Escape to the Movies: The Kings Speech

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The Kings Speech

How to fish for an Oscar.

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Great take on both the Oscar circus and the usual means of reviewing a film.

Very enjoyable, Bob.


Nice Framing

Thanks Bob, now I don't feel guilty about being a massive World War2 geek and yet having no interest in this film.

BRB, securing investors to go oscar fishing

Huh... so that's all it takes?

One question: Forrest Gump was set in America, with a Southern accent, and mostly during the 60's. Does the Viet Nam War override the need for WWII?

Alrighty, but I rather fish for ancient monstrosities from the abyss.

I really enjoyed that review... It was really creative and a fun way of covering two topics at once. Good Job Bob.

Bob sounds a little miffed.

A little.

Love it when you blast the Oscars. Nice one Bob. :)

Hey Bob, don't forget about Patton. At least that was an amazing movie on top of being based in World War II

One thing to mention... I'm sure to hell Geoffrey Rush is Australian. Anyway, all in all... I do agree and I even made this clear in your last vid on the Oscars. The film looked like Oscar Bait and it will probably catch some Oscars. Though if I was you Bob, I'd start digging a trench and line it with barber wire because I imagine the backdraft your about to receive for this will be mind boggling.

You are 100% correct. Though some films that use these methods are not always bad, like Forest Gump.

Ech, mostly correct I suppose, but I really rather liked it and thought the social network was massively overrated.

I should show this to some of my friends who think that if a movie wins an oscar it's automatically amazing...

And I think The King's Speech looks exceedingly boring

I kinda want The Kings Speech to win now.

Because, really, if the movie that's such shameless Oscar bait is winning, why would you ever actually care about the Oscars?

And you do.

Sorry moviebob but there is one better piece of Oscar bait


Double edit apparently video on cracked is broken replaced by

Bob i completely sympathize with you about mother nature i live in lawrence about 30 minuets north of boston and i feel like i've been shoveling for about a month

Expect a shit storm Bob... I have to completely disagree with you on this one. I'm not going to list off my reasons, mostly because you probably don't read the comments. The King's Speech is going to win, and even though it wasn't my favorite (that being Black Swan), it's in my opinion that it is more deserving than the Social Network. You may as well say that The Social Network is oscar bait because it's topical and the Kids Are All Right is because there's a gay couple.

1. Black Swan
2. 127 Hours
3. Inception
4. The King's Speech
5. The Social Network
6. True Grit
7. Toy Story 3
8. The Fighter
9. Winter's Bone
10. The Kids Are All Right

Great review. However that little 'ding' you had with every check mark was a little sharp. It kind of hurt my ears.

I'm actually half interested now. If this movie was made with no more blatant purpose than winning an oscar, and it does win an oscar, then that means the oscars and hollywood as a whole are a sham, we should burn it all down, shoot everyone in it, bulldoze over that part of california, and start over.

Wow movie Bob, you make sound as though there is a conspiracy where the makers of The Kings Speech didn't want to inform, entertain or enlighten the audience but instead put ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE/WINNER infront of their names from now till the end of time!

I'm torn, seeing as this film came with the highest recommendation from one of my friends whose opinion I usually respect and who is not usually effluent with his praise for Oscar bait.

On the other hand, I finally saw the Social Network and while it was extremely well-acted and had the usual witty Sorkin dialogue, I didn't find it a particularly special film either. I haven't seen half the Best Pic noms, but I'd give it to Inception.

Double Post, sorry :(

The 3 star rating... In my opinion the WORST rating any film can get. I've always given the 3 star to films where I've walked out of the theater and immediately forgotten anything about the movie I'd just watched. It wasn't good enough for you to give it any accolades, and it wasn't bad enough to rant about. It was a period of time spent watching actors on a screen do stuff.

Sorry moviebob but there is one better piece of Oscar bait

Quick, someone find that episode of Extras with Kate Winslet. In it she says if you wanna win an Oscar you either play in WWII or play a disabled person. The Reader, anyone?

Anyway, this was one of the funnier reviews Bob did. The hilarious part is that a LOT of stereotypes of the Academy have never been broken. They LOOOOOVE historical British films about "human drama". I'm sure they're okay films, but the Academy's tastes wouldn't be so easy to make fun of if they didn't vote for the same kinds of films. Every. Fucking. Time.

Yeah this was probably your best review ever, to put it bluntly.

this is why I don't care about oscars, 99% of the time the winner is a movie I never saw or even HEARD of, and if I DID see it I thought it sucked. This is an award show that would benefit from feedback from the movie going public, but then movies like transformers might win and we'd have the opposite problem.

Nice video Bob but, I really liked the King's Speech though you're a critic and I'm a high school student.

Well the movie has been well reviewed by the people who didn't give a big thumbs up to G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra, so I'm still probably going to see it come next weekend.

The king's speech was a great film. Obvious Oscar Bait and obviously a forum for Colin Firth to win his Oscar, but it was still a smart, clever, and endearing film.

I wasn't bored at all when I expected to be.

As explained by the movie industry's favourite comedian.

One thing to mention... I'm sure to hell Geoffrey Rush is Australian.

From an American perspective there isn't much difference:

Accent? Check!
Delightfully silly slang? Check!
Sheep? Check!
Calls soccer "football?" Check!
Inedible yeast extract put on sandwiches? Check and mate!

Silliness aside, I find George V to be the far more interesting story, but then I find the lead to up WWI to be fascinating. WWII . . . it's never really caught my interest, at least not in Europe (the whole Japanese colonial empire versus the American colonial empire on the other hand is another good story).

Moviebob: Making it look easy to be famous.

But it points to something interesting. In maybe 20-30 years time will the people at the Oscar academy be comprised of Scott Pilgrim and overall fantasy kind of people that aren't so afraid of more modern ideas? What then, will they neglect people that make movies about our past history or multidimensional universes where Superman makes a battle royal against 60 other versions of himself?

so it'll only be another decade or so b4 the generational gap finally catches up!

I have to say, that was quite lollarific, and a nice mix-up of the old formula. And yes, I also thought that 'The King's Speech' wasn't great - 'The Social Network' was, as you say, far better.

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