Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Moments: <i>Monkey Island</i>

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"Use rat repellent on gopher."
"Use rat repellent on another gopher."
"Use rat repellent on army of gophers."
"Use rat repellent on funny, little man."

Best scene in a video game ever. Boy the last two weeks of this show have been nostalgia overload.

This probably would have meant more to me if I had played the gaames. It was still amusing, however.

No wood chucking love :O

Either I will get the remake myself or at the very least, i must watch a playthrough of the remake! Excellent topic!

The Pirate Song! The only way to stop the pirates singing is to sing the line that ends in orange! Fun trivia time! The song is omitted in non-English versions due to heavy reliance on English language and rhyming! *looks song up on youtube*

yay for the Waynes World reference


*punches the table

says: Dam she's HOT!

Curse of Monkey Island deserves to be remembered. I still think that's the best of the series. Plus, it's the only other time we get full-blown insult sword fighting.

I don't know. Still feels like a whole lot of fan service.


Just a random note, what was that footage RIGHT at the very end of the montage? That's no MI game I've ever played! It was pseudo 3D!

It's from a video announcing MI2:SE.

Honestly, I really can't avoid saying this particular word after seeing Lisa in this particular video:

With that put aside I'm guessing I can't fully appreciate the moments since I have never played any of the Monkey Island games but Lisa certainly convinced me in the quirkiness of its humor. Probably more than every other Monkey Island lover was ever able to.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with that word I just said.

That shirt made concentrating on what she was actually saying very difficult..

Well, whether she's getting hotter or not, certainly keeps me coming back.

Nothing more attractive than a pretty eyed blonde babe that talks about video games so casually...I been deployed too long...FML.

That top's hot.

Too bad I'm so bad at these kind of puzzle-based games. I always begin solving the puzzles in a completely wrong way. Last time I played a Monkey Island a few years back with my girlfriend at the time, I did nothing but get stuck.

Lisa Foiles,

Proof that Cute can totally be hot!

Seems a rather oblique thing to base a whole show on but i guess Monkey-Island is worth it = ). Is it wrong that i knew exactly what the bleeps were hiding purely by their context? I can't beleive he called you a _____Smoker!

On a side note i had no idea they made t-shirts that tight...

I'm not normally a perv... but that tshirt was... tight...

Ahem, anyway, Monkey Island is good. The first 2 Discworld games were better though

n... nice... shirt... @[email protected] -drool-

OT: Never played monkay island games... just not me type, but the scene with the fight cracked me up

Dear Lisa, until this episode of your show was uploaded i have been watching your videos with a little bit of hate. This is mostly because you practically have the show because of tight outfits, boobs and a cute face.
But now i can happily say that i respect you allot more.
/ With love Baboon/Three headed monkey Lover

Insult: There are no clever moves that can help you now.

OK. Is it just me, or is Lisa getting hotter and hotter as this series is progressing?

I think I need a cold shower.

I think the clothing gets tighter. To her credit she has a formula and she sticks to it.

i like the way lisa holds the sword at 0:26,
she seems used to hold swords?

seriously i do like the series and not because lisa is hot,

that was unexpected!


I would like a Top 5 Tight Tops That Lisa Wears episode with narration on the ridiculous number of comments made about them. Have to admit I heard the entire episode, but practically all I saw were two very full looking breasts in a tight top. Yikes! See what happens when you put tween clothing on a full grown woman? Magic happens... :D

On the Monkey Island front, the sword fighting is ace, I loved the escape from prison using grog, but the end fight of two I just found annoying? I mean the whole series were funny so it wasn't bad, just not one of my top five.

I need to sit down more than I already am sat down... Going to take a shower.

Seriously though, a great top 5, which inspire some need to play some point and click adventure. I heard these titles were on the PS Store, maybe it's time for me to go look them up again.

But first, shower, I have places to be tomorrow. What did you think I meant?

That shirt just isn't fair. You're being mean to your male viewers.

So you'd rather she not wear the shirt?


oh wait.

Hmm, maybe I should go back and play those.

Anyone else think it was funny how she's all "Each episode I wear tight clothes, dance around, and blow a kiss, BUT NOT THIS ONE."

er.. and then she did all of those things? I guess the only thing she didn't do was talk about a bunch of different games. This time it was just one.

She was really working that outfit though, day-um.

Oh yeah, well I always thought she was hot! (This line of discussion is pretty pointless when you think about it.) Big fan of Monkey Island and big fan of Lisa's Foiles, I mean Lisa Foiles. Seriously, this might be worth getting the subscription plan to watch in high resolution. You know, to see the game footage better and stuff. Only recently played through Monkey Island in the remakes. I doubt I ever would have gotten very far without the handy hint button and the internet. I did beat Full Throttle as a little kid, though. I had a guide, but I did beat it multiple times. Randomly kicking crack in a wall was never so mysterious and fascinating.


OK. Is it just me, or is Lisa getting hotter and hotter as this series is progressing?

I think I need a cold shower.

Yeah, you say that's what your going to do, but it's really not is it?

well, i think the shower comes after...

Why only the first two Monkey Island games? Sure, they are classic and the original creators only worked on those two, but you could have at least mentioned Curse of Monkey Island as well. As far as memorable moments are concerned, Curse of Monkey Island is chock-full of them:

Anudda great show even tho i have nfi what monkey island is!
the character interactions with you and your character friends are my fav
Glasses character is my fav!

I like turtles!

Damn it! Now I want to play through the Monkey Island games again!

Well, 1, 2, 3 and Tales. I've resisted giving the disaster that is Escape from Monkey Island a try so far, and I plan to keep it that way.

Also... ~obligatory pervy comment goes here~

is it just me or does she roll her eyes when she blows that kiss at the end.
it's almost like she is disgusted by most of her fans and is saying "aww I gotta do this again?" or maybe I'm overthinking nothing

I... well i-...


Look, I really apologize for what my girlfriend is going to say or do to you in the future. I can only suggest you be armed.

...As an aside, I've never managed to play the games in question. I'd say I would, but I actually don't play a lot of these games, partly to spite my friends who always come down on me for not playing old games. It's nothing against old games, but when they tell me to play Banjo Kazooie 4 times in one day, it really doesn't make you want to. Monkey Island is one such game that's come up.

Well atleast she found a good subject to talk about this time.
The act still isn't working though.

That must have been the second biggest pair of ***** ive ever seen on here.

...and by "*****" I'm sure you meant "monkey heads", right? ;)

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