Daily Drop: Camembert Cheese Wheel

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Camembert Cheese Wheel

Sometimes Daily Drop gets the better of its own editor.

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Wait, that was a success? But there were no small flying bits of cheese going in every direction. I want to see tiny bits of cheese flying really slow!
Also, did you guys put light cuts into it for the second go or does the wheel come like that?

That wasn't a succes. Afraid the make the crowbar dirty?

Whoa that was a weird drop. I guess that show shifting the mass of a object can really alter the outcome. Oh did my eyes saw that the next drop is a dead fish?

Destroying cheese should be illegal!!!

The high quality stream is missing so far...


I am never eating that cheese if this is how it behaves O.o

Aaw, no crowbar? I wanted the crowbar..

and I was hoping that tomorrow would be a camembert cheese wheel

also in resonse to yesterday, I was pretty darn close! brie? it's a wheel cheese!

That wasn't a succes. Afraid the make the crowbar dirty?

Paul wasn't dropping it either. I'm glad he didn't fall off the ladder.

That's a lot of Camembert Cheese Wheel post production credits. Only one of them I find lacking true belief in. Graham did not create the Camembert Cheese Wheel.

Wait . . . the panned-out shot . . . the drop looks as though the cheese bounces off to the right . . . but the slo-mo shows it drop pretty much dead-centre.
What's going on here?

That was a success? Come on.

But wow, is that cheese tough.

I enjoyed the credits.

When that cheese wheel hit the drop floor on its side I though that it was gonna break apart but it decided to defy the laws of physics and return to its former shape. That's officially the most badass cheese I've ever seen. Looks like red snapper is being dropped tomorrow.

I bet that preview of tomorrow's drop was a red herring.

I agree. The wide, full speed shot seems completely different from the slo-mo.


I agree. The wide, full speed shot seems completely different from the slo-mo.


And I was looking forward to see the cheese bounce like that.

But the way it deformed and then went back to normal was really cool

I bet that preview of tomorrow's drop was a red herring.

I sense deception!

I, for one, welcome our new Camembert Cheese Wheel overlords, seeing as Daily Drop has been bought out by the Camembert Cheese Wheel company.

So... this was the Dairy Drop for today?


It scrunched and then un-scrunched, like some awesome shape memory alloy thing. But more cheesy and less... alloy-y

Man, you guys should have thrown it against some form of cheese grater or something.

Kind of a cool effect when it hit hard, but not what I would call a success. Isn't this show about destroying things in slow-motion?
...that one was crying for the crowbar.

Wait, what?

Uh... Just what exactly brought about this particular piece of insanity?

someone seems a little obsessed. XD

I think in this case, it's best to admit that a truly stalwart cheese has snatched victory from the jaws of the concrete floor, (assuming floors have jaws) and move on before the Crowbar potentially suffers a disgraceful defeat as well. I mean, the cheese was so epic, it managed to change the credits in its favor.

Truly, we will not see its like again, not in our lifetimes.

I wish my title was "Executive Camembert Cheese Wheel Producer". (I dunno why, but that one in particular made me laugh)

Looks like Daily Drop turned to Daily Throw again though. As long as Paul doesn't fall off the ladder, it's all good though.

I gotta admit, this one was kinda weak but tomorrow's looks like it should make up for it! :D

Ever walk into a room full of people laughing at a joke that was told while you were in the bathroom? Maybe you caught the punch line. Maybe it didn't make any sense at all.

Curse you Camembert Cheese Wheel. You may be hilarious and delicious. but i don't understand you, or your strange dairy ways.

If that's a true Camembert, then I'm a flying monkey. ^_^
I was surprised we didn't get to see something Groundhog-esque, though.

Keep 'em coming, gang! =)

Bah! I hate cheese. >:(

Pff, not the fresh cheese wheel! You need a crumbly cheese wheel that's 20 years old and stinking of feet.

Had someone had a little too much Camembert before bedtime?

Also, I want to believe that it isn't a Camembert Cheese Wheel next time, but part of me is suspicious that it may be a red herring.

I'll go now.

This episode was major fail.
That's not a sucsess drop.

You would have needed to melt the cheese to the floor with an improvised flame thrower (AKA atomizer with a flamable substance in it atomized through an existing flame.)

Or whack it with the crowbar at least.

Destroying cheese should be illegal!!!


Watching this is like watching your best friend of many years dropped on his/her head. Twice.
It's so cruel!

Not so much a Daily drop as a Daily Throw.

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