Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.1: Victory Points

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Episode 1.1: Victory Points

The premiere episode of Mikey Neumann (Borderlands) and Antony Burch's (HAWP) new webseries: "Anthony Saves the World." Brought to you by Ovaltine.

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Settlers of Catan! Yes!

Cool! I look forward to the next one.

And yeah, he had 7VP, you can't just flip the board up and quit. That's just not cool, man.

Looks interesting so far, a nice change of pace from other shows on here.

One small nitpick though, the Color Correction/Grading looked pretty off to me in a lot of bits. Or maybe I'm just the only one that looks at aspects like that :P

That was pretty good actually, do more please!

"How am I supposed to save the world, and from what?" "You mean from who." "You mean from whom." *Smack*
I'm confused about what I just saw.

very VERY good great ending cant wait for next week

very funny. i enjoyed it. hope this continues

"OOH a 7!"

Maybe *sniff* Maybe

Looks ok, my judgment needs more samples though

Never knew this was coming out but I'm definitely interested. Loving the action and comedy mix.

"Ooh a seven!"

EDIT: Damn, Ninja'd

I had seven victory points....

sad face :(

Okay, let's see where this is heading.

went into it with low expections, but it was pretty good, i look forward to more episodes. : D

What the fuck did I just watch? And why was it cool?

That was... pretty great D: Wasn't that interesting near the start but loved it by the end :3

Wow, it had me laughing right away and it seems really interesting, only criticism i have is that the fight scene went on for a little bit longer than i would have liked and i have never been a fan of yelling, it kinda seems like what "a knights quest" where trying to do, but i hope you guys manage to keep up with the momentum of the first episode, really liked it and welcome to the escapist, i hope you will stay for a long time, again if the other episodes are as good as this one.

Very good, reminds me of Doomsday Arcade which was my favourite series. Looking forward to this, a lot.

There wasn't a whole lot crammed into the episode, the action sequence hogged a lot more time than it should have done for the payout...

This has made me a very happy Dtoider.

O.o where did this come from?
Brendan is confused

oh well, looks cool, made me laugh
I'll look forwards to the next one

I see potential, this wasn't particularly great, but I see potential.

And I thought I was the only one who wore a suit to play board games.

Daystar Clarion:
What the fuck did I just watch? And why was it cool?

I am one of the few people that agrees with this guy.

Man you do not fuck with a man who's got seven victory points; its just not cool

Vey good :D look forward to more

I was so afraid this was going to be hamfisted and over-acted. I am pleasantly surprised that it was both funny and interesting. I don't know how the over-arching story will play out, but I do believe it will be a fun ride.

This one certainly came out of nowhere, but that's not always bad. I'll agree with the commenters here, there is potential.

Also, was that guy a Highlander, or what? He got killed three times. That's whack.


Daystar Clarion:
What the fuck did I just watch? And why was it cool?

I am one of the few people that agrees with this guy.

No. It wasn't even really bad, that would imply it evoked any emotion or meaning at all. Just boring, with literally no characterization and a plot ripped straight from a LRR episode (the time travel one), though probably not intentionally.

Way to rage quit the game when he had seven victory points. Not cool bro.

That made me smile. Ripping the directions and the dollar bill in half, "ooo a seven!", "my mom gave me that table". I just watched Anthony's rants on recommendation from Extra Credits, so it's funny to see him showing up in a new series on here all of a sudden. Looking forward to more.

I enjoyed that.


Daystar Clarion:
What the fuck did I just watch? And why was it cool?

I am one of the few people that agrees with this guy.

Myself as well, I enjoyed that way more than I should have.

Probably cuz Settlers of Catan is fun


Eh, needs more Ash. Seriously, it does. Without Ashly's over-the-top psychotic-ness, Anthony's WTF-ery is just too random and spastic.

I found myself loving most of it yet despising parts, my main objection was to the weird transition at 3:13. To me it was completely out of place and just broke the flow. And when you're trying to do action, even more so for action and comedy, flow is vital to make it feel right. Maybe there is something I am missing about the scene, maybe a reference to something (printer scene from office space did spring to mind for some reason), my other objection is to the sound effects, to me they're far too pure and need to be filtered to take the artificial edge off of them. Also at around 1.11 Mikey looks right at the camera, I found it highly noticeable and kinda ruined that bit for me.

I know I'm being pretty critical but that's because I see the potential for a great thing in this, and most of what annoys me seems to lie in the editing process and hence even if the whole series is pre-recorded can be tweaked to perfection. Aside from those points I really enjoyed it, it was much better to me on the second watch.

That was pretty awesome.

But his mom gave him the table.... from the future?

I must keep watching to find out about the table!

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