Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Old-School Disney Games

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Top 5 Old-School Disney Games

If you owned a Genesis, NES, or SNES, you've played at least one of these fantastic Disney adventures! Here are Lisa's Top 5 picks that would even get Mickey Mouse's stamp of approval.

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The burn on Kane and Lynch was so good!

That being said, I can't really agree or disagree with many on the list as even though I owned a NES I never really played it as I had a Playstation at the time as well. x.x

<3 Lisa foiles!!! XD

Holy crap, nostalgia overload.

laughed my ass of with the cat bit. That cat really does seem like a big/heavy animal.

I loved the lion king, was hoping you'd have it on there. I remember having it on PC, with 4 floppy disks to install...

Good old school Disney games. Shame that there isn't any good ones lately.

Ahh nostalgia, those were the games that made my childhood. Was kind of hoping you'd pop up and reveal long-forgotten games that I only recall 2 second snip-its of so I could dig up a ROM or two, but alas, t'was not to be.

Also, did not notice the somewhat awkward placement of the banana on that Jungle Book cover.

No Goof Troop? Any way favorite Top 5 so far, loved the old Capcom/Disney games on the NES and SNES(I didn't own a Genesis so I never got to play those games as a kid)

Oh yeah I so knew what the top 2 would be! I loved both the Lion King and Aladdin - although I had them on my PC - and I still play Aladdin today with the help of dosbox - but that SNES version :O I never knew about that one - that seemed sooo awesome :D

Does anyone know of a way to play that on a PC today? Emulator or something? :)

It's true, all those Capcom NES Disney games were basically sprite-swapped Mega Man games. But that's why they were all awesome.

But no love for DuckTales? For shame! That's the series that made CamelCase cool!

In terms of classic disney games I always thought Mickey's Wild Adventure was memorable, even if it was mainly due to how difficult it was to play for the average 6 year old and the absence of a save feature :/

I'm trying to remember the Mickey Mouse game for the Game Gear; I do remember enjoying that one.

She forgot that the top 2 also came on to the PC

Is anyone in the world able to resist swooning when she blows a kiss at the end?

Great list -- lots of memories. I'm surprised that Ducktales didn't make the list, though. Glad to see Rescue Rangers, one of my faves on the NES, made it; even at #5.

I kept hoping for Aladdin to be up there and had almost given up hope after #2. Then BAM! Not only did I love that game for how awesome it was, but also cuz that was the first game I ever discovered a cheat code for.

I didn't play a Disney Game until Kingdom Hearts.

The only game I could think of when I read the title of the episode was Lion King. But then I was, like, "DAAAAAAAAMN, I need to get my emulator working again". So, yeah... thanks Lisa!

I didn't play a Disney Game until Kingdom Hearts.

Then you're really missing out.

Uhhh... Cold Shadow anyone?

She forgot that the top 2 also came on to the PC

as far as I know, both of them are ported from the Genesis version

to yeah =P

"Epic Mickey was the first game to touch my Wii in a long time." Reomove Epic and forget about wii as a video game console and you get a pretty fun sentence. Touch my Wii. Am I pervert?

The Chip&Dale Rescue thing was made by Capcom?
Huh, never knew that. Damn, only having knockoffs and blatantly stolen games available on the market can be a bad thing, since they keep ripping the logos.

Also, speaking of Aladdin, I've seen 2 PC versions, one had a selectable weapon in a little square, the other one didn't. None of the looked like the SNES or the Genesis version. Never finished the one I had, kept missing the rug while running from the giant boulder at the end of the cave of wonders.

Ah, Lisa. It's like you grew up with me.

Anyways, I would have put Mickey's Castle of Illusion on the list instead of Magical Quest because it was the first game I was blown away just watching and it was as entertaining to die in that game as it was to succeed. But I would not have put it before Rescue Ranger's just because it has 2 player co-op in 1990 and more games still need 2 player co-op.

And Lisa, the only reason you hate the jungle book is because Kai beat your a**, admit it. He beat mine. Whipped me like a little dominatrix. Only I did not enjoy it.

"Epic Mickey was the first game to touch my Wii in a long time." Reomove Epic and forget about wii as a video game console and you get a pretty fun sentence. Touch my Wii. Am I pervert?

I think that little snigger lampshaded that joke a bit...

I am very disappointed. Why didn't this game make the list?

It's both my first game ever, and the only game I have been unable to complete. And it was pure awesomeness! I understand that Aladdin was #1, but this game deserved at least #3!

And that ain't nostalgia speaking!

Edit: Changed the video to a better one.

No Mickey Mania? Sad face :(
The post above me ninja'd me so hard...

Yes, Aladdin!

As soon as that list started, I was expecting Aladdin to go in there somewhere.

A good nod to Lion King as well, I loved that movie. The game wasn't half-bad either.

Blimey, you're pretty much before my time as a gamer, only just but still.

According to my mum Aladdin was the first movie I saw in a cinema. I am too young to remember, but given that I was two at the time that's not surprising.

Still, good review, please put more of the cat into yor reviews. (I was so tempted to make a cheap joke about putting more pussy in, but I'm better than that, so I didn't mention it.)

Darkwing Duck was the best game on the NES, only SMB3 comes close to it!

Fanboy statement, hell yeah. But the game kicked ass.

No mention of Ducktales for the NES?!?!?!?!

For shame! And yes, it was a Capcom game. I thought it was better than most of the games mentioned as I have played all but the Darkwing Duck game.

Hey, I remember all these games (except the darkwing duck one). Clearly, they were all great.

While I'm sad Ducktales didn't make her list, I'm happy that it at least got a mention alongside Darkwing Duck.

Besides, who could forget this song?

...back when Capcom knew how to make games awesome. Who said that?

I mean this in the worst way possible: This is your best Top 5 yet. By that, I mean the awesome music nearly drowned out your voice. Try to balance that better next time.

Given that I was suspended for this post, I obviously need to explain myself better: I meant that it was, for me, the best video so far because I loved the music and have had no especial interest in Lisa's previous Top 5s. However, my favorite part of the video was subverting the enjoyment of the core purpose, which is to hear Lisa's opinion in list-format, hence I called it "the worst way possible." I'm sorry to those who I've offended.

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