds/dorks ect. because they're intimidated by them. It's just because they don't like or understand them.

Humans are naturally discriminative. You're born discriminating, you have to learn acceptance.

Well Bob, it seem you and I will be at odds when our mutations occur!

I'd be on the "Screw all yeeall" team. Cookie for reference.


(too bad there's no story mode though).


And in case you're not feeling the link, Quote from the article

"It's important that game's have strong stories for Marvel," Baker said. "With fighting games it's not as essential as an action game or role playing game but we are very much insisting there be some cohesive kind of story for this game.

"We actually have a subtitle for the game that means something this time. In the coming months we will be giving you more information about it."

There are early copies of the game in the wild and trust me THERE'S NO STORY MODE. There was a livestream on that revealed it.

The big issue is that nerds look weak. The bullies are just looking for someone to take their aggression issues out on. Someone who won't fight back.

And a lot of the time it just leads into a cycle where the nerds start acting like victims, which causes more pain to come their way. People always say to just not let it bother you, but I don't know if that's possible for anyone.

I don't know much about X-Men, but are there any mutants who hide out in the mountains and anonymously help the world out while not interacting with anyone besides their cats? If so, that would be me.

Hes right in a sense. My brother was bullied because of who he is, but the odd part is that for me, because of who I was, and how I used my intellect, I was widely liked and actually still found a group of people through high school that were specifically not in the spectrum of the "norm" that people outside of get bullied for being in. I was bullied a few times, but never physically and nothing caught on. I was just never a good enough target, and became respected instead. Just something to think about. I guess I would be on the opposing side then bob then.

Heh...kinda feel two somewhat opposite stand

"Nerd tend to have a persecution complex were they seem themselves as superior and in a way its rubish fantasy"(something I agree) and "Anti-intellectualism is the cause of this and really its the persecution of nerd and intellectual that is the root of all evil" which I think is just kinda repeating the cycle.

"The you're different" usually suppose to be interpreted as essentially some base instinct behavior, basicly something that don't need a logical eason to be

Perhaps bob need to make longer video in make his point better

I don't know what it is with bullying nerds, but over here in Belgium it doesn't happen all that often. Sure I wasen't exactly popular but everyone was still nice whenever we met or worked together.
The question I find more interesting therefore is, what's so different here?

Guess you can still count on Belgium to fill up the ranks of the school for the gifted ^^

I don't know how, but this video made me go from empathic understanding to disdainful apathy in the space of a few minutes.
Although, being a 'geek' in school myself, I can understand resentment towards those of a more, shall we say, athletic persuasion, when it's all said and done having an elitist mentality about anything is as much a sign of closed mindedness as being a jock arsehole; in fact it's technically worse as you consciously close of your mind rather than having it clouded by hormones and peer pressure.

What happen to let forgive and forget although I would be a hypocrite to stand by that since I still hold a grudge at some people from high school. While it true that would initially join Magneto but I don't exactly hate the non mutant people to the point I want to rule over or kill them all (although my opinion would be different if I was a mutant with ability).

Oh yea definitely Magneto, always agreed a little more with that side back when I watch the old cartoon.

I'll be on the side of DEADPOOL

On second thought I'll be on Deadpool's side too. He'll at least make things fun.

Yeah! Magneto is awesome. Also: I want superpowers. Preferably the ability to modify my DNA at will. (all superpowers at once possible)

I'd definitely be on the "teach discriminators a lesson" team, though not by illegal means. So a sympathizer of Magneto, but not his methods.

Brotherhood Scribe, I suppose.

...You can't really ever not sympathize with Ian MacKellan though.

Not be rude, but I can't help but feel that his point was based off a ridiculous generalization.

Hmm, that's a good question. I'd like to say that I'd fall on the side of the X-men.
But, knowing me like I do, the Brotherhood is much more my style.

I'd be on the "I'm not a fucking psychopath" team.

Just sayin'.

X-men's ideology is obviously just a cliche 'moral lesson' in a palatable package, but I agree, especially with Gandalf's demeanor and convincing prose behind the movie incarnation of Magneto.

*Bonus Points* for the inclusion of Bob Ross!

Not like Magneto's team of mistifts were any different from the same morons they targeted for their revenge, they were simply more powerful... if anything, Magneto exemplifies the 'bullied = bully' thrope, which is just the best example you can imagine of a neverending circle of reardation.

Meh, I take Bob's angle to be just another self-empowerment fantasy. The idea that bullies are somehow intimidated by a nerds "superior" intellect or alternate vision is nonsense. They wouldn't pick on a nerd, no matter how geeky he/she was, if they happened to be six foot six and on the basket ball team.

Nerds are targeted because they are often physically weak, and that is it. A bully relies on their superior physicality to intimidate and exersize control over those who can't defend themselves. It is unfortunate, but it is primitive drive that has stayed with us from the days where we swung around in trees. The reason why there seems to be a lot of weak nerds is probably because the physical weakness encourages the guys/girls to endeavour in areas that do not require a physical expertise. You do not need to be a muscleman to gain an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Star Trek saga.

EDIT just occured to me that there is another issue with this vid. It talks about how media and entertainment demonise the "different" (i.e. intellectual) through portraying them as elitists and freaks etc. What about the portrayal of Jocks in movies? Are they not demonised as well? They always get portrayed as arrogant, boorish bullies who can't string two words together. The Deliverence portrayed Southern, unintelligent people as inbred, backwater hillbilly rapists. American Psycho satires the handsome young yuppies and entrepeneurs as ego driven pshycopaths.

Every social group gets demonised at some point, depending on who the story is about and who is writing the story. I always find the "anti-intellectualist" movement to be dubious, especially as the producers and writers of entertainment and media aren't exactly simpletons themselves.

I'd be in the "I will make good, but only if pay me really well" side of things, just like Deadpool.

I'd probably take Magneto's side. I'm not such a nice person to begin with.

And so the "pickers" would become the "pickees"? o.O

There's another reason why Magneto is right anyway... technically, 'Homo Superior' isn't some kind of mutation (i.e. despite being called Mutant)... it's evolution.

Meaning that in the Marvel Universe (barring that whole House of M debacle), in a couple hundred years - the 'mutants' will be the majority. And Magneto, if history keeps his name around, will probably be seen as some kind of messianic figure.

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